Report: Manziel hiring Rosenhaus as his new agent


Free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel is hiring Drew Rosenhaus as his agent.

That’s not from a movie script. It’s something Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports presented in a series of tweets Saturday afternoon, then confirmed that Manziel has hired Rosenhaus.

Manziel was released by the Browns after the start of the league year, and Rosenhaus will have to do one his best sales jobs yet in attempting to convince a team to take a chance on Manziel. If Manziel does get another chance to play in the NFL, it’s not likely to be immediately. A team wanting to pursue Manziel would likely need clearance from ownership and assurance from Manziel that he’s serious about football.

Manziel’s former agent, Erik Burkhardt, cut ties with him after last season, saying that Manziel needed to get his life in order.

86 responses to “Report: Manziel hiring Rosenhaus as his new agent

  1. key2heat
    Mar 19, 2016, 5:30 PM EDT
    Any team who talks to Johnny boy should demand a hair sample drug test. Those revel dope use from months back.

    Fine in theory. But in real life there is a little thing called the players union who might have something to say about that.

  2. Well, you can always put lipstick on a PIG but it still won’t get her a date………………………..All this demonstrates is how deep in alcoholic “denial” Johnny truly remains. He’s doing plenty of things that don’t address the REAL problem. How about taking yourself “back” into rehab for the entire off-season??? Maybe, just maybe towards the end of your stint with promising reports from the rehab administrator directly sent to NFL teams you might, just might line up some potential signing candidates.

  3. Are we going to see Manziel shirtless and doing sit-ups in his driveway while doing shots?

  4. Free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel is apparently considering hiring Drew Rosenhaus as his agent.

    There are so many hilarious things in this one statement.

    Maybe he should consider not being a knucklehead.

    Free agent? More like train wreck. Or what about Drunk, partyboy, unprofessional quarterback who is only interested in taking your money…

  5. Too much hate for Rosenhaus IMO. Guy is a GREAT agent and a good guy. Saved a kids life one time from drowning if I remember right.

  6. I imagine Rosenhaus will have to adopt a new strategy that isn’t based on threatening to take his client to another team for more money.

  7. These two are perfect for each other, one is a blood sucking leech and the other is spoiled rich kid who is delusional. I mean, what could possibly go wrong here? Other than Rosenhaus is completely wasting his own time because he will only make money if Manziel signs somewhere and even the Cowboys aren’t that dumb.

  8. the ultimate “low risk signing.”

    Rosenhaus wouldn’t have taken on Johnny (out of) football if he didn’t think he could make money on him.

    The good news for Johnny is that means Rosenhaus is going to try to dry him out and teach him to play football. the bad news for Johnny is he doesn’t have the desire or will power to do either.

  9. I hope he can sell sour milk to the lactose intolerant because this may even be more difficult. Of course with franchises around like the cowboys he may have a shot.

  10. cowboysallday says:
    Mar 19, 2016 6:20 PM
    How long till espn makes a 30 for 30 film on his career?

    what career?

  11. With Rosenhaus on board come the inevitable T.O. references. If my team was somehow in the hypothetical position of being forced to sign either Owens or Manzeil, I would sign a cancer like Owens. Quicker than a fart leaves a fan factory.

  12. Shoulda hired Scott Boras. He’d be immediately signed by the Nationals, who’ll need more arms after Dusty Baker goes through their pitching staff.

  13. Still remember the classic Pryor press conference. Hysterical comparing him to cam newton lol

  14. While Manziel’s former agent claims he made all these efforts to straighten Manziel out, only Manziel and his family know the truth behind these self-serving claims by his former agent. I suspect that the former agent was over his head in this matter, while his new agent is a master of spin and communication. I won’t be too surprised to see Manziel make a big comeback under his new guidance.

  15. Wow, TO, really did a number on him. Look how low Drew has sunk. Johnny wants him to be his “tough” negotiator, and get him $2, instead of the offered $0.50.

  16. There will always be an NFL team stupid enough to take a chance on a guy like Manziel, no matter what he does, and Manziel knows it.

  17. Most Sane People: Drew, what are you thinking?!

    Rosenhaus: Next question!

    Johnny Eightball should’ve hired Secret Agent Maxwell Smart to help locate his missing career…

  18. “Erik Burkhardt cut ties” when have you ever heard of an agent firing his client ? Plus LeBron and his management team fired him also.This guy is really messed up!

  19. Rosenhaus must be desperate making money…
    manziel played his way into retirement from nfl 6 months ago.

  20. Give Sean Payton 3 years to groom him and he’ll be a real Quarterback when Brees is ready to retire…

  21. Agent for what? Dancing with the Stars?*

    *Note = Johnny Manziel isn’t technically a star of anything.

    How long until this fool is doing situps in his driveway wondering why he can’t get a contract?

  22. I’ll be honest, but the previous agent likely dropped Manziel because Manziel ignored him.

    When you see Lesean McCoy, Josh Gordon, and Greg Hardy don’t act in line or act out of control, how can Rosenhaus give Manziel good advice when the actions of his clients say that he doesn’t exactly put the “advisor” in legal advisor?

  23. I think it would be belly busting funny if Rosenhaus turned him down due to too much drama!!

  24. The next question segment with Manziel is gonna be great, he’ll have sunglasses on during the day and wont be responsive due to killer hangover. Oh and he probably wont be signed by any team.

  25. He’s not an alcoholic just a young dumb privileged kid. It’s amazing what a child will do when he isn’t told NO. Grow up Johnny boy

  26. Manziel is a great person and a gentleman and all you Freaks are Liars! He will be a Star QB for the Vikings!!! We NEED a Good Quarterback!!!

  27. I think that if Greg Hardy had a second chance then this dude surely deserves one. This kid had money dumped in his lap and let go, there wasn’t any guidance for him in Cleveland, they’re lucky to field a football team I mean the same team that gave a worn out Dwayne Bowe 9 mil for 5 catches was supposed to guide this KID theough his first couple of years in the NFL ? I hope somebody takes a chance on him…. Just not my team

  28. He simply isn’t a good enough player to give another chance to. You going to take on his baggage in the hopes that he will some day be mediocre?

  29. imadipsnit
    Mar 20, 2016, 2:10 AM CDT
    I think that if Greg Hardy had a second chance then this dude surely deserves one.
    Hardy was a proven player. Manziel is not.

  30. I bet he can win more than six games for the dilphins and everyone reading this probably agrees with me
    He won the headman after tannehill left he just needs a little help on the personal level. Don’t we all. Stop acting like every athlete is perfect on and off the field
    He picked a great agent and you know it
    Smart decision for a guy who has made bad ones

  31. Manziel needs way more than a new blood sucker. He needs a life changing event, like maybe some time in jail for kicking his girlfriend’s behind.

    With luck some convict will slap him around like he did to her. That might wake him up, but then again he might like it.

  32. Good luck to his new agent. Marketing Johnny Done will be like trying to sell a pile of manure!!!!!

  33. Why does he even need an agent? An agent assume someone will want to sign him. Perhaps a job at Joes Bar and Grill?

  34. Why won’t I be surprised when your stories start portraying Manziel as a “good guy who’s just a victim” from here on out…

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