Bengals, LaFell closing in on a deal


The Bengals have lost receivers Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones to free agency. Soon, they likely will be adding a replacement.

Per a league source, the Bengals and Brandon LaFell are closing in on striking a deal that would place the veteran wideout in Cincinnati.

LaFell, cut by the Patriots after a relatively disappointing 2015 season, spent four years with the Panthers and two in New England. He maxed out with 957 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in 2014.

With receiver A.J. Green and tight end Tyler Eifert on the field, LaFell can benefit significantly from the attention paid to those players, and perhaps be a significant contributor in the Cincinnati offense.

22 responses to “Bengals, LaFell closing in on a deal

  1. Stupid signing. If his best year with the best qb in the league and he doesn’t get 1000 what good is he in Cincinnati? He has no versatility and won’t play inside. The signing to make would be for boldin and take a wr w/ one of the first two picks and let him be groomed. Lafell will be a disappointment.

  2. Watching him the last few years, the one thing he still needs to work on is being more consistent with his hands. After his first year here I was really impressed how well he understood the offense and his role in it but he took a big step backward last year. His foot injury really set him back at the start of the season but after coming off the the type of year he had the season prior, I expected him to regain his old form but he just never did. He is a good, solid #2 or #3 receiver and I think he will be a good signing for the Bengals as long as he can stay consistent and get on the same page with Dalton. Good compliment to go with Green.

  3. I think this is a very smart move on their part; he’s not a #1, but still is a good complementary receiver, which is what they need right now; it’ll also give them a lot more flexibility in the first round of the draft

  4. I liked JoJo in NEW England . He never recovered from his foot injury last season and was behind the 8 ball all year..He was a huge contributor to our Super Bowl title and wish him the best. A change of scenery may help him………

  5. This could be a good pickup. Losing Jones hurt, and LaFell could be a good replacement. We probably already have someone on our roster who can replace Sanu, such as Alford or Wright.

  6. He should have benefited as a #3 behind Gronk and Edelman, but he never made the most of his opportunities, mostly by dropping everything thrown to him last year and being non-existent when the Patriots needed him to step up due to injuries to those guys. Hopefully he bounces back and has a good year with a change of scenery.

  7. I remember one pass he didn’t drop – the all important opening TD of SB 49. Thank you for your time in NE and best of luck with the Bengals.

  8. I’ve been hoping we’d sign him. I like his size and his red zone presence. He’s a solid 2, long as he comes back healthy and works on his hands. I hope we still go wr on day 1.

  9. Obviously the Bengals are thinking last years sub par performance was a fluke. If the dude can’t catch then he isn’t worth squat. His first game back was one of the worst games I’d ever seen a receiver play at the pro level. I think he had 5 drops. You can’t do that in an everyday starting role as a #2. Boldin would be the perfect one year fill in, he is a true pro, has good hands and is a high locker room presence. I think the Bengals are signing the wrong guy imo.

  10. All I know if the Pats are casting him aside in an offense that lacks quality receivers besides Edelman, than they really must not think that highly of him.

  11. He is blamed for drops but many of his drops were poorly thrown balls by Brady. Brady is no longer accurate on passes traveling beyond 15 yards.

  12. I support this signing. In addition to every RB on the roster fumbling the ball in the playoffs, now there will be some big drops as well. Add in dalton’s superb 1/6 stat, that should make for some entertaining playoff games.

  13. JoJo thank you for bringing a championship back to NE. Hell you have something most players don’t l have and contributed in every bit of the 2014 season. From that incredible go ahead TD against Baltimore to the all important opening score in the greatest game ever played.

    I thank you for your services….all the best Champ in Cincy.

  14. LaFell was the best option available. Cheap, relatively young (30, which is 5 years younger than Boldin), a proven WR2 who will not cost the Bengals a compensatory pick (because he was cut). Kudos to the Bengals FO.

  15. Decent receivers in draft should get a good rookie wr but his experience is a plus. Hopefully he steps up and has a good year but he’s not dependable.

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