NFL tables Baltimore’s replay proposal


At a time when plenty of momentum has built toward a change in the NFL’s replay system, the league has pressed pause on the process for two months.

Baltimore’s proposal to replace a list of reviewable plays with a list of non-reviewable plays has been tabled. Bears chairman George McCaskey tells PFT that the measure will be considered during the next ownership meeting, in May.

McCaskey also added the he opposes the proposal. If at least eight other owners feel that way, the rule will have no chance of changing.

The NFL is balancing a desire to get calls right with the importance of avoiding undue delay in the total time for play a game. The real challenge is to come up with a way to embrace technology in a manner that allows the officials to quickly incorporate the images everyone sees at home into the rulings made on the field.

27 responses to “NFL tables Baltimore’s replay proposal

  1. The NFL isn’t after facts or getting something right. We all know that.

    Air pressure, Rice, Saints D, et al. All proven to be horribly managed and mostly wrong which is why getting something done correct is tabled.

  2. Everybody tables the baltimore team. They are tabled by the fans in the Maryland region who prefer the Redskins. They are tabled by the Steelers and Bengals. Tabled by Peter Angelos and the Orioles by telling them when they can play in Baltimore. Tabled by Joe Falco and his rediculous contract. Tabled by everyone. Mickey Mouse!

  3. Why? Why do 8 owners still want things to stay as they are? Sounds a little fishy that they want to muddy the waters on what can be reviewed. Is anyone really that surprised though? How long will it be until we find out that a ref has money on these games.

    Mark Cuban saw this coming a mile away, and the NFL is well on it’s way to becoming the NBA.

  4. And on and on it goes. The NFL apparently has no desire to make the game better. And until they do this game will continue to sink. The fact that there doing nothing to improve officiating just shows this even more. SMH

  5. NFL tables Baltimore’s replay proposal…… and John Harbaugh whines like a 5 year old girl.

  6. Keeping a list of non-reviewable plays would be a lot simpler. But this is the NFL we are talking about.

  7. “The NFL is balancing a desire to get calls right with the importance of avoiding undue delay in the total time for play a game.”

    If you give the teams the same number of challenges, but just open the door to allowing challenges of all calls, you’re not increasing the amount of delay to the game.

  8. do it like college system. Make a replay official position and the replay official can actually make the ruling. The replay official calls down to the official on the field to simply tell us what the final ruling is.

  9. NFL ownership tables this potential rule change as it ponders data that shows 76 of 79 deceased players suffered from brain disease. Goodell and his money grubbing lawyer henchmen are still determining if a 96% rate of brain disease qualifies as an actionable trend.
    NFL owners did approve an across the board beer price increase and mandatory $50 parking on game day.
    The Full 32….protecting the integrity game….as usual.

  10. I’m sure Harbaugh will come out with comments whining about this because…

    1) He likes to whine
    2) He likes to hear himself speak
    3) He seems to think other people like to hear him whine.

  11. The NFL will come around to the smart way of thinking soon enough and approve these smart measures.
    Baltimore’s organization from the top down is the envy of so many teams: the Redskins, Steelers, Patirots, Seahawks. They all watch how the Ravens do it and then do their best to emulate. #CopycatLeague

  12. Seems the Bears need to have some painful losses because of wrong calls made/not made, not being reviewable.

    Make it happen refs.

  13. This is the way the replay rule should be: ALL plays reviewable. Team gets one challenge. If such team challenges a play and wins, they retain the challenge privilege. If such team continues to win challenges, they continue to keep the challenge privilege. If such team challenges a play and loses, they no longer possess a challenge privilege. Simple, right?

  14. If they are so concerned about the run time of games, how about cutting out a commercial break or two?

    Sorry, is it not April 1st yet?

  15. Once again, the NFL chooses to F up the calls because it allows them to direct the results of the game in the direction they want so they can control who is winning. No other sport in the world refuses to get calls right except boxing (which everyone knows is corrupt), and the WWF or WWE (which we know isn’t real and is entertainment). There are only two reviews by each team so the argument that says it will make it too long is bogus because two reviews are two reviews. At this point, it has almost become obvious that the NFL isn’t interested in getting it right, but in controlling who is winning and who is losing. The NFL wants to see their big market teams do well because they make so much more money than if smaller market teams win. The NFL has New York fans turning off the games and their ad dollars go down so by not allowing reviews, it allows Blandino to call down to the refs and say, hey we need a bogus holding call here because the Ravens are about to win or don’t call that false start penalty on the Jags because then the Ravens will win, or ignore that obvious hold on the LeVeon Bell TD because we want the Steelers to win. THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. THE NFL WANTS TO CHEAT AND PRETEND WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

  16. Of course they are not interested. Vegas pays then too much money to make it right. If you want to force them to make it right, stop watching. It’s that simple. If you are not wiling to do that, they shut up.

  17. Here is the difference between Belichick’s idea and Harbaugh’s:

    Belichick stated, “This is good for the integrity of entire league.”

    Harbaugh whined, “This is good for me.”

    The really sad part is that the scoffed at integrity, but seriously considered the whining!

    This really shouldn’t come as a surprise though, since the NFL is more prone to consider the tears of a sore loser than the word “integrity.” For example, Deflategate was started because Harbaugh didn’t know the rules. It continues, even though it has been 100% debunked, because the NFL isn’t concerned with integrity.

  18. Belichick proposed “instant reply – all plays review able” and “cameras on the goal lines” 5years ago .. now this is a Harbaugh idea?

    It’s gonna tabled/delayed/denied anyway. The owners don’t want to pay the extra $$$ for the cameras.

  19. The proposal is simple – anything that isn’t a judgement call should be reviewable. We should try to get it right.

    Re pass interference, it’s a huge judgement call because contact can be initiated by either side that is incidental. You need human judgement on that, even if it’s sometimes wrong or there can’t be agreement.

  20. If pass interference calls were reviewable they’d have to make no calls reviewable too. Meaning upwards of 80% of pass plays would be eligible for review, which would definitely slow the rate of play.

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