Randall Cunningham’s daughter wins world high jump championship

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Vashti Cunningham, the 18-year-old daughter of former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham, has won the world indoor high jump championship.

With her dad in the stands, Cunningham jumped 6 feet, 5 inches, to take the title. She is the youngest woman this century to win a world indoor track and field championship in any event.

A high school senior, Cunningham announced afterward that she has decided to turn professional and will not compete in NCAA track and field. Her summer goals are graduating from high school and then winning an Olympic gold medal in Rio.

Once among the biggest stars in the NFL, Randall Cunningham has urged his daughter to take her time and enjoy herself before becoming a pro athlete.

I don’t believe you should peak in high school,” Randall told the Las Vegas Sun, before adding, “She’s the one that has to make that decision.”

Randall Cunningham is one of the greatest athletes ever to play quarterback, a player who was ahead of his time and reshaped the way people view the quarterback position. And Vashti may prove to be an even greater athlete than her dad.

54 responses to “Randall Cunningham’s daughter wins world high jump championship

  1. Haha, he was a long ways from one of the greatest Qb in the history of NFL ! Lol

  2. joelvis72 says:
    Mar 20, 2016 6:44 PM
    Randall had a beautiful throwing motion, I can still see it in my mind.
    So pretty. Like a slingshot the way tha ball came out. Didn’t he have like a 92 yard punt once too. Run, throw, kick, catch. Guy could do it all. Pure athlete. Too bad those ’80s Eagles couldn’t get out of gheir own way and win one. Fun team to watch.

  3. He was the Mike Vick experience before there even was a Mike Vick. Great arm, great legs, & great to watch. Could never fit a scheme though & freelanced too much to ever be top of his game, but boy was he fun to watch.

  4. golforepar says:
    Mar 20, 2016 5:47 PM
    So she is a winner! At least we know she must take after mom
    What exactly have you accomplished in your life better than being a millionaire and NFL QB for a decade?

  5. Randall wasn’t the best qb of all time. But he was in the upper echelon of finest athletes to ever play in the NFL. There were/are some on his level, but very very few if any surpass his athleticism.

  6. hyprcaffeinated says:
    Mar 20, 2016 6:44 PM
    When was Randall Cunningham one of the biggest stars in the NFL? I must have missed that alternate universe.
    IT was actually in the last part of the 80’s through the 90’s. This universe, and clearly before your time in it. I personally never cared for that windmill wind up throwing motion he had. You can’t deny his athleticism though.

  7. Randall was a better an than given credit for here….was he a hall of famed ? No, but to put it into perspective….he ran for 920 yards in 1990, and threw for 30 TDs…

    That’s some 200 more yards rushing than Cam Newton has ever had in a season.

  8. If you ever saw Randall play in person, you would agree he was worth the price of admission! Loved his time in Philly- some of my favorite Eagles teams ever. Seems to be a good family man too.

  9. She comes fro good genes. Randall was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the caption was The Ultimate Weapon.Buddy Ryan was his coach when the Eagles had the #1 rated Defense across the board but Buddy just told him to make a few plays His QB coach passed away while with the Eagles and he really had no decent wide receivers to throw to. If Buddy Ryan paid more attention to the offensive side of the ball with a good offensive lineman the eagles would have won a few Super Bowls Then on the first game i think it was in 91 or 92 he broke his leg in the first game of the year against the Packers . He could of been a hall of famer if he had a good offensive supporting cast around hin during his Eagle years

  10. And Randall is the younger brother of Sam “BAM” Cunningham of the Patriots and part of the “all black” backfield of USC that beat Alabama’s all white team in 1970. After that Bear Bryant starting recruiting afro-americans. Sam and mini Mack Herron were fun to watch growing up for the Patriots.

  11. He was a big star when I first really started following the NFL in the mid-80s. He was good at a lot of things but never really put it all together consistently for a long period of time. He put together than 1 great 1998 season as a passer, and overall he was an above avg QB for his career in the context of his era (close to 30,000 yards, over 200TD with many more TDs than INT, big rushing yards, etc)

    The 2 main assertions people took issue with in the comments: 1. That he was a star and 2. That he was innovative at the QB position are both most certainly true. “Star” doesn’t mean best player, and brought some new wrinkles to the position. That doesn’t mean he was Johnny Unitas.

    I remember him kicking a 90 yard punt one time, too.

    Plus, when it comes to the family you can’t forget Pro-Bowl Patriot Sam, Randall II, multiple Division 1 playing uncles, and the kids’ mom was a ballerina.

  12. With almost 30000 passing yards and another 5000 rushing yards, this dude was easily one of the greatest athletes to ever touch the field of play. Add to that 232 total touchdowns. These clowns that want to disagree and poke fun of this guy simply know nothing about the game. I’ve met the guy several times and he’s nothing but a class act. Glad that he was an Eagle.

  13. Her uncle Sam BAM Cunningham was famous for his goal line dives over the pile while playing RB at USC. I think he’s the first one to dive over like that. He really could elevate. She gets her jumping ability from Uncle Sam.

  14. I have no ties to any team Randall Cunningham played on, as a matter of fact I hate the Eagles, but in the 40 years I’ve watched/played football he is the best quarterback I’ve ever seen. And my team has two HOFers with five Lombardi’s between them.

  15. I Still have one of his Vikings Hats that he left behind from 1998! He was pulled way too quickly in 1999 after only 6 Games. (2-4). Should have stuck with him!!! He Should be in the HOF!!! Not many people on earth could Throw 80+ Yards and Punt 90+! Him and Moss were SPECIAL!!!

  16. I would Much rather have Randall Cunningham RIGHT NOW than Teddy Bustwater anytime! One has a Great arm and the other one can’t even throw 40!!!

  17. Congratulations to her. That is quite an achievement!

    Honestly, there is something fundamentally miswired in the people here who cannot recognize Vashti’s achievement because of who her Dad played for 18 years ago, Teddy Bridgewater’s supposedly small hands, blah, blah. I cannot decide whether I am sickened by the lack of respect, or whether I should laugh out loud because of the rent-free space the Vikings seem to continually occupy in the heads of Packer fans.

  18. All you commenters that can’t recall watching Randall Cunningham play, here’s a question, why are you baggin on a guy you’ve never watched?

  19. Congrats to her, and I will also say I am impressed, I honestly expected a handful of posts from Packer fans talking about how the Kickers kid, would be DQed from the competition after missing wide left.

  20. “Randall Cunningham is one of the greatest athletes ever to play quarterback, a player who was ahead of his time and reshaped the way people view the quarterback position.” – really? I don’t think so. Is this a way of saying e was black and athletic and played good at QB? Ahead of his time? What does that mean?

  21. Shes going pro? At what sport’s she going pro? Olympics is worthy, but that would only be a delay. Is she cross sport basketball or something? What other women’s sport could pay to justify skipping college?

  22. For all you millennials out there, Randall was Cam with a bigger arm and faster legs.

  23. Awesome! As someone who could care less about the Eagles or Donovan, I applaud and cheer for this young woman! As USA fan I say congratulations!

  24. At least she can get it done when the pressure is on, unlike dad when he played for the Eagles. Then again, no Eagle has ever got it done when it mattered.

    We laugh out loud at you Eagles fans!!!!!!!!

  25. Vashti? What kind of a name is that? Props to her for what she’s accomplished, but her name is weird. Kind of like Captain Munnerlyn. Who names their kid a military rank?

  26. azjam says:

    Randall had a great 1998 season with the Vikings and RandyMoss in his rookie year.

    How great was it? I don’t recall the Vikings getting to the Superbowl, much less winning it. A feat they have never accomplished in 54 years and next year isn’t looking good either.

  27. Fans are brutal. Randell was a new type of QB. A great athlete who
    was above average in all phases, however, maybe not the best and
    accurate on short and intermediate passes. He was fun to watch and
    competed at all times. Fans should recognize that he played at the highest level and probably did not have the benefit of great coaching
    either from a father who played in the NFL ( like the Mannings )
    or in high school or college. He had a hell of a career.

  28. I don’t quite understand the concept of a “professional” track and field athlete or high jumper.

    Setting that aside, I know that theoretically a 6′ 5″ high jump isn’t that shocking but it blows my mind. I still can’t wrap my head around someone clearing 8 feet, the world record.

  29. Randall Cunningham could have been one of the greatest QBs in the history of the game.

    Unfortunately, he ended up on a team with a head coach that regarded offense as an inconvenience, and by the time he finally ended up with one, in Minnesota, it was too late.

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