Baalke downplays possibility of Kaepernick trade


After a couple of weeks of silence regarding what had become a presumption that the 49ers want to trade quarterback Colin Kaepernick, G.M. Trent Baalke says that a trade currently isn’t likely to happen.

“I’ve had discussions with several teams and it’s gone no further than that, as the agents have had several discussions [with teams],” Baalke told Matt Maiocco of “We’re nowhere near getting anything done at this point.”

Baalke said that the 49ers have not received a trade offer for Kaepernick, who is under contract through 2020. Maiocco reports that the Broncos, Browns, and Jets have spoken to the 49ers about a possible trade.

“What we told them was that they were open to exploring options,” Baalke said. “But our intent was for him to be back and to go to work. . . . He’s under contract and until that changes, our expectations don’t change.”

Baalke’s concession that Kaepernick’s agents were given permission to talk to other teams seems to contradict prior comments from owner Jed York regarding his belief that there was no reason to give permission because nothing as a practical matter prevents agents from talking to teams. With Baalke’s comments, the situation now has a more official, coordinated feel to it.

Maiocco asked Baalke why the 49ers would affirmatively allow Kaepernick to seek a trade if they plan to keep him around.

“Because I think sometimes it helps players work through anything they may have,” Baalke said. “It gives them a chance to see what their options really are. It also gives us a chance to say we didn’t hold you back from doing that.”

Baalke’s comments hardly mean that Kaepernick will be on the team as of April 1, when his $11.9 million base salary for 2016 becomes fully guaranteed. The 49ers must decide whether to take the best offer they get on or before March 31, whether to simply cut Kaepernick, or whether to keep a guy who doesn’t want to be there — and who quite possibly may feel no differently about that after his agents have a chance to find an offer that the 49ers deem to be acceptable.

36 responses to “Baalke downplays possibility of Kaepernick trade

  1. Would still love to see this guy in Chip’s offense. When his head is on right he can be a very good NFL quarterback as we’ve already seen a couple of years back.

  2. I would love to play poker with these guys. No way are they paying $12 million for a guy that doesn’t like them to sit on the bench, if he shows at all. And given that the trade market has spoken and said he is not worth much (despite SF trying to lie to the media about other teams’ interest and offers), it’s not going to happen. The only team possibly in play is the Broncos, but John Elway is no dummy. He will wait it out and pick him up for nothing, if at all.

  3. The comparison needs to stop betwwen this guy and RGIII. Kaepernoob couldn’t tie RGIII’s cleats let alone be a better QB. Its no wonder Hue Jackson a respected coach and man has woken up and persuing the most talented player in the sport today. RGIII is a legend and HOF talent who needs to be surrounded by people who wont take his greatness forgranted!!!

  4. If C.K. doesnt’ want to be there, how the hell is management going to keep him motivated to be the team leader? The Forty Niners have sucked pretty much ever since Eddie D. was axed. I went to games when the linemen sat on the sidelines and smoked cigarets during the pre-game warm-ups. Niner’s sucked when the Moribito Ladies inherited the team from their husbands in the 1970’s. Only when Eddie D. took over did they begin a winning culture.

  5. RGIII at 26 is not even in his prime yet and he’s the best QB skill wise and you people insist on comparing him to the wannabe in SF and Seattle. RGIII will make you forget about everyone else when he wins his Superbowls.

  6. logicalvoicepft says:
    Mar 22, 2016 6:56 PM

    RGIII at 26 is not even in his prime yet and he’s the best QB skill wise and you people insist on comparing him to the wannabe in SF and Seattle. RGIII will make you forget about everyone else when he wins his Superbowls.

    Come on, Bob. Is that what you are reduced to? Shilling yourself in PFT comment sections?

    How sad.

  7. Poor logical, forced to pray the worst team in the league signs his guy if he wants to watch him play, and then he’s still watching the worst team in the league – at least as long as he’s not watching the Skins.

  8. Baalke and York have no foresight. They handled harbaugh terribly and kaperchoke terribly. Trust me I hate kaperchoke and think he’s a bad starting QB but if he’s gonna be your starter this year you went at this all wrong. Get ready for another bad year niner fans.

  9. I think a lot of you think you are smarter than you are for thinking April 1 really means something for the 49ers. They will struggle to reach the minimum cap if they cut him. And if they trade him the April 1 guaranteed money would still be traded away with him.

  10. Teams couldn’t get past giving up a pick higher than a 6 for him. Toss is his contract and forget about it.

    For anyone who thinks Kaepernick was the reason they were winning when he played, explain what happened when they lost some guys on defense. Kadpernick is Trent Dilfer with one exception. Trent has a super bowl right. Those of you who think Kapernick is great probably don’t know who Dilfer is. He quarterbacked the Ravens in 2000. They went to and won the super bowl. The Ravens didn’t even offer Trent a contract for the next season. Proof positive the quarterback doesn’t have to be good to win it all.

  11. Between the Harbaugh firing, mishandling the Kaepernick trade and now trying to renege on their rent agreement with Santa Clara it’s clear that the Niner front office is incompetent.

    After reading more of the articles here in the Bay it’s not that we didn’t want to sign free agents, it’s that the free agents didn’t want to come here.

    But it will remain that way, because a dumb person in power refuses to surround themselves with more intelligent people who eventually might pull the curtains back and expose them for the bumbling fraud that they are.

    Hence we have Jed York – champion trust fund baby followed by Trent Baalke – champion coat tail rider.

  12. Don’t hold your breath on the Niners releasing Kap. They plan on holding on to him for 2016 unless they get an offer they find acceptable. They have 12 picks this year already, they would be better off seeing what is offered after the draft if it starts to be apparent that Kap will be detrimental to the team due to attitude concerns. Much better for them to see how things play out and see who they get int he draft before they freak out and drop him for nothing or trade him for peanuts now on a low draft pick. Plenty of cap space, plenty of picks, no defined starting QB…. they are just going to slow roll this and see where things are in Training Camp.

  13. RGIII will make you forget about everyone else when he wins his Superbowls.

    Perhaps you’ve hit the nail on the head with your comment – winning the Superbowl is a TEAM effort, not a single individuals’.

  14. “Would still love to see this guy in Chip’s offense. ”

    I keep reading comments like this but other than the first year where nobody knew what Chip was all about and they led the league in rushing which made passing considerably easier for Foles, nobody has actually looked good running Chip’s offense. Foles struggled in that very same offense the moment the running game declined and Bradford didn’t look good in it either. Why would Kap look great in it?

  15. I agree with southpaw79 that CK7 is not going anywhere. It is noted very thing under the sun that he can possibly be and all he positively can’t be for one reason or another is repeatedly outlined hereon and every other possible venue. Amazing! The single thing HE himself has gone on record as being is somehow never touched on. And that is he is all about the team. Believe it or not.

    He and the PR department will come forward sooner rather than later, make a declarative statement that absolves EVERYBODY of every perceived misdeed, sin/and or notion. And the team will go forward. I would imagine that, from what I’ve read so far, it will be with some chagrin. Oh well!

  16. I think if the Broncos grab a rookie QB they like in the draft then no Kapernick. But if after the first couple rounds go by and they didn’t get the one they wanted you could see a draft day trade for Kap. He would negotiate a slight decrease in pay most likely but would probably get the chance to earn it back through incentives.

  17. I’ve always thought Kaepernick got kind of a bad rap, but you gotta wonder how a guy more effective in a read option that has a hard time recognizing defenses over the whole field (as opposed to half) is going to fit into an offensive system requiring multiple reads over the whole field and quick decisions based on those reads.

  18. All this reasoning and these declarations are terribly illogical. I kind of miss Tomsula’s interviews and press conferences, though. Way much funnier that this nonsense from Baalke. And honestly, Niners fans, Baalke has been in all likelihood much more detrimental to your franchise than Tomsula.

  19. Funniest part of this entire comment thread is pamperpro calling him Colin Sackorpick. That’s classic. I also love Sackorpick’s Amish beard and tattos..

  20. If you read what Baalke said, they let his agents look into a trade so that Colin could get a real idea of not only what draft pick he’s worth but also what sort of pay cut he is looking at to get out of town. It’s not pretty. Hopefully he will realize that if works hard this year with Chip, he can rebuild his value for next year. This year, looks like they need each other. 49ers need to spend some money and have at least two QBs that sorta kinda can play and Colin gets paid much better than anywhere else, at least this year and possibly for the rest of his career.

  21. Dumpster fire Season 2

    By all means bring Kap back and use your first round pick on Goff. Then Kap can spend the season poisoning the new guy with surly attitude and bad karma.

    Let him go. Cut your losses and move on

  22. What a joke this franchise has become! I know 49ers faithful have to feel the same. But then again some GOP stands beside Trump! Baalke is a joke!

  23. People forget about Jake Plummer, an under performing QB from Arizona who came to Denver in the early 2000s. Gary Kubiak coached him up to a championship QB level where he came within a game of the Super Bowl in 2005.

    Kaepernick is a more athletic Plummer. Kubiak knows exactly what to do with this kind of talent. The Broncos will be competing for a Super Bowl in 2016 if they get him. Bank on it.

  24. Of course he downplays the trade possibility. Wouldn’t you once you figured out no one would cough up more than a third rounder for Kaepernick with that yoke of a contract hanging around his neck?

    I would love to pay poker against Baalke. He is the worst faker/bluffer I’ve ever seen. He hasn’t got any cards. Fold your hand before it gets worse.

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