Ryan Tannehill: It means a lot that Adam Gase has my back

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Ever since he got the Dolphins head coaching job in January, Adam Gase has rarely missed an opportunity to publicly state his confidence in quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Gase will call offensive plays this season, citing the close relationship with Tannehill as part of the reason for that choice, and said that he thinks the 2015 season was a “hiccup” for the quarterback. All of that goes to illustrate Gase’s belief that a quarterback’s confidence grows with a supportive coach, as does Tannehill’s response to what he’s heard from Gase.

“[Gase] has made it abundantly clear to me that we’re on the same team,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “He has my back and just to have that reassurance, that confidence in me, it’s huge. It gives me a lot more confidence in the things I can do and how I can carry myself. I can just believe he’s always going to have my back. Obviously, you have to play well to keep your spot. But just to have his confidence going in and that he’s going to have my back, it means a lot.”

Tannehill wasn’t allowed to audible or otherwise change offensive plans during games under former coach Joe Philbin, something that has been much discussed in the past, and Tannehill said it is “exciting” that Gase will give him more freedom at the line. If the results are equally exciting come September, Gase will be in good shape as his first season in Miami unfolds and confidence in Tannehill will establish a foothold well beyond the head coach.

23 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: It means a lot that Adam Gase has my back

  1. Gase has your back, because he doesn’t know where else to hang the bullseye…

  2. People are always quick to jump on T-hill about his years in the league etc etc. But they forget he didn’t play 4 years of QB in college (or even 3) and he has managed to improve (sometimes drastically) all but one of his years in the league. Given the fact he had coaching and system changes during that time I think he has done extremely well. He’s smart, and like most Dolphin fans I’m hoping Gase will get the best out of him. I don’t know that he’ll be ‘elite’, but I believe he will be a top 10 QB. Time will tell….GO FINS!

  3. As you will see from the comments on this board most Dolphin fans do as well. Unfortunately I stopped drinking the kool aid last season. Too many big games where you didn’t show up. All of your big games have been against inept defenses in meaningless games throwing 5-7 yard routes. Sure the offensive line needs work but most ignore the fact that over half of the sacks were after holding the ballbfir 4 seconds which is the QB’s fault.

  4. Is this the year that he silences the critics? Or is it the year that he gives them more ammunition?

    Tough situation: Learning a new offense and having to be more productive than you have ever been. I think he is a good QB. Not elite, but with the right pieces around him, I can see him having a year that Dalton had last year.

  5. bassplucker says:
    Mar 22, 2016 8:55 AM
    Is Adam Gase the Quarterback Whisperer? We’ll find out.
    Hopefully he is the quarterback screamer. Lord knows Tannehill needs it.

  6. Some Dolphins fans blast Tannehill constantly. A few of the local beat writers are always negative and that bleeds into the fan base. Tannehill has played fairly well considering all the BS he has had to deal with. He was not allowed to audible even when every player got to the line and knew the play was doomed. Some say that is because he can’t read a defense. I say it is because the coaches were in love with their scheme and play calls and wanted no improvising. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Miami scramble drill. That is coaching. Let’s see what he can do when he is allowed to think and react rather than just being the robot running the plays that are called. There are not many QBs that could have done better behind that line. Yes, he needs to fix his pocket presence but he has still taken a ton of sacks even though he is one of the quickest to get rid of the ball. That offensive line was getting beat on the first step. I expect a big year from Tannehill as long as something is done to fix the guards.

  7. Adam Gase can only do so much. He can fine-tune his fundamentals and design an offense geared to his strengths, but Ryan’s not a leader, and he doesn’t have the intangibles that the great ones have. He’s not clutch, and he has no killer instinct. He can’t even throw a consistent deep ball after all these years in the league. Sadly, we’re stuck with him because we don’t have a front office capable of drafting an elite QB.

  8. You gain confidence from your coach because he believes in you. Isn’t this an old narrative, Ryan? Feel like we’ve been here before… #dejavu

  9. FinFan68 says:

    Some Dolphins fans blast Tannehill constantly. A few of the local beat writers are always negative and that bleeds into the fan base. Tannehill has played fairly well considering all the BS he has had to deal with….


    Nearly every teams fans that like their QB for no particular skill related reason give the same excuse.

    The QB position doesn’t get any excuse ever, it’s not fair, but it’s reality. The franchise QB’s throughout NFL history have been able to overcome serious team defects, that’s one of the definitions of a franchise guy.

    Tannehill has:
    – consistently rated worse than 14th each league year
    – averages slightly over one completed pass over 13 yards per game, an inordinate amount of his passing yards are receivers making up for his lack of accuracy with run after catch
    – still shows rookie level pocket decisions after 4 years

    some Phins fans blast him because he deserves it, it’s not personal, he’s just not ‘the guy’….

    and other Phins fans continue to drink the Kool Aid… really, how many years does Tannehill get to show that he’s a long term franchise QB?…. 5? …. 10?

  10. One of two things will happen this year. The Dolphins will be terrible, still beat patriots in Miami, and Tannehill will be gone. Or Dolphins do well and so does Tannehill. They will still whoop patriots at home and probably lose to them in Foxboro where Goodell allows the home team to cheat.

  11. “Ryan Tannehill: It means a lot that Adam Gase has my back”

    He then added that it also doesn’t hurt to know that Miko is no longer lurking somewhere behind that back.

  12. Randomguy, I understand what you are saying and there is some merit to that. My point is many fans blast him and just parrot what they hear. Ex. Tannehill’s deep ball is average, not bottom of the barrel like fans say. The great ones ALL have receivers that will go up and get it. Until Parker, Tannehill has not had a guy that would do that. The ball had to be PERFECT or it was not going to be caught. Even on perfect balls they still dropped at least 50% of them. He does throw short passes but those are designed by the coaching staff and he could not deviate. Miami threw way too many balls behind the line of scrimmag e because the coach thought Landry will break 3 tackles and get a first down. That isn’t on the QB. He does have work to do. I am not making excuses for him as there are areas he needs to address. I am just providing objective observations. This QB has been put behind the 8-ball with little support. Now that he seems to have support, let’s see how he does.

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