Les Snead says Case Keenum will be Week One starter for the Rams


Los Angeles has been waiting more than 20 years for an NFL team to return. They may be waiting a little longer for an NFL quarterback to return.

G.M. Les Snead, appearing Monday on NFL Network, said that Case Keenum will be the starting quarterback “at the beginning of the season.”

That hardly means Keenum will be the starter when the season ends, or when the month of September ends. It also creates a potentially awkward situation in the quarterback room, where Keenum will make roughly $3 million in 2016 and backup Nick Foles will make $7.75 million.

Chances are Foles will play at some point this year, due either to injury or ineffectiveness from Keenum. There’s also a chance that the late-March commitment to Keenum won’t translate into Keenum actually being the Week One starter, especially if the official position that Keenum is the guy makes it easier to snag a rookie they secretly covet in the middle of round one.

UPDATE 12:41 p.m. ET: The Rams point out to PFT that Snead didn’t say that Keenum will be the starter “at the beginning of the season,” but that he will be the starter at the commencement of Organized Team Activities. Which is a slight difference. To say the least.

46 responses to “Les Snead says Case Keenum will be Week One starter for the Rams

  1. Kroenke is really trying to make a big splash in LA, isn’t he?

  2. Unless Wentz or Goff takes a tumble on draft day the value at QB is in rounds two and three, not at pick 15. If they pick a QB in the first few rounds who manages to beat out Keenum in training camp, it’s not like anyone is going to hold Snead to this statement.

  3. Kroenke is really trying to make a big splash in LA, isn’t he?
    By signing Brock Osweiler to a $72 million dollar deal? Paying Sam Bradford another $36 million? No thanks.

  4. I didn’t hear it, but based on that little snippet of a quote, I’d say that “at the beginning of the season” could easily mean when training camp begins. Why would he want to hand the starting job to someone who hasn’t established himself as a starter without allowing any competition?

  5. There’s your NFL return to LA folks! Terrible football has returned but make sure you buy those jerseys, tickets, expensive beer and all the other officially licensed and over priced products.

  6. Nice! That will sell some tickets and build excitement for the first season in LA!


  7. Yeah, I mean who on draft day would ever expect the Rams to pick a QB? They’d fool everyone!

  8. Stan Kroenke doesn’t care about winning. He cares only about how much money he can make. Just look at his other sports teams win/loss records. He is hated with a passion by Aresenal fans.

  9. “it’s amazing how only three seasons ago, Foles was putting up Peyton-like numbers.”

    That was the year that the Eagles led the NFL in rushing and nobody had yet figured Chip’s offense. He spent a lot of time throwing in short yardage situations against defenses stacked in to stop the run.

  10. Good for Case. Even though he’s more likely a quality backup, the guy likes to ball. They could certainly do worse. He at least deserves a legit shot.

  11. He simply could have said that, as of right now, Kennum is the starting quarterback for the Rams. He also could have said, of course, every player has to earn the right to start once the season begins. There was no reason for him to go beyond that and he did anyway. Not very smart.

  12. So what? Even if Peyton Manning in 2013 was a Ram, he’d be put to mediocrity.

    Jeff Fisher is a bad coach because he can’t coach quarterbacks.

    His coaching philosophy is like his hero’s Buddy Ryan, “just don’t lose it for us.”

    Fisher let Steve McNair be a good passer because Eddie George and Robert Holcombe were aging and the Titans were in salary cap hell.

  13. Case Keenum under center, Jeff Fisher roaming the sidelines. Good job, Stan. The Coliseum will be empty by mid-season, with a few stragglers holding up “GO BACK TO ST LOUIS!!” signs scattered about. Maybe a couple drunk of dudes with watermelons on their heads whose signs read “GO BACK TO ANAHEIM!!”.

  14. Does anyone expect anything else from the Rams ? They said they have no interest in trading Sam Bradford and the next week he is traded to the Eagles. They sign Nick Foles to an extension without him playing a down . They release a 3rd string QB that Houston signs and then trade a draft pick to Houston to get him back. First don’t ever believe a word the organization tells you. He is the starting QB because they don’t have anyone else. Any QB they draft will not be ready to play in the NFL next season. They need much more than a QB in the draft like OL , receivers , defensive backs and linebackers. LA get ready for Gurley to have 30 carries a game and hope he holds up. That’s all they have.

  15. Hahaha! In Jeff Fisher the rest of the NFC West trusts. 7-9 or 6-10. Again.

  16. Way too many negative posts here. Let’s see how the rest of free agency and the draft goes. Los Angeles is in for a really big treat which is pro football. Nothing beats the NFL.

    For bitter STL fans, push for an expansion team instead of hating on the Rams! STL Stallions has a nice ring to it.

  17. Snead earlier said something like “we made a mistake last year in anointing Nick Foles the starter and not allowing competition”.

    He and Fisher have said every time when asked since the end of the season that “right now, Case is the starter but we will have competition in camp to allow others to take it away”. I don’t think Snead is changing that outlook.

    On the other hand, he may be trying to shore up support for Case since at this point he believes he will be the week 1 starter.

  18. When I first glanced at this I thought it said Les Snead will be week one starter for the Rams and thought it was real. That’s how bad the Rams have been at QB. Why wouldn’t they try and get RG3, it would be like getting all those picks and the player the skins got out of the deal?

  19. Les Snead should be Fired if he runs with Keenum and Foles as his qb’s again in the 2016 season. That is not a winning plan. It reminds me of what Carl Peterson used to do with my Chiefs. These guys proved last season they can’t cut it. What else do you need to know. Would be better off signing RG3 or Manziel.

  20. What? The Rams said the NFLN got it wrong? Of course, RG1, his goons, and everything that reports to Park Ave are perfect and never make mistakes, so the Rams have to be punished for this. Get Ted Wells on the phone and vaporize that #15 pick!

  21. I bet the LA welcoming crown really like that. Way to sell tix for this season with that guy running your offense. You might as well get Taylor swift or The Beibs.

  22. mdintino1420……… You are allowed to have hope for the Rams. I know having an NFL team is new to you so you are not use to the way the Rams do business. You will soon be singing a different tune. Not your fault just the way the Rams are. STL bitter ? You are 100% right. The way the King of California and the NFL treated STL , anyone would be bitter. As far as expansion goes , you will be wishing LA would have waited for an expansion team when you get a load of the Rams organization. The King of California cares about one thing and one thing only , $$$$$$$$. If they happen to win a few games along the way that’s a bonus.

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