Robert Griffin III visits the Browns


The Browns have been quiet this offseason, but they’ve just visited with one of the highest-profile players left in free agency.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III met with the Browns today, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports.

The former rookie of the year whose career in Washington flamed out after a knee injury, Griffin has so far not found any teams looking to offer him a starting job or a starter’s salary. It’s unclear just how interested the Browns are in Griffin, and how good a chance they’d give him of earning the starting job.

But they’re at least interested enough to bring him to Cleveland for a visit. For Griffin, who has drawn little interest since Washington cut him, that’s progress.

74 responses to “Robert Griffin III visits the Browns

  1. Factory of Sadness meet massive train wreck.
    Can’t the Browns fans get a real QB with no baggage someday ??

  2. His inaccurate arm in that windy stadium would finish him off. A quarterback dumpster.
    65% Passer. 40 Passing TD’s and 23 Interceptions. try again:)

  3. RG3 could make one hell of a comeback with the right coach.

    Browns or not, I like his chances with Hue Jackson.

  4. I look forward to seeing RG III guide the Browns to multiple Super Bowls.

    After all, Logical Voice told us every chance he got that RG III is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, so those future championships are in the bag for the Browns!

  5. It’s crazy but this might be the best fit.

    I’ll bet the Browns leadership are watching old Bobby 3 sticks and Smokey Josh “high”lights from Baylor.

    What do they have to lose? Besides more games.

    Alf should go with him…

  6. If Hue Jackson can make Jason Campbell a playoff competing QB he can definitley help another former first round pick of The Redskins do the same.

    Not a big fan of Hue Jackson but he’s a good coach and he could be dangerous with RG3.

    At the very least they should bring him in to compete.

  7. “Why go to the one place for which you can guarantee you will be unable to resurrect your career?”

    The Browns probably offer RG3 the best chance to succeed. Hue Jackson is a great play caller, RG3 can make plays.

    Both are Me first guys but if they put their team first they could be good.

  8. RG3 is a Broke-down, Washed-up, Inaccurate, bad-teammate, with a limited processing capacity.. He’s the Browns last 5 QBs rolled into one. Browns gonna Brown.

  9. @drakescounsellor – if you take out his numbers from his rookie year (which should as that was pre-injury), his numbers are far different.

    22 games played
    62% passer
    20 TD’s
    18 Int’s
    71 sacks
    20 fumbles

    He can’t read a defense so he throws too many int’s, has poor pocket awareness and thus takes too many sacks and fumbles.

    If he was any good, he would have a contract by now.

  10. I’m sure he didn’t have a problem finding the Stadium. Just as SIRI where sadness is in Cleveland.

  11. I think it could work.. They sign RG3 and draft a QB let them sit behind RG3 maybe a year so they can be more prepared. Hue Jackson would be good for RG3 I think. Or maybe they RG3 in for a visit to put more pressure on the 49ers with the whole kapernick deal. Coming from a steelers fan

  12. So a QB with a history of injuries is thinking of playing in the AFC north. That should work out well

  13. Cleveland, please sign Robert so we can stop hearing about him forever.

    Signed – all NFL fans everywhere.

  14. RG3 is just another college scrambling prima donna can’t play in the NFL corpse on the pile of ridiculous NFL decisions history….

    if someone gives him another chance to take a snap…. it’s on them

  15. joeflaccoallday says:
    Mar 19, 2016 5:06 PM
    I just wanna see Rg3 have succeed… please don’t sign him the Browns are cursed

    I want to see the Browns succeed just for the sake of their long suffering fans. Please don’t sign RGme, he is his own curse

  16. senatorblutarsky says:
    Mar 19, 2016 5:38 PM

    If the Brownies sign Horse Teeth I know that they’re desperate.


    The only team in the ENTIRE NFL that the Lion’s fans can actually call out is the Browns. The Lions are the Browns little brother.

    Pathetic, embarrassing, wasted talent LoLions!!!!

  17. Yes! He is the question to tha Jeopardy answer. “This NFL prima donna QB could replace Johnny Football as the most worthless acquisition to improve the Cleveland Browns”

  18. Let’s be completely honest here. At least RGIII is not afraid to try and recover his own fumble. If I were a Panthers fan I would want him over the Cam in a big way.

  19. Browns: “Hey Robert, Remember when everyone thought we were going to trade up in the draft for you but since we didn’t feel like giving up all our picks people thought we were dumb?”

    “So how much do you want a job?”

  20. Has not RG3 suffered enough with dysfunctional organizations? Does he have to go from one frying pan into another that is even worse. Next stop Saskatchewan in the CFL.

  21. And besides Carolina, he would surely be an upgrade on the Bills, Dolphins, Bengals, Cowboys, Eagles and Rams. Possibly the 49ers as well.

  22. Actually that’s incorrect frosty.

    Holmgren complained about the situation. He claimed that they offered the same thing as the Redskins for the 2nd overall pick and that there was some kind of collusion.

    If he ends up in Cleveland it will be as ironic as if he ended up with the Rams.

  23. Abraham Lincoln would have supported what the Browns are doing. I bet he’s also the only one who would know what the hell they’re doing. #emancipationproclation

  24. If he is confident in his abilities, this is the perfect place for him. He succeeds, he not only shuts a LOT of haters up, but he becomes football royalty in my success starved football town. As for the Browns side, offer him incentive laden deal to push him…if he sucks, not out too much. If he succeeds, Hue Jackson looks like a genius AND the playoff drought is over.

  25. What do you have when a Dodge Viper blows 2 pistons on a race course?
    Al Bundy’s Dodge Dart that couldn’t outrun A Chevy
    Vega. He will never be more than a 2nd 3rd string backup, now they know he cant get around the corner or make those cuts, they Drop the Safeties and make his life miserable

  26. The word is out on RG3 from Shanahan and Cooley. 99% he washes out of the league entirely. He’s a skinny Jamarcus Russell. He has the leadership skills of Albert Hanesworth. He made the mistake of killing the wrong coach. Mike Shanahan is well respected and torpedoing him is what has brought an end to Roberts career. He’ll be playing receiver for the Toronto Draft Dogers next season.

  27. tdubdizzle says:
    Mar 19, 2016 5:19 PM

    If Hue Jackson can make Jason Campbell a playoff competing QB he can definitley help another former first round pick of The Redskins do the same.


    Campbell wasn’t a bad QB though. He was in a bad situation aka The Redskins.

  28. wasn’t he the QB that was put in the hall of fame the day after he was drafted a few years ago?

  29. Released by Washington….visits the Jets & Browns…it doesn’t get any uglier than those horrible franchises…

  30. Being a Steelers fan, I was very happy when they grabbed Johnny Manziel as the “Franchise QB”! Now, with the possibility of RGIII possibly coming, breaking out the “Happy Dance” again.

  31. I swear some of the people commenting negatively on RGIII are the same ones that commented negatively on the Browns not giving up 3 first round draft picks to draft this kid years ago.

  32. Should have tried giving Johnny a few belts before the game and a Flask on the sidelines, Anal Alcohol flush at halftime and a shot or two in the 3rd.
    The only thing RG needs is talent..
    When will the League realize a run first QB is great in the NCAA outrunning Farm Boys, but they will Never Ever make it in the NFL, 3 years possibly, then injury
    and time renders them sub-par!

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