Jim Irsay would like Andrew Luck extension done by July 4

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July 4 is Independence Day in the United States, but Colts owner Jim Irsay would like to be celebrating something different on this year’s holiday.

Irsay invited a few reporters to join him on the yacht that’s serving as his home base during the league meetings in Boca Raton, Florida on Tuesday and the topic of quarterback Andrew Luck’s extension came up for discussion. Luck is in the final year of his rookie contract and Irsay said that he’d like to have what he expects will be a “shocking” deal completed by July 4.

There are 10 quarterbacks in the league right now averaging at least $20 million a year and Luck should make that group bigger when and if he agrees to a deal with the Colts. There’s a chance it could wind up setting a new high water mark for quarterbacks in terms of total and guaranteed money as well, which would be reason for some fireworks.

Just don’t ask Jason Pierre-Paul to provide them.

42 responses to “Jim Irsay would like Andrew Luck extension done by July 4

  1. Irsay just said a month ago that the numbers would be “shocking,” so he clearly has a pretty good idea of what he wants to pay him. So why wait? 7 years/$150 million, GET. IT. DONE

  2. I would laugh if he don’t sign. He probably could get more elsewhere. They haven’t done anything to fix that Oline. They haven’t done anything but get older.

  3. I’m sure if JPP provided the firework display at least two out of every ten watching would be blown away.

  4. This coming deal will no doubt totally screw up the QB market for the entire NFL. The franchise tag may go up to $27 million. Irsay is an irsay.

  5. “there seems to be some question as to whether he’s really worthy of a an extension.”

    Not in a league where 8 starts got Brock Osweiler $18 million there isn’t.

  6. Luck will be going into his 5th year now. Luck should be starting to head into his peak years. He’s not the next Manning yet. His stats (outside of TDs) aren’t elite. That’s for sure.

    Indy is far from any kind of winning form so Luck may struggle for another year or two yet.

  7. mogogo1 says:
    Mar 22, 2016 3:52 PM
    “there seems to be some question as to whether he’s really worthy of a an extension.”

    Not in a league where 8 starts got Brock Osweiler $18 million there isn’t.

    Because he got it – doesn’t mean he’s worth it. Which holds true for Luck as well.

  8. Seems like not much has changed with the Colts yet somehow things are going to be different this year??
    And other than put his life at risk, what has Luck done to earn a shocking amount of $?

  9. This is because he is going to get wasted on July 4th and might make bad decisions, like not making an agreement with Andrew Luck, or driving under the influence or something.

  10. Why don’t we just get it over with and give Andy the entire salary cap for the next 10 years. Then my beloved Colts won’t have any team but they will have plenty of reasons not to win.

  11. Luck turns the ball over at an alarming rate and has a sub par record outside of the AFC North.

    Is no one in the media going to point this out?

  12. Oh yea, Irsay knows what he is doing. Maybe he can bring back Mandarich on the cheap. Indy won’t win the division this year. Or the next. Mark my words. Your welcome.

  13. Bchap17 and BradyakaGod. Lmao, Well, Well, Well have we forgotten what took place about 6 weeks ago?
    Tom Brady, confused, beaten, battered to the tune of 46% comp 1 TD, 2InTs (Should have been 4). With no line protection, or let’s use the word, Time! This is a guy who gets the ball out fast, but even with no time for that he played poorly.
    Fast forward Two weeks later: the newly crowned top QB in NFL Cam Newton: 37% comp, 0 TDs 2INTs, 2 fumbles! Had all day and all night to throw football all season, then one games, he has no chance and what happens? Disaster!
    If you are wondering where I’m getting at its to all the people who want to point out Andrew luck’s turnovers and ineffectiveness this past season just gonna put you some game film on oh maybe the first three games of the season , what your see is a QB who is ducking for cover at the snap of the ball! The only difference is he faces it every week not when he plays the top defence in the National Football League Denver broncos. Now two games that he did play exceptionally well in last yr? (Denver, New England) his OL placed in the top 7 for the pro football focus rating. Hummmm seems interesting. His other 5 games you ask? How about 31st?
    See Andrew Luck can be great if given a shot, oh btw for all the haters: 33-15 and 3 playoff wins in those first 3 years. I guess we will wait and see how he performs once he gets a clean pocket around him. Like we seen vs Denver the #1 D!

  14. “Not in a league where 8 starts got Brock Osweiler $18 million there isn’t.

    Because he got it – doesn’t mean he’s worth it. Which holds true for Luck as well.”

    That wasn’t the question, though. The original post questioned whether Luck had done enough to be re-signed period. In an era where the faintest hint of competence gets teams tossing insane money around, yes, Luck has done enough to be re-signed.

  15. Luck should test the market. Some team will throw mind boggling money at him. He might just find team who knows how to build both and offense and a defense. Staying in Indy will get him killed.

  16. You guys talking about his bad offensive line are funny. Russell Wilson had a worse line and took the team to the playoffs after Marshawn and Rawls both went down for the year. Russell did that and had a historical run over 6 games at the end to get there. He was so good in the second half after taking over the offense that he almost got himself in the mvp conversation after a rough start.

    Thank goodness Russell already signed his longterm deal. It is going to look like a bargain next year. Marrying Ciara who makes a ton of coin herself so the next deal will probably be more Tom Brady like. Below market value so the team is stronger.

    Luck? Please…he has not lived up to expectations. Matt Hasselbeck looked better last year. 25 million? For that?

  17. He should jump ship and refresh his career. The Colts will probably shorten his career, if they haven’t already, so that has to be taken into consideration. Remember what happened to Bert Jones.

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