NFL: Josh Gordon reinstatement decision will be made “when appropriate”

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Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon applied to the league for reinstatement from the suspension that kept him out for the entire 2015 season two months ago, but there has not been a ruling from the league on Gordon’s application at this point.

NFL policy on reinstatement calls for player to apply within 60 days of the one-year mark of their suspension with the league’s ruling intended to come within 60 days of the application. As the league noted to, however, there’s no requirement that the decision be made within that timeframe.

“There is no requirement that a reinstatement decision be made in 60 days,” an NFL spokesman said. “We endeavor to develop the necessary information to make a decision in that time frame, but the actual decisions are made when appropriate.”

Browns executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown said Monday, via, that the team is proceeding as if Gordon won’t be on the roster and that “we would need to see where his head is at before you bring him back into the locker room.”

20 responses to “NFL: Josh Gordon reinstatement decision will be made “when appropriate”

  1. Trade him or cut him. The talent doesn’t outweigh the headache/problems he brings with him.

  2. Gordon isn’t exactly the most sympathetic of characters, but he’s not a bad guy either, and that can’t be said of a lot of guys in the NFL.

    Clearly he likes his weed and is immature, but how does that make him different from most of the millenials we know now.

    The fact is the NFL has had his application for 2 months now, and SHOULD know already if he’s done enough to play or not.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that the boys at 354 Park Ave are narcissistic and sociopathic enough that they feel the need to screw with this kids life a few more weeks just because they can. How is it different from than the rest of their sick actions

  3. Appeals should take days, not months.
    The NFL knew this day was coming when they said ‘apply for reinstatement’.
    I don’t condone his behavior, so if the answer is ‘nope’, fine. Either way put some paperwork in the out box.

  4. Other than an obviously serious DUI citation, Gordon`s offenses amount to nothing more than a bunch of jaywalking tickets. For this ,Goodell has chosen to ruin this young man`s career. He would have been further ahead to be charged with domestic violence.

  5. Well the league does need some extra time. There’s a limit to should be reasonably expected, what with so many of their personnel tied up in the ongoing and all consuming searches for their copy of the Ray Rice video and both teams gauges from last year’s AFCCG that were ‘misplaced’ after last having been seen in the possession of league VP James Daniel.

  6. It’s mind blowing to look at all the guys playing in the NFL that have received lesser penalties for things such as beating women and kids than this kid did for smoking a substance that is legalized in some form in 23 states.

    Beyond that, Goodell and his cronies are just flexing their power. 2 months to rule on his reinstatement? Very efficient process apparently.

  7. Lemme guess, that SOB Goodell will decide something on Gordon AFTER the draft. Another way to screw the most loyal fan base in sports!

  8. This is why im finding something else to do on Sundays this year. The NFL is clearly not worth my time anymore.

    They are on a constant immature power trip yet cant even accurately define a catch and are just flat out scumbags and blatantly fix games. Im done with their BS

  9. They need to be looking at how Haslam has turned the Browns into nothing more than his cash cow and milking it for everything he can. He screwed over trucking companies, now he’s screwing over Browns fans.

  10. Goodell will suspend him another year for being generally aware that someone else is smoking pot.

  11. Roger holds a grudge with some. This is why he needs to be removed from player discipline. This guy has served his time. Stop toying with him so the brownies can move about. Goodwill is a an overpaid bum who thinks he knows this game when McKay should have been the commish. And of course he won’t resign causer where else does he get a job lying 35 mill plus all the perks a person could want. He is a gravy train. Don’t tell us you played the game pop warner does not count. You never even played high school. You were in the glee club and home ec classes from your bio. Maybe you can see me a shield.

  12. Roger the Dodger doesn’t need anymore time.

    He knows how he’s screwed Josh over with the one test (out of 75 in a year-and-a-half time period) with a sample slightly above/the other sample slightly below the old 15 ng limit, that he coincidentally raised to 50 ng immediately afterwards, but didn’t apply that to Josh even though he was currently appealing (although he did apply it retroactively for Wes Welker’s positive amphetamines test, so he didn’t miss any games).

    He knows how he made an agreement with Josh for his 0.8 DWAI that he didn’t drink for the remainder of the year. Then when the season is over and Josh is on a private lane WITH TEAM COACHES, they decide they meant the end of the NFL season, not the end of his season.

    Roger the Dodger needs more time? Even though Josh is constantly testing clean and working out with respected ex-players to get ready for this year?

    This is Roger showing his personal

  13. If Josh hasn’t failed any of his wiz quizzes over the last year, Rodger needs to quit jacking Josh around. It’s starting to look like Rodger has something against Josh. The ONLY thing that Josh has been in trouble with the law for is a dui. Meanwhile Petterson can beat his young son with a switch until he bleeds and is put on paid leave for half of a year! Come on man!

  14. 1899…thanks for the “specifics”…the facts to the story show a commissioner who enjoys screwing over some players and some franchises.

    Roger just loves screwing with the Browns and especially Josh Gordon.

    How does Roger keep his job?

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