Chip Kelly: It was “just a weird situation” with Howie Roseman in Philly

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49ers coach Chip Kelly met the media during breakfast at the league meetings on Wednesday, offering a chance for reporters to ask questions about the end of his tenure as coach of the Eagles before the 2015 season concluded.

Kelly said that he was “surprised” when word came from owner Jeffrey Lurie about his firing and disputed whether he asked for control over personnel before the 2015 season. Giving Kelly that control meant reducing now-executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman’s responsibilities and led to what he called “just a weird situation” that featured no direct communication between the two men.

Kelly said the setup led to him telling former personnel exec Ed Marynowitz what players he wanted with Marynowitz passing the word on to Roseman so that Roseman could negotiate contracts. Two of the biggest contracts went to cornerback Byron Maxwell and running back DeMarco Murray, both of whom Roseman traded this offseason after regaining control of personnel decisions.

“I didn’t like the way it was, but I didn’t ask for anything,” Kelly said, via “It’s [Lurie’s] organization and his team. He can run it however he wants to run it. It wasn’t like I’m walking out the door.”

Kelly said he didn’t think he and Roseman were “on the same page,” something that seems clear regardless of who’s take on how things went wrong you find most compelling. The Eagles have instituted a different system this year and plan to make more additions to the personnel department after the draft in hopes of finding the right mix to end the team’s long championship drought.

40 responses to “Chip Kelly: It was “just a weird situation” with Howie Roseman in Philly

  1. vikesr4reel says:
    Mar 23, 2016 12:01 PM

    Chip is the new franchise killer


    Well the 49ers already killed the franchise last year. Chip can’t make it much worse.

    Chip does need some media training though. He’s brutal.

  2. “In hopes of ending the teams long championship drought……”

    No one with a login for this website has enough time left in their life to see that happen. This organization is so sad, they can’t get out of their own way, and this article proves it.. Richie the Greek is so mad, he’s contemplating becoming a Giants fan.

    Richie! You mad bro?!

  3. Hmm not sure who to believe. I truly think Kelly had all authority of everything (FA, Draft, Roster, Gameday, etc.) Maybe Roseman did negotiate contracts but that would seem strange he would want to dump those contracts as soon as Kelly left, even if he didnt want the players. The contrast between the personnel moves/contracts when Kelly was calling shots and Roseman was were night and day so I doubt what Kelly is saying is true. He’s an okay coach, but an awful GM. So is Baalke though.

  4. More lies, you kicked Howie out of office or at least got him kicked out. It was awkward, you’re right about that, and it’s still awkward here with the aftermath. I hope you screw up that organization in 1 year as bad as you screwed us in 3 years so the niners don’t have to wait 3 more years to start attempting to build a winning team

  5. Chip went on to say he’s excited to be with a ‘real’ GM Trent Baalke who knows what he’s doing and who he doesn’t anticipate to have any rifts over personnel.

  6. Chip wanted all the power, got it, then did nothing with it. Now he wants to blame Howie? LOL.

    This guy is an ego maniac with no people skills. One, maybe 2 years in SF, then it’s back to coaching kids in college where he belongs. As an NFL coach he is a BUST, but his shtick plays very well at the collegiate level.

  7. The reason for the big contracts is that Howie wanted Chip to fail and did everything in his power to make that happen.

  8. Why are all the lemmings so quick to believe Roseman and not Kelly? The City was excited to get Chip because of his track record. He had some level of success in Philly, given the state of the team he inherited. Talk to me about what a genius Howie is after the season when he has four or five wins. Philly doesn’t deserve Chip.

  9. Kelly will lead San Fran to the toilet (albeit only a deeper toilet than they have now), not to the top… unless that top is the edge of a cliff.

  10. Andy is successful in KC due in part to the defense that was built before he arrived. Much like his success in Philly. Once those defensive players left, or got old, and Jim Johnson passed away the team declined.

  11. anyone who thinks chip ambushed howie, publicly appointed him equipment manager and then let him decide how much money to pay the top free agents is as stupid as chip thinks you are. and im pretty sure it wasn’t howie who wanted to get rid of jackson mathis mccoy and maclin. and extend demeco and riley cooper.

    and i guess chip’s version now is he didn’t want bradley fletcher and cary williams two years ago either and was somehow forced to by howie. not believable.

  12. Chip bullied his way to power and now shirks responsibility for his failure. What a surprise!

  13. The Niners Management is a textbook example of the Peter Principle. In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties.

  14. 10 wins for 2 straight seasons, while making average quarterbacks look like pro bowlers. He is a great coach. He just needs to modify his pace to not kill his defense.

    No talent in SF and no one wants to play for York and Baalke. SF will be bad for years

  15. “Do as I say, not as I do”

    -Chip Kelly (as he eats his weight in Cheese Steaks)

  16. I don want this comment deleted by mods so i won’t post a link, but those people that accuse Chip of having no accountability should search “Chip Kelly reimburses fan.” This dude reimbursed a fan who wrote him a scathing letter about the Ducks’ abysmal performance against Boise State. Chip wrote back that he couldnt agree more with the assesment, admitted the fault, took responsibility, and reimbursed the guy for the trip with his own money. Say what you will about the guy, but I have rarely heard a better example of accountability.

  17. People love to hate Chip and I’ve never seen a fan base turn on a guy as quickly as Philly has. Chip is a good coach, but may not be a great coach. He hasn’t had a whole lot of success beating playoff contenders and now he has to play Seattle and Arizona twice a year. His fate will be determined by how he does against those two teams more than anything else.

  18. taking a couple grand out of your pocket to pay some fan when you are making the money chipper has made the past few years is nothing. and having it public makes it even less admirable.

    his problem was thinking that the best deal he could get for bradford was nick and a #2; and that the best he could do for shady was a linebacker with no knees and no clue….

  19. Yeah you may want to look at that roster chip took over. That non play off team could have been a lot better had Reid not mail it in mentally( his sons trouble with the law and death of another child). He hired an offensive line coach as a Defensive Coordinator. Kelly may have inherited a 4-12 team, but their was some talent on that team, Until he got rid of it all.

  20. It is scary to think of a football coach can be such an egomanic. I could understand if he if he was a genius in math, physics, or computer science, but it is football. He is such a loser.

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