Gase: Williams will be “a different guy” with Dolphins


At the league meetings Tuesday, Bills coach Rex Ryan told reporters that recently released defensive end Mario Williams “gets everything he wants” in his more natural position as a 4-3 end with his new team, the Dolphins.

New Dolphins coach Adam Gase sees things the same way — and Gase said he expects to see a new player when the 2016 season begins.

“I feel like you’re going to see a different guy with us,” Gase said, per “I feel that way. [Dolphins Defensive Coordinator] Vance Joseph has worked with him before. The guys that he’s going to be playing with this year, I feel like he feels comfortable with that group. I think you’re going to see a different player this year.”

Williams, 31, had just five sacks last year under Ryan after recording 38.5 sacks in his previous three seasons in Buffalo.

“It’s hard for me to speak on what happened somewhere else; I’m just excited he’s with us,” Gase said. “We’re excited to get him back to playing like he was in 2013 and 2014. I feel like he’s in a good place. We had a great visit with him and he’s really excited. When I talked to him and we signed him, you can tell he was ready to get last year’s taste out of his mouth.”

25 responses to “Gase: Williams will be “a different guy” with Dolphins

  1. I know he had troubles last year in Buffalo which is somewhat understandable. Why have a 6’6″ beast playing linebacker?

    Miami needs to let this guy put his hand in the dirt and explode off the left or right end…

  2. * Gase said he plans to sit down with former Dolphins executive Bill Parcells at some point and pick his brain about coaching and building a team. Parcells is also Dolphins Executive VP Mike Tannenbaum’s mentor.

    Ugh! Why can’t he go away and stay away?

  3. “Miami needs to let this guy put his hand in the dirt and explode off the left or right end…”

    Haha – I would love to see that, Mario working off the right end… Mario don’t play that! He only shows up for what he likes to do, and that’s work off the left end… Hand in dirt. HahahahaMiami – you’ll see…

  4. Yeah – Ok – I get it – Wonderful —-However how about a couple of decent offensive guards already.
    And while you at it, rid yourselves of Mike Tanne baum. Always has been a loser

  5. Their QB better get his head on straight. Talkin sh*t to practice players DB’s because even THEY can telegraph you’re weak QB throws is just sad.
    Dolphins 6-10, at best.

  6. i dont doubt that he can still be effective.. but the fact that he would quit if things arent going his way would be a major concern especially when you are a dolphins team that is devoid or true leadership

  7. finfansince68
    Mar 22, 2016, 7:35 PM EDT
    He’ll see a guy that is SO THANKFUL he’s not playing on that Rob “the Buffet Buffoon” Ryan coached defense!!

    Bah hah hah. And how many games have the “Phins” won head to head over the last four years? Hint: not many. How bout you just worry about staying out of the AFC East cellar (again) this year.

  8. Ryan’s defensive scheme obviously didnt work with For Mario. But even in his best Bills years, he was never dominating like he was paid to be. A lot of $$ for above average. Houston would have never let him become FA if he was that good.

  9. cvgibbs
    Mar 22, 2016, 6:36 PM EDT
    I know he had troubles last year in Buffalo which is somewhat understandable. Why have a 6’6″ beast playing linebacker?

    Miami needs to let this guy put his hand in the dirt and explode off the left or right end…

    Explode? That ship sailed.. He won’t have more than 6-7 sacks next season

  10. Let me just say I’m a bills fan and also I think Rex is not a good coach but his former players love the guy so I think it’s all on Mario.

  11. From Buffalo to Miami? Are you kidding? The weight of the world has been taken off his shoulders

    I wonder if they made him a pizza with his name spelled with pepperoni slices.

  12. Rob Ryan has SB rings. No one could have succeeded in NO the way they tossed away talent. They had a semi-pro defense when he coached them because of the players, not the coaching. You Robbers know nothing about football.

  13. The guy simply is selfish. When he didn’t get his way, he just plain quit. Look at the film: he took two steps and waived his arms at the guy blocking him. Just absolutely pathetic! Good luck Dolphins—you just signed a low character quitter.

  14. Doesn’t change the fact that Mario will still disappear from time to time. It’s a magic act that one must see in person. He was so ineffective in the season opener for the Jets a couple years back that on the post game radio show they questioned whether Mario even got off the plain!! The Bills are better off without him and all I can say is good luck Miami.

  15. say what you want but Wake, SUH, and Williams is going to be a nightmare for O coordinators to stop you can only double one of them and now that the chop block is illegal good luck blocking SUE

  16. I believe Williams played a like a beast until the Bill’s hired that turd Rex for HC…one more before he’s fired? Good DC, but terrible HC.

  17. If Wake comes back healthy? & since they’ve canned chop blocks – Miami will have the BEST defensive front in the NFL!! , now I can’t say that about the linebackers or the secondary…with those-there is much work to be done !

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