Doug Whaley: “Some work to be done” in Tyrod Taylor extension talks

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The Bills have quarterback Tyrod Taylor under contract for one more season, which has led to some discussion about whether the team will pursue an extension with him now rather than waiting to see what happens on the field in 2016.

General Manager Doug Whaley’s shown a willingness to play things both ways, saying in January that Taylor is in the process of earning a new deal and that next season will be “a chance to prove” he’s a long-term answer for the offense. February had Whaley talking about delving more into talks with Taylor about a new deal, although Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News reported recently that there’s been little progress on that front.

Whaley sent the same message from the league meetings on Monday, saying that “there’s some work to be done” if there’s going to be any agreement with Taylor on a new deal. Whaley said he didn’t think that the gap was “insurmountable” and that the team was open to extensions of varying length.

Taylor certainly has his own ideas on that front and may not want to sign a two-year deal like Sam Bradford’s when he’s a year away from either a franchise tag or further establishing himself as a starter worthy of a longer, even more lucrative commitment. If that’s the case, we’ll probably be talking a lot about Taylor and the future of the Bills quarterback position early in the 2017 offseason.

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  1. Hopefully a reasonable deal for both sides gets done soon. In his first season as a starter, Tyrod played like a mid to lower top level QB. That’s the best QB play the Bills have had since Doug Flutie. However Tyrod is an injury concern and has not demonstrated 4th quarter come back ability.

  2. steamingpilerex says:
    Mar 21, 2016 2:48 PM

    His QBR was top 10 in the league, two of their division rivals are lacking QB’s (unless you take an old Fitz and an extremely overpaid Tannehill who hasnt even seen a playoff game viable options). Tyrod was def a top 10 qb last year, this yr we will find out what he’s really made of, but as of right now- most teams in the NFL would love to have him.

  3. He did as well as you could have hoped for in his first season on the field…and his success wasn’t entirely predicated on running ability, unlike the good seasons from Kap and RGIII.

    His passer rating was as good as Cam, but he fell short in critical red zone and 2min situations.

    The Bills should pay for whatever they think his upside is *from the pocket*. The running ability is great, but it’s only a side bonus.

  4. “T-Mobile” is just okay. He’ll never achieve the passing skills of Cam(eron) Newton or anywhere near Drew Brees (the best of the best-est), and T-Mobile certainly does not present as a Great Physical Specimen such as Newton is. “Mobile T” reminds me a lot of a young Michael Vick: a flash-in-the-pan — oft times sensational/oft times a drag — style of QB. T-Mobile is more “dynamic” than EJ Manuel, I will give him that.

  5. He was OK in 2015. Great at times, not so much in others. The fact of the matter is he has not shown near enough to get a big pay day. This year will tell if he’s worthy, or not. The potential is certainly there, but it needs to be reached on a more consistent basis first.

  6. I say let him play this season out. We don’t know if they will draft a QB to replace him or not. But don’t jump the gun. If he’s worth the money he’ll prove it and then the Bills will pay. The last QB we gave a big extension played like crap after we signed him to it. (Fitz) Don’t let that happen again. Go #Billsmafia.

  7. @lscottman3- My point is he’s playin for Rex “me & my walrus bro are fixin to fired” Ryan & he’s gonna be game planned to pull off those needed wins to keep Rex’s executioner at bay – with that said : he gonna get used like a Michael Vick/Cam Nexton – which he’s not & he’s gonna pay dearly ! Not that he’s a bad qb – look what did to Miami…sheesh…

  8. .
    It seems like only yesterday when Taylor was throwing his 3 interceptions in the Bills week 2 Super Bowl loss versus the Patriots. Rex had been playing the media like a bass guitar up till that point. Then, suddenly, both the media and the Bills fans, realized they’d been had. They knew then that Rex is like the Wizard of Oz. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  9. Finished the season as #6 in the NFL in QBR. Not to mention that this was done all the while having to try and bail out Rex’s vaunted historical defense on a regular basis.

    Not too shabby of a first season as starter. Certainly much better than the Bills could have hoped for and betting a majority of NFL teams would have loved having that play coming from their QB position.

  10. He still has work to do, but he played really good last year. He is smart and works hard at the game…..he throws the deep ball as good as anyone. He needs to work on the middle of the field throws, but he was a pleasant surprise for my Bills last year.

  11. More crazy offseason speculation. After Osweiler, a dud in my opinion, signed such a big deal, Taylor knows that free agency or one year with a franchise tag are both more lucrative than anything the Bills could manage now.

    This coming season will set his price. Last season was promising but incomplete — if he builds on that he’ll be seeing a big payday.

  12. The bills will always suck, but I digress.
    “there’s some work to be done” if there’s going to be any agreement with Taylor ”
    English translation: How many fools can we talk into buying seasons tickets so we can afford to pay this turd. Losers.

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