Rosenhaus: Teams are interested in Johnny Manziel


Quarterback Johnny Manziel has a new agent. The next question is whether he will have a new team.

I’m not talking much about him publicly,” Rosenhaus said Monday, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Much of his life and career is public so from the business side we are trying to keep that behind the scenes. Yes, there are teams interested in him.”

Rosenhaus declined to address the pending criminal investigation involving Manziel, arising from a January incident between the player and his ex-girlfriend in Dallas.

Long linked to Manziel, the Cowboys reportedly aren’t interested in him until he gets his life back in order. After 10 weeks of rehab in 2015, some close to Manziel believe he needs another stint in rehab.

A first-round pick of the Browns in 2014, Manziel was cut last week after two seasons and a variety of distractions and off-field incidents.

123 responses to “Rosenhaus: Teams are interested in Johnny Manziel

  1. I can’t wait till these talking sports heads in Cleveland have to talk about him when he’s on another team. THEY won’t want to, but the fans will demand it.

  2. True or not true, the Rosenhaus statement was the most predictable first statement he could have possibly released. Also, one could be interested in porcupines but that wouldn’t mean a porcupine would be welcome in their home.

  3. Yes teams are interested in seeing what happens to him like you want to see the car accident you are driving by. That is some classic agent double speak

  4. Yes, Drew, you are his agent. Your job is to manufacture interest in him. I guess this comment means some other team will say “oh, shoot… there are teams interested. We better make an offer now.”

    I’m not mad at you. You’re an agent and that’s what a good agent does. You sure not going to say “no one is interested right now.”

    Good luck with this one.

  5. Spoken like a true agent which means he is probably lying. Just like a politician. Hear what they say and assume the opposite.

  6. Say what you want about Rosenhaus. Dude will trot out the spin until someone gives Johnny 8 Ball a shot to make a roster. The man will rep the dregs of the league, and look like a genius if he gets a deal, and get no flak if the client flames out and fails. Say what you will, but the man is worth the money he gets from reputation reclaim projects like Manziel.

  7. The Cowboys should go for it; his collar bones must be hard as steel after pumping those money phones all day.

  8. Much of the hatred spewed in his direction since the draft by fans comes from jealousy that they didn’t have the talent to play pro ball.

    Manziel has the right to ruin his career if he wants. Get off of his case. You aren’t fighting a cause by wishing for his demise.

  9. This kid obviously hasn’t figure out life or business. The string of bad decisions continues. Why or how could you think hiring Rosenhaus was a good decision??? This is guy is full of bad advice and the majority of front offices do not like to deal with him. Nice job Johnny or shall i say Can’t Get Right!!!!

  10. thetooloftools says:
    Mar 21, 2016 6:36 PM

    I can’t wait till these talking sports heads in Cleveland have to talk about him when he’s on another team. THEY won’t want to, but the fans will demand it.
    Johnny is a drunk loser. the fans don’t care.

  11. “Bad, poorly managed teams that make bad decisions are interested in Johnny Manziel”

    There, fixed his statement for you.

  12. No one is interested in Johnny right now to join team for OTAs.

    My bet is the interest consists of:

    1. Asking what is happening with his legal situation.
    2. Finding out his plans (rehab) to address his non-professional behavior.
    3. Finding out if will take the veteran minimum.
    4. Is he working out and will he be fit to be an early season acquisition to replace an injured player.

    Sum it up: no NFL job for a while. but, teams are “interested.”

  13. Rosenhaus: Teams are interested in Johnny Manziel

    I see Rosenhaus is still old school, lying like hell in an effort to create a market for a player that he represents that no one wants.

  14. So much for changing your strategy. Although I can’t think of another one that would work any better. Drew must have decided he can only look like a hero because no one expects anything so there is no “fail” possible.

  15. I remember, years ago when Rosenhaus was telling anybody who would listen that there were “lots of top teams” interested in T.O. – right before he accepted a 1-year lowball offer from Buffalo.

  16. Rosenhaus: Teams are interested in Johnny Manziel’S OFF-THE-FIELD ISSUE.

    Rosenhaus wasn’t done yet…

  17. No they’re not. If they’re interested, it’s in the same way that people who watch TMZ are interested.
    No more than that, I guarantee.
    Let’s forget that he’s a human tire fire, he’s just not a very good quarterback.
    Nobody will deal with the headaches for his level of ability. Which, in NFL terms is very low.

  18. The Cowboys could be interested for Johhny to donate a clavicle for transplant into Romo. Not a bad deal either….Johhny only needs one to lift a drink.

  19. If Rosenhaus pulls this off we should all bow down and worship him because he must be God! Until Johnny fixes himself he will be nothing but a cancer to any team.

  20. I mean what is he suppose to say? My client is toxic and no one wants him? Sometimes its ok to lie for your clients sake…..Johnny will play again, may not be this yr sbut once he gets rid of the charge in Texas and doesn’t have to serve any time, some one will bring him to camp next yr…..he’s better than Tebow and he keeps getting chances, and Tebow can’t throw….

  21. Why do I think he might end up with the Browns? What happens if they plug it into their analytics machine and the calculations say they should have him back?

  22. What team is so desperate for a QB that they would even consider him? Not only is he a reality-tv-esque disaster off the field, he’s pretty useless when he’s on it too.

    Look, another “mobile QB” who can’t read the field and sucks at throwing. Yes, he’s in his early 20s so he can run around and pick up a first here and there. Big deal.

    Who cares if a QB is “mobile” if they’re garbage at doing the actual job they’re supposed to do, which is lead the team and pass the effin’ football? The Browns of all teams cut him because he’s incapable of running an NFL offense. Let this guy fade already into the long running joke that he’s destined to be.

  23. I’m probably in the minority here, but I would like to see Manziel get this act together and get another chance in the NFL. He is exciting to watch, and I’m sure in the right sitaution he could become a serviceable quarterback.

  24. All he has to do is check the block and spend a few weeks in rehab for PR purposes and then Dallas would sign him.

  25. A sober Manziel, tho unlikely, is an excellent NFL prospect. This is from a man, me, that sat in the stands watching a freshman quarterback in his first game, and turned to his host and told him the qb would be an NFL star. That qb was a guy named Jim Kelly. So, I have had more success than any of you before you were born, probably. Any opinon about Manziel, including mine, is worthless and of zero value today.

  26. “Much of his life and career is public so from the business side we are trying to keep that behind the scenes. ”

    It’s already public so we’re keeping it secret. If it wasn’t Rosenhaus I’d suspect it was double talk.

  27. No ones interested. Remember that Drew use to have one of his employees call his cellphone during the draft so it looked like people were interested in his client when the camera was on. What a fraud.

  28. Reporter: Hey Drew, any updates on teams showing interest in Johnny at this time?

    Rosenhaus: Next question.

  29. Yeah, sure teams are interested in Manziel

    The team of Lerner, Rowe, Smith and Associates, and many other teams of attorneys are VERY interested in Manziel. And Johnny Foolsball would be wise to schedule a free consult. He is going to need good representation with his battery charges.

    This chump Manziel (and Rosenhaus is a chump too) needs to take a year off from football and get his life in order as much as he can. Grow up. Learn to be a better human being first, and then focus on football later.

    He had bust written all over him from day one, and Cleveland ignored the warnings. The rest of the league has blacklisted him, and for very good reason.

  30. The Browns are very interested but trying to keep that quiet. They have been energetically gathering information, trying to find people who knew Johnny well. They want a competition between him and RGIII.

  31. Like teams were scrambling to trade for Kaepernick? There was a real bidding war for his services. I think that maybe agents lie a little?

  32. Lmao the Browns are going cut Johnny but sign clubhouse cancer RG3 LMAO. Thats why they arr the Browns.

    Johnny can play. You are trying to tell me Case Keenum is better than Johnnny, we all know Mccown and Hoyer arent. Blaine Gabbert and Kaepernick are better than Johnny? No. Sam Bradford is better than Johnny? No. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are better than Johnny? No. Ryan Mallett is better than Johnny? No Ryan Tannehill is better than Johnny? No. Kirk Cousins? No. Hell Johnny is better than half of the clowns starting

  33. I’m calling Shenanigans Drew, if there was real interest from any teams he wouldn’t have cleared waivers. Good try though, the only team you and your little client will sign with is the lollipop guild in the next remake of the wizard of OZ. Johnny is done in the NFL.

  34. He’d be an interesting prospect for the Arena Football League….probably a back-up in the CFL if he can learn to behave himself.

  35. Putting aside his enormous off-the-field issues, Manziel is not going to make an NFL roster. He needs to be in a system that is tailored to his very specific skill set. He can’t tailor his game to fit in another system.

  36. Yes, teams are interested in Manziel. Of course they are. It’s because all this crap about how much the NFL cares about character in their players is a bunch of bull****.
    We all know it and all the whitewashing the NFL tries to do can’t cover it up.
    It’s been a fact forever that in the NFL, if you can play well, they’ll find a spot for you no matter what kind of character issues you have.
    If someone tried to list all the active NFL players who have been arrested for serious crimes, you couldn’t print it here. Because PFT would delete it for the content being too long, not to mention too sensitive for their liking.
    The good news is, no matter where Johnny Busto ends up, he will wash out anyway. Because he’s a no talent loser who can’t stay away from booze and drugs.

  37. I wouldn’t take this guy over anyone. Way too immature and fairly obvious addiction problem. Problem is, the Browns knew this BEFORE the draft and still took him.

  38. The Texas Penal League would like to announce Johnny Manziel has been introduced as prisoner #186423 QB of your Texas Outlaws. Go away Johnny. Your 10 minutes was up 3 years ago. Time for you to ride off into obscurity as you and Ryan Leaf share notes.

  39. Teams are looking for a water boy I guess? LOL!!!

  40. @TheBrownsareClowns, most the so-called “clowns” you just listed have are things in common and two things that Johnny doesn’t: they can keep their noses clean -literally and figuratively- and they are willing to work.

    Are all these guys you just named “elite QB’s”? No, but they will outwork Johnny Boy.

  41. “Johnny can play. You are trying to tell me Case Keenum is better than Johnnny, we all know Mccown and Hoyer arent. Blaine Gabbert and Kaepernick are better than Johnny…”


    Check back in once any of the guys you listed have been to Vegas while the season was still underway wearing a fake beard. I’ll consider moving them behind Johnny at that time.

  42. I’m sure Rosenhaus is telling the truth, just not all of it. I’m sure there are teams that are interested in Johnny Trainwreck. They’re probably not NFL teams. But if there are NFL teams that have expressed interest, it would be like Jerry Jones who said only if he cleaned up his personal life. Easier said than done.

  43. Hey, it’s only March 22nd, not April 1st. I want to see who these “interested” mystery teams are. Any team would be crazy to sign him. They’d do better calling up Tebow.

  44. Interested? Sure. IF he’ll take a minimum salary (with performance escalators), I’d be fine with him signing with my Bears. For the minimum salary, why not?

    I doubt Rosenhaus would be happy with the minimum though. So, that’s a big IF to get over.

  45. The NFL will tolerate many things from talented players but never a QB who is more interested in where his next drink is coming from versus plying his craft and getting better at it while doing so. Simply put, until Johnny Football takes his job more seriously (or at least values it more than partying) his football career will be on hiatus. Teams simply have no need for an ill-prepared, backup QB.

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