Ankle concerns turn Ian Williams’ deal with 49ers into one-year pact

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When defensive tackle Ian Williams agreed to a new deal with the 49ers earlier this month, it was for five years and up to $27.5 million.

The terms of that deal have reportedly changed thanks to health concerns about Williams. According to multiple reports, the deal has been revised to a one-year agreement due to uncertainty about Williams’ availability for the 2016 season. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports that the original deal was never signed and submitted to the league.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Williams has had multiple ankle surgeries and could not pass his physical with the 49ers. As a result, his new deal will be worth up to $6 million including a $1 million salary and $125,000 weekly roster bonuses during the regular season for each week that Williams in the lineup.

Losing Williams for an extended stretch would be a blow to a 49ers defense trying to find its way after an exodus of talent heading into the 2015 season, so his status will be worth watching as the regular season draws closer.

10 responses to “Ankle concerns turn Ian Williams’ deal with 49ers into one-year pact

  1. Why wasn’t this reported earlier? Why wasn’t a timeline provided for his return to working out, running, offseason camps and then eventually practice in July? Something smells fishy with this.

  2. icallbs81 says:
    Mar 21, 2016 3:30 PM
    Thanks Sweazy, that chop block you gave him was pure bush league.
    He played for Seattle, what did you expect? Classless from top to bottom; especially their “fans” or “12’s”.

  3. Niners missed out on a number of their FA targets because they were so focused on locking him up. You’d think they’d have looked into the injury before doing so. Then again, this is the Niners. Arguably the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL at every level.

  4. 9erz being 9erz. He will leave next year and be a steal for someone else. Can you say 4-12 and I hope they trade up for guff with the bolts and give away there 1 to us. Cmon chip ruin another team so you can go back or to D2.

  5. Typical Claranette whining – blame someone else when your own team is the problem.

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