NFL makes extra point change permanent

Getty Images

Before the 2015 season, the NFL changed the rules for extra points by moving the snap for kicks to the 15-yard-line.

The change was made on a one-year basis in hopes of adding a bit of intrigue to what had become an essentially automatic kick when the ball was snapped at the 2-yard-line. The percentage of makes went from 99.4 percent to 94 percent as kickers missed 71 extra points, which was eight more than they missed in the previous seven seasons.

That shift is one the league appears to like. At the league meetings in Boca Raton, Florida on Tuesday, the owners approved a proposal by the Competition Committee to make the move permanent.

The rule change also extends the change allowing defensive players to return any missed try for two points of their own. The Saints became the first team to do that in a December game against the Panthers.