Texans owner: Osweiler can “be a real hero” in Houston


Acknowledging that Broncos head football executive John Elway and recently retired quarterback Peyton Manning cast shadows that were “quite large,” Texans owner Bob McNair said at the NFL league meetings Monday that new Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler chose the Texans in part because he has a chance to escape those shadows and create own his legacy.

“He has a chance to be a real hero in Houston,” McNair said, per ESPN.com.

Osweiler, 25, signed a four-year deal worth $72 million, $37 million guaranteed, on the first day of free agency.

McNair said he believes the Texans “have a good ball club” and said Osweiler saw the chance to win while charting his own path. Osweiler made the first seven starts of his four-year career last season for the Broncos.

“I have every confidence he will succeed,” McNair said. “How good will he be remains to be seen. Will he be average or will he be a superstar? But I think he’ll be more than adequate in any case. That’s what we were looking for in the past. If the quarterback doesn’t turn the ball over with our defense and our running game, we’ve got a chance to beat anybody.”

42 responses to “Texans owner: Osweiler can “be a real hero” in Houston

  1. Osweiler is nothing more than an expensive Brian Hoyer. Actually, maybe that’s an insult to Hoyer — he put up better numbers last year with worse receivers.

  2. He has a chance to be a real zero too which is the more likely outcome. We’ve seen this movie before but with different guys playing the lead character:

    Scott Mitchell
    Rob Johnson
    Matt Flynn
    Matt Cassel

  3. he didn’t like the pressure of trying to live up to Manning and John Elway, he ran away, to a safe place, where theres no pressure, but to not suck as much as Hoyer did

  4. Unreal. We truly are in buzzaro world when a player like Osweilernis perceived as saving a franchise. Can’t wait for the excuses to start once the season is here.

  5. Everyone knows he went there for a bigger paycheck and to spite horse teeth Elway. Houston isn’t doing anything, but choking year after year.

  6. At best, he could be considered average.

    Certainly not good enough to even beat a team like the Chiefs.

    You got shut out with a very similar QB.

  7. I can see where rescuing the team from Mallett, Weeden and Hoyer would make him a hero…

  8. In the Texans entire history they have not been able to develop one single champion quality quarterback. There is no evidence that will change.

  9. Kid went with the money…just like everyone else would. Let’s see how it pans out. I personally think he will do good. Let it play out….let it play out.

  10. If Elway wasn’t such a clown of a GM, he would have cut Manning at the end of last season and turned to Osweiler. But since Elway had “Old Man Syndrome” he kept Manning around and hurt Osweiler’s development. I’m looking forward to seeing Oz next year, he going to do great. Elway, what a dufus!

  11. @drumsomeone
    You are so right. If Elway would have cut Manning last year and started Osweiler the Bronco’s may have had a chance to to win the Super Bowl. Dang, if only Elway would have taken your advise a year ago.

  12. Uh, with a wicked defensive line coming from Jacksonville (yes, you read that right), a rising Tennessee team and those darn Colts, the Texans could finish forth in their division this fall. Let that sink in.

  13. Translation. I would rather start for a team that has never won a Superbowl. In Denver unless he won a Superbowl he would be a failure. In Houston all he has to do is get them to the playoffs.

  14. drumsomeone says:
    Mar 21, 2016 10:08 PM
    If Elway wasn’t such a clown of a GM, he would have cut Manning at the end of last season and turned to Osweiler. But since Elway had “Old Man Syndrome” he kept Manning around and hurt Osweiler’s development. I’m looking forward to seeing Oz next year, he going to do great. Elway, what a dufus!
    Um you realize you’re talking about the Super Bowl champions right. Because you sound like you’re talking about a team that got shut out in the playoffs not the Super Bowl champions. So what Elway and Kubiak did last year led to the title, but from your bedroom you have some advice on what the eventual Super Bowl champions should have done. Because any changes would still have led to a title, just a better one, right?

  15. Bottom line is that if Osweiler didn’t go 5-2 in his 7 starts than the Broncos would not have even been in the playoffs.

  16. McNair was a hero for bringing back the NFL to Houston which it should have never lost to start with. However McNair has pretty much earned the status of zero ever since. He falls in love with players and personnel to the detriment of the club.

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Osweiler has already been invited to McNair’s house and they are now “good buds” and family. If that’s the case Osweiler will be the guaranteed starter for the next 5 years or longer regardless of performance. He’ll probably get to stay in David Carr’s old room in McNair’s mansion.

  17. …..Oz NEVER got a fair shake in Denver. I think the kid will suceed in Houston and will.surprise the ns sayers. ……he’s in tge CREAM PUFF division so he should very well.

  18. Houston just needs Osweiler to not put them in bad situations. He doesn’t need to put up great numbers. He doesn’t have to carry the team as the Texans already have a lot of talent.

  19. The only way he becomes a hero in Houston is if he builds a 500 mile, 20 ft high, 10 ft think wall, about an hour drive south. Easier too.

  20. texans got a good young qb in osweiler. he sat under the learning tree for four years and he is ready. just let it pan out in houston and hope for the best texans fans.

  21. He had the opportunity to be a real hero in Denver and he fell short. I wish him well in Houston, but I have a hunch they will feel they over-paid for him.

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