Jets, Giants want another New York/New Jersey Super Bowl

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The Jets and Giants are eager to host another Super Bowl.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said today at the league meeting that the two New York teams want to bring the game back to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, which allows for media events in the media capital of the world.

We are as serious as you can get,” Johnson said, via Newsday.

Not everyone likes the idea of a cold-weather city with an outdoor stadium getting a Super Bowl, and Johnson acknowledged that “we lucked out” two years ago, when Super Bowl Sunday was unseasonably warm. But Johnson said the venue is good enough to be worth the risk of a blizzard.

It will be a while before the New York area gets a Super Bowl. The next two Super Bowls have already been awarded to Houston and Minnesota, and cities including Atlanta, Miami, Indianapolis and New Orleans are all considered ahead of New York in the rotation. The new Los Angeles stadium is also certain to host a Super Bowl, likely in 2021.

But eventually, another Super Bowl is likely to be played at MetLife Stadium. Perhaps in the snow.

79 responses to “Jets, Giants want another New York/New Jersey Super Bowl

  1. Atlanta and Miami are pure locks for the coming years. Desirable places in February and Brand-New or Completely Renovated Stadiums. That is the perfect Recipe.

  2. Jets, Giants want another New York/New Jersey Super Bowl

    And people in Hell want ice water.

  3. Who cares what New York wants? Put it in a Miami/San Diego/Los Angeles/New Orleans rotation and tell the other cities to get bent.

  4. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Mar 21, 2016 7:52 PM

    We got lucky last time.

    This year, we got hit with three feet of snow a week after what would have been the Super Bowl.

    The blizzard was January 23. The Super Bowl was February 7.

  5. New Orleans, San Diego and Miami are places people want to go for the Super Bowl.

    Most other places they are forced to have to visit for the Super Bowl.

  6. roadtrip3500 says:

    The blizzard was January 23. The Super Bowl was February 7.

    Loved seeing all those people wait hours on end for a train out of that place, looked like a blast. And no, it was hours after the game ended you big dummy

  7. Patriots place would be better. It’s perfect being outside yet close to Boston. Hotels there, outdoor shopping village and tons of land surrounding it

  8. Goodell will give his beloved Jets whatever they wish. Whatever greases the pockets of his favorite team. Even if it’s a horrible spot for a Super Bowl. Nothing like an outdoor party at 20 degrees….

  9. Listen to the flyover country bumpkins weighing in. You wouldn’t have a team if it weren’t for ny. Recognize.

  10. Listen to the flyover country bumpkins weighing in. You wouldn’t have a team if it weren’t for ny. Recognize.


    And NY wouldn’t have a team if not for the Bills. Recognize.

  11. Why didn’t the Giants and Bills go halvsies on a retractable roof for their stadium? New Jersey would have gotten a Super Bowl every five years or so if they would have done that.

  12. Metlife Stadium is a horrific venue. This from a Giants season ticket holder. Giants Stadium was superior for the non-luxury box fan. Mara, Tisch, and Johnson are out of touch with the real fan.

  13. Warm-weather cities and domes make the Super Bowl feel more like the Pro Bowl.

    You’d think that with all the whining we see about rule changes supposedly making the game “soft”, there’d be more people clamoring for playing football’s championship game in real weather.

  14. They should play Super Bowls in warm weather cities or cities that have new stadiums. Minnesota is opening a billion dollar dome stadium this fall. Atlanta is opening a new stadium in 2017. These would be good places for the Super Bowl.

    When Stan Kroenke’s new stadium is finished, that will be the ultimate place to play Super Bowls.

  15. Darrell K. Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium holds over 100,000 and Austin is a much better place to have fun than some of the other mentions.

  16. I want to see a Super Bowl played outdoors in the worst conditions possible. No one would remember the Ice Bowl if it wasn’t played on ice.

  17. The stadium is in NJ. Why the New York mention?


    I’m pretty sure there are alot of events that were held in NYC as well during the festivites, but don’t quote me on that. Cheers.

  18. johnsfsnl says:
    Mar 21, 2016 9:18 PM
    And NY wouldn’t have a team if not for the Bills. Recognize.

    I recognize it’s a stretch calling the Bills a team.
    San Diego is a great city but the stadium is a dump.
    Miami’s a violent plastic rat hole with a spit shine, at least N.O. is worth the risk. Houston is a yawn fest. Indy is just ridiculous enough to make MN look good but still better than Atlanta. If it’s about the party and the ladies in charge can’t stomach the idea of the elements being part of football just alternate the game between N.O. and L.A. That is other than when some city that just got fleeced for a stadium isn’t getting it’s required pat on the head game.

  19. laxcoach37 says:
    Mar 21, 2016 7:51 PM
    Atlanta and Miami are pure locks for the coming years. Desirable places in February and Brand-New or Completely Renovated Stadiums. That is the perfect Recipe.


    When is Atlanta ever a desirable place to visit?

  20. justintuckrule you are 100% absolutely correct! If it was not for the NY Giants owners Wellington & Jack Mara at the time.To have future visions of the potential of what the NFL could become. Every single NFL team should give homage to the Mara and Tisch families. Along giving homage to the NY Giants, the NY Metro fans, well- New York, period! For had it not been for them and their willingness to be COMPLETELY UNSELFISH. ( and they had every right to keep the highest paying, “well pretty much the only Television rights that made any real Money’s at the time” Television rights all to themselves!) It would have been COMPLETELY impossible for these little Country Bumpkin Teams being established, let alone still in existence! As an avid NFL and AFC NY Jet fan. I say Thank you NY Giants and New York for creating and keeping the NFL around! PS here’s a little NFL History lesson for all ya’ll little Country Bumpkin’s lol as per Wikipedia- After these initial struggles, the Giants financial status stabilized, and they led the league in attendance several times in the 1930s and 1940s. By the early 1960s, the Giants had firmly established themselves as one of the league’s biggest attractions. However, rather than continue to receive their higher share of the league television revenue, the Mara sons pushed for equal sharing of revenue for the benefit of the entire league. Revenue sharing us still practiced by the league and it’s credited to strengthening the league and making the NFL one of highest grossing National Televised sport and Power House it’s become today. So as an NFL fan and an AFC guy that roots for the Jets! I give HOMAGE to the NY Giants, The NY Metropolitan area the Mara and Tisch families! PSS To think Tim Mara only paid $500 bucks for the team lol now it’s worth 1.2 Billion lol good investment! That’s why I laugh when people post that players are making to much Money? lol lol lol yea ok, it’s more like- they DO NOT make enough Money! Hopefully at some point, we’ll see Pro-football players make as much as Pro-baseball players! And their Contracts be 100% fully guaranteed for as many years as agreed!

  21. Atlanta is out as a Super Bowl site because the bible thumpers there will pass that anti-gay law which will cause the NFL to eliminate them out of hand. They’re already on record as saying they’ll ‘reconsider’ Atlanta if GA passes that law.

  22. Great the Two trust fund babies want a Super Bowl back in Jersey. Last time they just missed a massive snowstorm and the game sucked.

  23. No thanks. Jersey got NOTHING but a headache and grief out of this. Zero benefit to the economy here.

  24. It was so nice that week in NYC. Low 50s in late January.

    SB 48 missed a 2 foot blizzard by about 4 hours.
    Snow started around 2am that day.
    By 6am Monday, all NYC area airports were closed for two days.

    Let’s roll the dice again.

  25. 345 Park ave will make sure it happens….. Roger & his NY cronies are so corrupt they will make sure they will do whatever it takes to make it happen….

  26. Keep the Super Bowl in warm weather cities so fans and players can enjoy the week long experience.

  27. NJ needs a football team, we house the Giants and Jets yet they “belong to NY.” The state and the city. MetLife is in/ Super Bowl was played in: New Jersey, not New York.

  28. They should probably figure out how to get people into the stadium in 3 hours or less before being awarded another Super Bowl. Just an idea.

  29. Good lord no more icebowls

    Keep it in az, new orleans, Florida where people can actually enjoy themselves, not worry about frostbite

  30. The rotation for the super bowl should be all 31 stadiums. Football is made for the elements. Problem is that people don’t want to pay up to 25k to freeze and the people at 345 park don’t want egg on there face if the weather is bad

  31. Let us observe what the NFL does. Commissioner Goodell has always done whatever Mara wants. There is zero reason to have another Super Bowl outdoors in New Jersey in the middle of winter, ahead of more suitable locations. However, Roger knows where his bread is buttered. He responds to Mara like a lap dog.

  32. I think they should stop playing regular season games in London and other cities, and start having super bowls abroad. For real fans, very few get to go to the game. We all watch it on TV. 119 million of us. Who cares about the experience for the 20-30 thousand that actually go? And for those that do go, it might be a nice change to go to somewhere that isn’t Atlanta/Miami/San Diego etc.

    I’ve never been interested in going to a super bowl, too crowded and expensive to really enjoy the city, and half the time I dislike both teams in the game. But if there were a game in, say, Mexico City, and the league partnered with airlines to offer special fares for fans with tickets, well then I would probably go to a super bowl.

    “but, it’s America’s biggest sport, and that sport’s biggest game? Why would we ever have that outside of America?” Cultural imperialism, that’s why. I am sick of the rest of the world thinking that soccer is entertaining. Let’s MAKE them watch the NFL, and then maybe they’ll stop saying “football” when they mean “soccer.”

  33. Hey, I’m ready for the Bryce Petty Project to begin!! Value selection as a 4th rounder, he watched for a year, he’s either ready for prime time or he isn’t and nobody can make that determination when he has a clipboard in his hands.

  34. Giants: 3 years in 3rd place, and the only 2 rings for the division in the last 20 years.

    At least they aren’t complete losers like Phildelphia.

  35. All this hate from the fly over crowd
    If you rubes had a clue you would know that todays NFL exists due to the unselfish move made by Mr. Wellington Mara.
    When he in what has to be called one of the most costly acts told the NFL to cut the TV pie into equal pieces.
    Prior to the the big market teams AKA Giants got the largest part of the TV contract as they have the #1 TV market in the land
    Do you think teams in Jacksonville, KC , or any of the other minor markets would survive with out that money?
    Every-time you go to a game in Flyover land thank Wellington for you teams existence

  36. If February weather were the biggest concern, the SB would be in Miami every year.

    But it’s not. Neither is surrounding activities, nightlife, hotel accommodations, or general geographic desirability.

    The biggest concern is rewarding teams for having bilked their local taxpayers for stadium $$$.

  37. I hope they have another superbowl there and I hope they have a blizzard on the day so I can get a ticket to go. Let’s face it , if the weather is bad Kanye West isn’t going to go and his ticket he paid $10K for I might get for face value if lucky. Would love to see all the fake fans bail when the bad weather hits.

  38. Can you imagine Goodell, sitting in a suite at the SB at MetLife, watching his beloved Jets beat the Giants in an “all New York SuperBowl”? He would have like a 20 minute oh face, and then need a change of pants… He’d probably need a dozen suits for the game

  39. hyprcaffeinated says:
    Mar 21, 2016 9:24 PM
    Metlife Stadium is a horrific venue. This from a Giants season ticket holder. Giants Stadium was superior for the non-luxury box fan. Mara, Tisch, and Johnson are out of touch with the real fan.
    I couldn’t agree more. The old Giants Stadium was awesome. The place was like a funnel, great environment for a game. MetLife is so generic and boring. They really dropped the ball when the built that place, at least from the perspective of the non-luxury box fan.

  40. celticsforever says:

    The rotation should simply be all 32 teams. Period.

    All 32 teams don’t have the proper facilities and infrastructure to host a Super Bowl.

    Are you saying some teams will have to move?

    Packer fans are going to be pissed if you move the team back to Milwaukee.

  41. Get the heck out of Jersey, move the Giants to Da Bronx, the Jets to Queens, build retractable roof stadiums, then ask for a Super Bowl.

    Signed: NY Giants fan.

  42. For a partying / celebrating atmosphere, New Orleans is the place to be. Mardi Gras is usually cranking within a 2 week window and just adds to it all.

  43. Seems like they should want to be in a Super Bowl, and not just host one.

    Of course, the Jets are coming up on the 50th anniversary of the last time they were in it, so why ruin the celebration?

  44. @ Pats74 you know what really sucks? Both teams got together and the best design they could agree on was to build a generic stadium with absolutely no personality. Take off the Giants and Jets logos and ask hundred fans what stadium it is and I bet 90% wouldn’t have a clue. Jerry is over the top but at least when he built Jerry World he made sure people were going to be able to recognize what it was.

  45. mazenblue says:
    Mar 21, 2016 7:51 PM

    How bout the Giants go play the Jets in London and nobody watch.

    Another dumb comment. Step out ans see the world. 1) Game will be sold out in England and 2) TV ratings in NY will be through the roof and no one cares if anyone else watches because the ad dollars for the broadcast will stream in. It always does. My 5 yr old son has a better understanding of media market and economics than you do.

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