Ben McAdoo: No concerns about Tom Coughlin’s presence


Early this month, a report out of New York said that former Giants coach Tom Coughlin was hanging around at the team’s facility so often that new head coach Ben McAdoo was getting annoyed, with a perception that Coughlin was “looking over McAdoo’s shoulder.” Today, Mcaddo said that’s not the case.

At the league meeting, McAdoo said he has no concerns at all about Coughlin’s presence at the team facility, and welcomes having a veteran coach to help him out.

“No, I don’t have those concerns,” McAdoo said. “As long as Tom’s around, we want to welcome him and use him as a resource. We welcome him.”

That’s the politically correct thing to say, but the fact remains that Coughlin was fired, and it’s a little weird that a fired head coach is still hanging around the team facility while the new head coach is trying to get the players to buy into his own way of doing things. It seems likely that if Coughlin keeps hanging around when the Giants’ offseason work begins, the team may gently suggest that he go away.

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  1. Coughlin is handing his refirement like some sort of confused man with his hands on his hips.

  2. Yeah…….Like the guy would admit that to reporters. If that conversation ever takes placed it is behind closed doors. Coughlin has earned that.

  3. I wasn’t happy with the firing of Tom Coughlin, especially knowing that Jerry Reese was given a pass.

    However, Mr. Coughlin was fired, not moved to a consultant position or GM position. He should not be hanging around, it’s really unfair to Ben McAdoo that he is still lingering around.

  4. Giants have offered and want Coach Coughlin to remain with the organization–no doubt his feelings are hurt and hes somewhat bitter after being removed as HC. Afterall–he has a lot of pride and with his military acumen did not want to leave after back to back losing seasons. That being said–he’s also a team player and in no way will be the wrecking ball that some pundits are suggesting–in fact quite the opposite. He’d never compromise his integrity and character to sabatouge the team.

  5. The sad fact is that we all go through in the workplace is that we ALL ARE REPLACEABLE.

    Tom needs to ride off into the sunset because he was in fact fired.

    Having been through it, its always hard to embrace. Tom’s showing that. Tom is not the type of guy who shows up at carwashes to cut grand opening ribbons

  6. Add this disfunction to our uncharacteristic spending spree and we come out looking more like the Jets then the Giants

  7. Wonder if Tom is at the breakfast? No assigned seat but just showed up and is walking around behind McAdoos chair, pocketing a couple sweet-n-low or grape jelly packs every so often…

  8. The Giants want him involved in the organization. What that is, has not yet been determined. The guy has a wealth of knowledge, an obsessive work ethic and a passion for the game. Maybe they find a place for him while he goes through this transition. He could be a great asset. Or maybe he moves along. But once a Giant, always a Giant.

    McAdoo strikes me as a very confident person. I’d bet he’s not threatened in any way. Personally, I think Coughlin should get a college team and have a positive impact on some young men.

  9. He’s a sore loser just like Cam. He didn’t act like class when he was fired and it’s not professional for him to hang around the lockerroom of a team that he’s not a part of anymore. Grab your stones and start chucking them, people.

  10. Coughlin is like that psycho ex-girlfriend who refuses to move on. He’s been with the Giants for so long, it’s like he has no purpose left. He talked poorly about the Giants when interviewing with the Eagles. He can’t get over it, and it’s clearly obvious. I wish Coughlin the best, I hope he goes and coaches somewhere else.

  11. thefootballgodssay says:
    Mar 23, 2016 8:43 AM
    NYG 2016 NFC East CHAMPS!! NFC EAST IS WEAK Philly is rebuilding Washington did not beat a team over 500 # fluke Dallas has an injury prone QB


    So you’re buying into the theory that overpaying for a bunch of free agents is going to turn your team into a winner? Trust me, I’ve been down this road many times and it never works. And when was the last time the Giants beat a team with a winning record?

  12. @skinsfan2

    I understand why you would say that overpaying for free agents isn’t usually a recipe for success just by reading your user name. However, the Denver Broncos just displayed what happens when you fill voids with solid players (yes, they did draft well also). The Giants did not sign over-the-hill or ego players similar to what the Washington Redskins used to do every year.

    The team lost by a combined four points to New England and Carolina…The Giants have never been a franchise (in recent years) to get trampled by upper echelon teams. If anything, they are guilty of consistently playing down to the competition.

  13. What’s that smell wafting through the ventilation system? Oh it’s the overwhelming scent of Tom’s Aqua Velva. We aren’t worried of course maybe just slightly irritated.

  14. Coughlin is more like the police captain that after 40 years on the force HAD to retire, but keeps showing up at the precinct to, “Make sure the new guy is settling in alright.” He’ll slowly go from making valued input, to being mildly humored, to collecting the dirty towels in the locker room and muttering to himself.

    You have to feel for the poor guy.

  15. Another brilliant move by Jerry Reece. Sabotage your new head coach by keeping the old one around. This is NEVER a good idea. Giants will be back in the basement and Reece will be on the street next Jan, if not sooner!

  16. It’s gonna end like a seinfeld episode where george is under contract with play now but they want him gone….Can totally see TC climbing in through an air duct to get in the facility…

  17. thefootballgodssay says:
    Mar 23, 2016 8:43 AM
    NYG 2016 NFC East CHAMPS!! NFC EAST IS WEAK Philly is rebuilding Washington did not beat a team over 500 # fluke Dallas has an injury prone QB

    Redskins beat the Giants….

  18. The point of firing a coach is to change coaching staffs. Not to keep the same staff and the same head coach lurking around the building. Lol, at least they spent all of that money.

  19. Just think of Coughlin as the Crypt Keeper. I loved watching that show. And I love the New York Nightmara family crime syndicate having as many distractions as possible. Karma payback just keeps on giving.

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