Hue Jackson: We had a “great meeting” with RG3


New Browns coach Hue Jackson told NFL Network Sunday that the Browns had a “great meeting” with free agent quarterback Robert Griffin, who Jackson called “a tremendous talent and a great young man.”

Griffin visited the Browns Friday and Saturday, and the Browns have been making calls as part of what seems to be some extensive research they’re doing on Griffin.

He’s a very talented performer,” Jackson said of Griffin. “He had a lot of success early in Washington and then things just didn’t work out. Those things happen in the National Football League. But at the same time we are going through our process. We are going to be very diligent in what we are doing — trying to make sure that we put the right quarterbacks on our football team and in that quarterback room. And that’s one of my biggest responsibilities and also one of our organization’s biggest responsibilities.”

As for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who’s been linked to the Browns in one of those rumors that’s been lingering since the start of the league year but might not have any real substance to it, Jackson said, “I can’t comment on players on other teams. But it is where it is and eventually I think all those things will show itself.”

Jackson has said since he was hired that the Browns needed a franchise quarterback and would be aggressive in pursuing options, but there’s been no indication if their interest in Griffin or Kaepernick might lead to one of them joining the Browns. Griffin was released prior to the start of free agency, a few days before the Browns released Johnny Manziel.

The Browns have the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, so they’ll presumably have their choice of quarterbacks there. Quarterbacks currently under contract with the Browns are Josh McCown, Austin Davis and Connor Shaw.

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  1. Honestly, I cant wait for this show coming this fall. Gonna be a good one. Sorry Browns fans. Yall are passionate and deserve better.

  2. I get that the browns needs almost an entire team but RG3&OUT isnt going to help. Dude has never been able to stay healthy and even if he does he’s proven he cant read a defense

  3. There are four legit franchise QBs in this draft. The Browns are sitting pretty. Here is where a smart GM could set the Browns up pretty well. There is at least a 50-50 chance that the best QB won’t be the first one taken. There is also a chance that the best QB might end going in the second round. Imagine if the Browns could trade their first round pick for a few extras, and then land a blue chip QB in the second round. You’d need a pretty sharp football guy to pull this off, and of course, the rest of the league passing up the best QB like they did with Montana and Brady (so we know it does happen). The Browns are rolling the dice by bringing in numbers guys and baseball guys to run their football operation, but that baseball guy they brought in is pretty sharp. Lets hope he pulls this off.

  4. It’s obvious that the team is in full rebuild. They haven’t been able to win or improve with the players they let walk and I’m pretty sure they’ll trade Joe Thomas on draft day. Haden hasn’t played in two years and his contract makes him unsavory to other teams, so I can’t possibly understand why they’d sign Griffin unless he’s a stopgap for whatever QB they draft. I just don’t see Jackson picking up this guy and wasting the #2 on another. Unless he doesn’t see potential in any of the QBs this draft and wants to go another route. It’s not like another year of stinking, test driving Griffin and then drafting a better QB next year is a bad idea. Myself, I’d take Elliott, sign Griffin and go from there, but I’m no NFL GM so I’ll stick to my fantasy league.

  5. Any brown offer has to compete with Denver, no? I can’t believe that elway is going to stop with the Sanchize, whom I do have high hopes for (no, I don’t smoke weed), but Sanchez can’t be in comp against seimian, the 3rd stringer from last year. No chatter from Denver. Maybe fitz is the route? I don’t see rg in Denver but he is on the top half of the qb market.

  6. All these armchair QBs… Are you forgetting what this kid did his first real season?…a Remember it was the REDSKINS!! Everyone is set up for failure there

  7. Signing a veteran QB makes a lot more sense at this juncture than burning a high draft pick on a prospect. Why burn your #2 pick on a QB who will get killed if started or is no immediate help if he sits? Draft a developmental QB mid round. Get RGIII or Kaepernick and use your picks to rebuild your line or whatever need you would like to address.

  8. This match up could be good for both sides. If it doesn’t work out, RGme & McCown could buy Hue enough time to develop a rookie QB for the future.

    The only concern I see is the O-line keeping whatever QB upright. Letting pro-bowl Mack and Schwartz walk was very short-sited by the Harvard geniuses in the F.O. The Browns didn’t need to make any more holes than what they already had.

    That 3-13 record was more of a reflection of Pettine & friends coaching staff experience and skill level, rather than the caliber of the individual players. But, its water under the bridge once again.

  9. I’d like to see this work out. A rookie version RG3 vs. The steelers twice a year would be fun to watch

  10. Cleveland is calling the 49ers bluff. They offered a 3rd rounder for Kaepernick and SanFran wants more.

    They are posturing. Pretending to be “moving on”. If SanFran doesn’t take their offer soon, they might not be pretending by the end of the week.

    First domino is about to fall.

  11. Unless you’re going to install Baylor’s offense I just don’t see this working. Holds the ball way too long, takes needless hits because he lacks pocket presence, and can’t read a defense. Did I mention he likes twitter and t-shirts?

  12. You’re rebuilding Cleveland…….draft a QB or trade 2nd pick and move down draft and get one of the top 3-4 QB’s. Pretty hard to believe they have a real plan in place if they’re willing to let their best players go and then start filling the roster with “has beens.” RG3 has always been a running athlete…..never an NFL quality QB.

  13. The Browns and the Bills have terrific fan bases. I don’t understand how they tolerate what their respective teams do to them. At least the Bills have what may be competent new ownership. The Browns have one of the worst owners in sports. As a patriots fan, I know things are going to deteriorate at some point. Hopefully never to this degree. Respect, Browns and bills fans. I hope someday your teams do you justice.

  14. As a skins fan. I gotta say he got potential. But
    Rg3 needs to learn how to read a D, Get rid of the ball
    Quicker, slide throw ball away get out of bounds. Other then that i still wish him well

  15. Some of you are just dumb. Just because you sign a guy doesnt mean you cant let a guy go without much loss. So you sign RGIII, what’s the harm if he rides the pine or you cut him after t.c.?

  16. Trade the No 2 pick to the Bengals for AJ McCarron. He is better than all the QBs in this draft.

  17. Nothing but a power play to get the Niners to bite on trading Kaep. It doesn’t look like the Browns are aware of the fact that the Niners have no idea what the heck they’re doing and actually might keep Kaep and end up paying him $14M to sit him on the bench.

  18. Lol the fact they even met with this stiff is another aign of how incompetent Hue Jackson and the Browns are.

    A great young man? LMAO. You mean a clubhouse cancer that never takes any responsibility for his own horrible performance

    What is it with these clowns from the Browns clamoring to get their big stupid mouths in front of the microphone.

  19. Its be so fitting for the Browns to sign RGMe draft a QB with second overall pick and than have two 2nd overall drafted bust QBs on their roster by early 2017.
    Lets list them Browns fans…Jonathan Manziel, Brandon Weeden, Brady Quinn, Tim Couch, and your list may continue.. Seems like Someone new every two is added to the list.

    Don’t worry we know how well the Browns dominated in 1950s! Maybe be 2050 they will have a Super Bowl appearance. I guess looking at the Ravens Two Super Bowl Trophies and drooling like a begging Dawg at them is your consolation prize.. We all know that first Baltimore one should be yours Cleveland, but its not! At least Browns are Always in running for highest draft positioning.

  20. As a Jags fan i can relate to blunder and failure. When you have had a GM the caliber of Gene Smith then you know failure as one of the worst GMs ever.

  21. Sign him Browns, this will be a perfect place. When he plays well and the Browns win it will shut up all the haters on this site.
    Oh wait, nothing will shut up the haters, if he does win it will be because of bla bla bla. The sun, the refs, Goodell and London or Mexico.
    The guy can play, had a bad injury and a coach who hated him. I still don’t get the BS about him being a cancer, he was not the one leaking stories to the press from the team. Look at the Falcons this year, Shanny JR is doing it again.

  22. The Browns need players, they have nothing to lose giving RG3 a shot, NFL contracts are 1yr deals for the most part anyway so if it doesn’t work out they can cut him and move on. The Raiders & Redskins won SB’s with other teams castoffs so why not, you never know.

  23. Connor Shaw was completely ignored by the draft analysts in 2014 for some reason, and from what I’ve seen (in the preseason), he could have what it takes to lead a team. But it won’t happen until he escapes Cleveland

  24. I’m chuckling at all these claims that this is some elaborate ruse to get Kaepernick. lol. They are not bluffing! This is the Cleveland Browns we’re talking about here! Don’t be surprised if he’s signed by tomorrow morning…

  25. How amazing is it that starting for the Browns is a worse career move than a backup job literally anywhere else.

  26. In my opinion, a not so insignificant thing to be considered is that the Browns play in some lousy weather; rain, snow, freezing temps, etc. They play on grass, I’m not so sure that a running QB with some major injuries is going to thrive there, no matter who the coach/scheme/OC is.

  27. Translation: We’re looking for a quarterback who is so desperate for a job that he will willingly come to Cleveland, get his butt kicked physically, lose 15- 16 games and flat out lie to our recently drafted franchise rookie quarterback about how the offense is improving.

  28. Sign RG3 or Kaep…doesn’t really matter, either one is a reclamation project that may or may not work out. Since we aren’t going to the SB this year, may as well take a chance on someone who has proven they can at least stay sober and play occasionally. Draft Joey Bosa at #2 and just keep drafting the best player available until you run out of picks. That’s the only way this thing is gonna work. After how many 1st round QB busts, I’m more than happy to wait til the 2nd or even 3rd round for a QB…then it wouldn’t be as hard to watch them fall. Personally, I think it would be ironic if RG3 ended up in Cleveland after all…they tried to get him the first time and Snyder broke the bank to get in ahead of us.

  29. hue jackson
    of all the coaches that help this guy get his career back on track its you
    u made terrelle pryor a decent promising QB at the time now imagine if we can protects his KNEES and also find a way too protect Carson Wentz and get some Weapons we could have a 6-7 win season?

  30. Draft your QB, Let Josh start for however long it takes to get the rookie up to speed. I know you all look at Josh’s record and say he sucks, but it wasn’t on Josh that the Browns stunk last year. Quite the opposite, Josh was the toughest player on the team and would stand in there until he took a beating to give his receivers the time they needed to get open. The main problem with last years team was the weakest defense the league has ever seen. Those guys couldn’t even tackle, that’s how poorly that defense was coached!

  31. I had a lot of “great meeting”s with people who didn’t give me a job, too.

  32. Maybe Bob Griffin’s team can design a logo for the Browns. You know, because they don’t even have one currently.

  33. Barry has a 98% approval rating in some sectors. Will RG3 get approved by Hue? Yep. Actual performance doesn’t count when you are the right kind of demo.

  34. Yeah this seems like a good idea!

    Like throwing a stick of dynamite into a dumpster fire.


  35. You know what’s going to be funny? In like 1-2 years, Pat’s are going to be looking for a scrub QB like most of the other teams and reality will hit them like a ton of bricks, fun times coming…

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