Blandino on ejection rule: Officials need to see the entire act


The NFL voted Wednesday to institute a one-year trial of a rule calling for players to be ejected if they are flagged for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game.

The rule, which would have resulted in two ejections during the 2015 season, is aimed at curbing things like abusive language toward officials, taunting and fighting, which led to some objections from coaches because of fears that opposing players will try to bait players with one foul into a second one over the course of the game. During an appearance on Pro Football Live on NBCSN, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino told Mike Florio that the league will work with officials to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“That’s a concern and we talked about it,” Blandino said. “We really work with our game officials to make sure they get the instigator and to be aware of those things. See the entire act, don’t just react to a comment or something if you haven’t seen how it evolved. That’s something we’re going to spend a lot of time [on] with our game officials to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

There are plenty of examples each season of players being called for penalties after responding to the words or actions of another player, so that will have to be cleaned up if the league wants to avoid the kinds of situations outlined above. Blandino addressed another concern raised this week about players viewing this rule as being similar to fouling out in basketball.

“We really feel that ultimately the player is going to realize that if I get one, I’m one away from going to the locker room,” Blandino said. “When you talk to players, coaches, officials … nobody wants players getting thrown out of the game. We feel it’s going to have the intended effect that if I get one I have to walk away from this potential confrontation versus engaging.”

The rule can be adopted on a permanent basis next year if 24 teams vote in favor of it. The way the league and players deal with these two concerns will likely have a lot to do with how that vote plays out.

14 responses to “Blandino on ejection rule: Officials need to see the entire act

  1. I predict the ejection rule lasts until a star player is ejected, at which point the owner of his team will spew hatred the other owners will realize how much of a bad idea this is.

    Enforce the rules you already have. Don’t make new BS rules to make up for the lack of proper enforcement of the existing rules.

  2. The talking heads need to explain to the masses that not all personal fouls are unsportsman like penalties Horse collar and face mask are personal fouls, but not unsportsmanlike penalties. Taunting or abusive language are unsportsman like penalties.

  3. That premise is dumb. The only act they need to see is the one worthy of getting ejected. If a player is baited into doing something stupid that does not eliminate any consequences for actually doing it. If they catch the instigator then flag him too but grown men are responsible for their actions regardless if their feelings are hurt by a bad name. Mindsets like the one Blandino has only encourage the blame game and the victimization mentality by pointing to any circumstance to justify bad personal choices instead of understanding responsibility. If someone makes me mad and I shoot them, I am still responsible for that.

  4. Dean Blandino should be fire. And make the ref full year round employees. During the off season these guys should be studying the rules and watching film M-F 9-5.

  5. Are you serious? Two rule changes voted down on Tuesday are now, one day later, 1 year trial rules. Too many stupid rules being implemented. Too subjective, if the guy points at the opposing player, is that taunting, when they spin the ball after a TD, is that taunting, when they make a first down, hold the ball out and drop it, is that taunting..??? The list goes on and on…I can see where everyone of those examples could be, in someone’s mind,….Taunting…Ridiculous!

    I agree with sameer1138, wait until a big name is ejected then they will all be crying in their beer…

  6. Blandino is a puppet….
    The League is dead wrong on this…..

    Are yellow card & ejections reviewable?
    Refs usually miss the initial instigator & throw a flag on retaliator, as they should, but the ENTIRE play should be reviewed to hold the instigator accountable too!!!

  7. Just to be clear….a helmet-to-helmet hit that breaks a guy’s skull? That’s a personal foul and fine. Taunting? You’re ejected!

    Sure seems like the NFL is putting an emphasis on player safety and not it’s own P.R…………

  8. The refs can eject a player now if they want. They just need the genital fortitude.

    The laissez faire attitude of the refs is what allowed this situation to deteriorate to this point.

    But let’s face facts, these games were not intended to be fair, just entertaining. This year’s playoffs pretty much confirm that, once you move past homersim that is.

  9. 1 or 2 guys total would’ve been thrown out last year. This really isn’t that big of a deal. If players can’t keep their heads, then that’s their problem.

  10. Balndino’s rhetoric setting up ref’s reasons for not enacting this new rule and not throwing one player out all season. Mark my word. NO ONE will be tossed all season.

  11. Why do any of us still expect that Blandino and Goodell know what they are doing?

    I don’t think there is a more incompetent and corrupt league office in the world – and that includes FIFA

  12. Refs need to stop concerning themselves with what everyone else thinks and just start ejecting guys that earn it. ‘Did he earn it?’ should be all they are thinking of – not how it will effect a team or a game. That is not their problem.

    It won’t take long for teams to wise up and shape up if they want to. If they don’t – that’s the teams problem and theirs alone.

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