Percy Harvin “leaning towards playing,” Bills G.M. says


Bills receiver Percy Harvin played well early last year, but knee and hip injuries ended his season after Week Five, and there’s been talk that he might call it quits. Bills G.M. Doug Whaley, however, says he’s expecting to see Harvin on the field this year.

“From what I’m hearing, he’s leaning towards playing,” Whaley said, via “The thing about the health was, when you’re playing at a certain level and you know your body — and these guys are highly-trained athletes— for him, he had to work so hard every week to get to that level, and he wasn’t getting to that level, so it was frustrating for him. He was contemplating, ‘Can I play this sport anymore to the level that I’m used to and put the product out there that I want to be proud of?’ Since putting him on IR and going through all of this stuff, I think he’s gotten to the point now where he feels he might want to come back and play.”

Harvin’s contract with the Bills voided last month, so he’s now a free agent. Whaley said he’s interested in having Harvin back, and hoping to know Harvin’s plans soon.

When he’s healthy and motivated, the 27-year-old Harvin is one of the NFL’s most exciting offensive playmakers. The problem is that Harvin has missed more games than he’s played while bouncing around from the Vikings to the Seahawks to the Jets to the Bills over the last four years.

Harvin has also earned a reputation as a player who can make life difficult for his teammates and coaches, but the Bills sound like they want Harvin back. They should know soon if they’re getting him back.

44 responses to “Percy Harvin “leaning towards playing,” Bills G.M. says

  1. Well at least for a game or two anyway, then right back on IR. If he were at least a decent human being you could feel sorry for him, but he’s not, so I don’t.

  2. Vikes fan here,

    Harvin was a absolute stud when he was healthy and wanted to play.

    Which was almost never….

    But hey, he got his SuperBowl highlight and ring…

    Just another Gen-Xer whose had the physical talent to dominate and the mental capacity of a spoiled brat. Such a waste.

  3. Over/under on how many games he plays this season – 3
    Over under on before which game he will become disruptive in the locker room – 1

    He has abused coaches and teammates since high school. Why would he change now?

  4. footballcrazyguy says:
    Mar 21, 2016 3:56 PM
    Over/under on how many games he plays this season – 3
    Over under on before which game he will become disruptive in the locker room – 1

    He has abused coaches and teammates since high school. Why would he change now?


    He’s been fine with the Jets and the Bills, so that’s two years without being a locker room headache. He’s as fragile as glass, but maybe he’s finally grown up enough, or just gets along well enough with Rex and Sanjay Lal to not be a headache.

  5. Lifelong Viking fan,

    I was thrilled when we drafted him, And when he arrived he watched his P’s and Q’s after all there were well respected veterans such as Farve, Hutchinson, AD and a host of others. And when he played he played extremely well. As things progressed he played less because of migraines and injuries and as the respected vets left or retired he started acting out.

    I still believe that if he was put in a position with strong respected veterans around him he would play well, but I would not give him a lot of money to find out. This is the classic case of take a “show me” contract or we move on

    By the way I don’t think Buffalo is the place for him and hopefully my Vikings aren’t that desperate at WR that they take a chance on him again. But someone will I hope they are successful with him in ways the Vikings, Hawks and Bills weren’t able to because he has a world of talent if someone can unlock it.

  6. arodgersgloryhole says:
    Mar 21, 2016 3:59 PM

    Dude came out the of womb on IR.
    Best comment I have seen in awhile on here. Well done, well done!!!

  7. This guy’s NFL career is too much.Typical spoiled athlete who has never lived up to his contract.

  8. If a Harvin declares that he wants to play in a forest, does anyone really hear it?

  9. People wish for a shot in the NFL. This guy acts like he’s doing us a favor.

  10. Biggest diva in the history of the sport and that’s saying a lot with the likes of Terrell Owens

  11. I would be “leaning toward” releasing him.

    This guy is an unmitigated disaster. Trouble follows him, or precedes him, to wherever he goes. He’s not worth the time, effort and funds.

    Goodbye and good riddance!

  12. Maybe they mean he’s leaning towards signing another contract then get injured trimming his fingernails and missing the entire season.

  13. Spielman should retroactively be given the 2013 executive of the year award for getting 1st, 3rd, and 7th round picks for this headcase.

  14. The Bills need to sign him and get him into camp. If he’s healthy he will be a great compliment to Sammy Watkins.

  15. Funny how teams hope “This could be the year!” with Harvin. He hasn’t shown he can play a season. Always some excuse to not play. All Harvin wants is the money, he doesn’t want to earn any of it.

  16. arodgersgloryhole says:
    Mar 21, 2016 3:59 PM

    Dude came out the of womb on IR.

    Yeah, I heard he couldn’t walk for almost a year.

  17. ” When he’s healthy and motivated…” “he’s missed more games than he’s played”. What more does a team need to know about this problem child?

  18. At least TO was an absolute stud on the field.

    Harvin has no redeeming qualities other than kickoff returner and jet-sweep guy.

    Made of glass, can’t run a good route and is a lockeroom cancer…SIGN ME UP says the moron who wants him.

    SB48 was his one time to shine, then the Seahawks dumped him for nothing. Lesson learned…never again.

  19. Hell, better odds on throwing you money away on Manziel !! Sorry, but I thought Percy was a stud coming out of Florida and “he” was the reason that Tebow won his Heisman, he averaged 10 yards per rush and reception at that time. However, the guy is as fragile as a drinking glass and one good shot and he’s back in the water-tank. Wasted money to possibly get 3-4 highlights out of him.

  20. My apologies to keepcalmandskolon. Tablet lags hard on this site and the page jump turned my thumbs up into a report comment.

    Harvin is a malinger who has no intention to put forth any work or effort. He wants to do as little as possible to get a paycheck. My guess is he just wants to be courted so he can feel important enough to show up for work. He will attend long enough to get paid and then fake another ailment so he can chill and spend his money. Outside of the rampant criminals, Harvin is one of the worst character guys the NFL has had.

  21. Made of glass and a head case no thanks to 30 days of randy Moss being his mentor. Cancer.

  22. Original TecmoBowl has more plays than this guy. He’s good for 3 plays:
    Bubble screen
    Jet sweep

    Add the injury history and bad attitude and I don’t see the appeal.

  23. Can this guy just retire. Has he ever played more then 5 games a year? Please, you are too fragile and have very little to offer anyone. I am just so glad a few years back when the bolts were pencilled in to get this guy from the vi queens and we didn’t. Ring or not he is still over rated.

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