Titans believe lingering ownership concerns will be resolved soon


Since the death of team founder Bud Adams in 2013, the NFL and the Titans have engaged in an ongoing dialogue regarding the franchise’s ownership structure. The Titans now believe that the situation will soon be resolved.

“I think they obviously think there is a little something to it,” owner Amy Adams Strunk told Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com regarding the expectation that the situation will soon come to a conclusion. “Every month we’re getting closer to what they want. It’s going to get resolved. We’re not worried about that at all.”

The finished product apparently will have Strunk firmly in control of the team. “Which I already think I am,” Strunk told Kuharsky.

The problem isn’t control now as much as it is control in the future. With the Adams estate splitting the team among the three branches of his family tree, none had full and complete and final say over the operation of the franchise.

It has long been believed that the situation could easily be resolved, if the other two branches (including grandson and namesake Kenneth Adams IV) were to surrender completely any potential claim to running the team, now or in the future. Although equity can pass to various family members when the principal owner dies, one of them has to become the principal owner, with none of the other owners having a direct or indirect path to controlling ownership.

It’s unclear whether the NFL relented or the other Adams heirs agreed to draw up the appropriate paperwork that puts Amy Adams Strunk fully and firmly in charge. As of December, the situation seemed to be approaching critical mass, amid reports that the Titans were consulting with an antitrust lawyer — a sign that the Adamses were preparing for a legal attack on the ability of the league office to tell any of its 32 individually-owned business how to handle their own business.

Strunk, who skipped the historic meeting in January that allowed the Rams to return to L.A., plans to attend the annual league meetings that open on Sunday.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m the new guy and it’s kind of just time for me to get out there a little bit and let people know me,” Strunk said.

More and more people will be getting to know her, if as it appears she will be running the team indefinitely into the future.

12 responses to “Titans believe lingering ownership concerns will be resolved soon

  1. Titans team will be fine as long as they acquire two (2) better-than-average CBs. Drew Brees/Saints were not the worst team in 2015 and Mariota & Co bested them. The loss to the Browns was all on Sensabaugh, who is now gone. With DeMarco Murray now in the fold, TTs will be burning up the field. New OC Robiskie will be calling the shots on TT-O — hopefully for the better.

  2. This is lessons learned for all owners who should have a clear plan in place for their beneficiaries and the team ownership structure once they have passes away. I can’t remember this being a problem before. It’s possible there might be a legitimate issue with Houston’s structure.

  3. If you have even a 1% chance of potentialy being a controlling owner of an NFL team.. You fight like hell and break some laws/jaws if you have to. The only thing that matters is whether you can position yourself as 1 of the 32.

  4. We don’t want Peyton here. He was the bane of our existence for a decade. Screw him.
    -Titans Fan

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