Doug Pederson wants to keep some up-tempo parts of Eagles offense

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The Eagles have parted ways with several players that played prominent roles when Chip Kelly was the coach of the team and their hiring of Doug Pederson as the new head coach pointed the team in a different direction offensively.

Pederson comes from years working with Chiefs coach Andy Reid, whose offenses have never been mistaken for the up-tempo scheme that Kelly implemented in Philadelphia over the last three years. While Pederson will be using a different overall philosophy on offense, he said he’s been “intrigued by the tempo” and plans to keep some aspects of Kelly’s system in place.

“The one thing this group has learned the last couple of years is how to play fast — tempo of the game,” Pederson said, via “I want to use some of that. They’re comfortable (with) the no-huddle system and giving the quarterback more freedom to do more things in, say, a two-minute type mode, that hurry-up tempo.”

We’ll see how it all works out on the field, but it’s hard to argue with a coaching approach that seeks to incorporate things that the personnel does well. Every coach is going to have their own preferences for how to run an offense, but being too rigid about what does or doesn’t fit makes little sense when faced with the realities of plugging your players into the lineup.

16 responses to “Doug Pederson wants to keep some up-tempo parts of Eagles offense

  1. Right??? Pederson didn’t even implement an uptempo offense in the 4th quarter of a playoff game down by two scores. I set the over-under on 2 delay of game penalties a game.

  2. So Andy already taught Doug everything Andy knows about clock management and the two minute drill?

  3. the redskins have another savior, this one hasn’t beat a winning team yet. Giants have an aging QB and threw stupid money at average players to fix an awful defense. Cowboys have an old QB whose arm is held together by toothpicks and chicken wire, but may be healthier than his back. Yeah it’s definitely anybody’s division to win.

  4. Doug Pederson is Andy Reid 2.0 not sure if he is an upgrade or a downgrade over the Andy Reid 1.0 but it for sure an upgrade over the Chip Kelly 1.0, too bad the former set the team back at least 2 year before being competitive again.

  5. logicalvoicepft says:
    Mar 23, 2016 1:58 PM
    Who’s that down there.

    Oh it’s the Eagles again.

    -Everyone else in the Division.


    Eagles and Skins both have 9 NFC EAST Titles
    Skins have finished in last place 7 out of the last 9 years.
    Educate yourself before you type
    How’s RG3 doing?

  6. Mike Vick was the only one that ran that Chip Kelly offense the right way. I remember the first regular season game of Chips era with Vick at QB. I watched them and I thought once the put some polish on it that they would be unstoppable. But, Vick got injured and the rest is history.

  7. Hmm… shockingly, the commenters aren’t happy. Perhaps the Eagles should run what the Colts ran for much of Peyton Manning’s career– get to the line with 19 seconds remaining and take 18 seconds by yelling dummy calls.

    Seriously… what in the world is so bad about this idea? He’s not saying to run uptempo the entire game… take a few drives here and there to catch the defense off guard. We’re really complaining about that!?!

  8. chip should have waited until after the first first down to start the no huddle. the first set of downs was screwed up more by the no huddle than it was helped. also the d needed the time off the field.

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