Roger Goodell might meet with Josh Gordon, but isn’t there yet

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The league has already gone past the 60-day window for ruling on Josh Gordon’s reinstatement, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday he might still meet with the suspended Browns wide receiver in the next few weeks.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Goodell said there was no decision on Gordon’s case yet, and later clarified that he doesn’t even have a report from his staff yet or know whether he’ll sit with Gordon, whose year-long suspension was for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

“I’d rather wait until I sort of get a report and whether it’s appropriate to [meet with him],” Goodell said. “I think it probably depends on the circumstances, and until I understand what’s in that report. ….but I might want to do that. I might choose to do that. . . .

“When I get more information we can decide what the next appropriate step is, whether it’s me meeting with him or whether they’ve already met with him individually or whether others have met with him. A lot of these [meetings] are also with other people outside our staff, who might be medical professionals. As soon as I get that information I’ll know better.”

While the Browns have said there’s a roster spot for the talented wideout once he’s reinstated, the reality is that the current Browns coaches have no background with him, and can’t invest much hope in his return until there’s a reinstatement. And since Goodell himself doesn’t know where that stands, it could be some time away.

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  1. Hopefully the report isn’t being handled by Wells or it’s more probable than not it will be erroneous

  2. why would he meet with him unless he gets the info that should be able to be re-instated now. he is the head of a massive company.

  3. how is there no timeline on this? the fact that he applied for reinstatement over 2 months ago and Goodell acts like he’s never heard of the guy?

  4. The NFLPA has got to collectively bargain player appeals out of the commissioners hands; he is too busy unevenly applying discipline to teams, owners, coaches and others to be trusted with the careers of union members who should have at least some small measure consistency in due process.

  5. And why is anyone surprised at this??? The guy is clueless. Hey owners, imagine how much more money you’d make if you had someone with the brains to do the job correctly.

  6. jxt2521 says:
    Mar 23, 2016 12:56 PM
    why would he meet with him unless he gets the info that should be able to be re-instated now. he is the head of a massive company.

    A more valid question would be why hasn’t that ‘massive company’ been able to procure the required info in 60 days?

  7. Josh Gordon has been crucified.

    The guy never assaulted anyone. Never caused harm to person or property. Never even made a drunken fool of himself in public.

    I’ve heard all the sorry excuses. He smoked and there’s laws against that.

    To those boot licking law lovers, laws aren’t the measure of morality. If there is a law that is unjust, it should not be respected if it is not placing others in harms way.

    This guy is an outstanding talent, robbed of his prime years and ability to profit from his talent. The way the NFL has mishandled his case is an outright joke.

  8. so theres a 60 day window but no ramifications if nothing happens in the 60 days. well roger has no incentive to act.
    he can do what he wants,clearly when he wants to whomever he wants.
    im really disillusioned with Roger and ive been watching this league for about 48 yrs now but the players cant blame him. they should blame their leadership of the union for what?? Giving Roger this power to do what he wants how he wants and to whom he wants without impunity.
    The new cba whenever that is, will cause a strike. players will demand these changes and owners will give them the finger.
    pretty disappointing for all of us and the players and Roger the A clown share equally in it.

  9. Herr Goodell needs to lighten up. Suspending a player this long for marijuana is ludicrous. Bad law, bad policy.

  10. This sounds eerily familiar to how they jerked around Odell Thurman before deciding to suspend him a second year and kill his career in the NFL.

  11. I bet if there was a rule that if the league didn’t act within 60 days then the reinstatement was automatic, that Goodell would have acted by now.


  12. I can’t stand Rodger Goodell, he’s the freaking joke of the NFL. And where is the NFLPA, shouldn’t they be all over Rodger to get this reinstatement done? Josh did his time, stayed out of trouble with the league and the law, but good ol Rogder has to try to be the morality police. Meanwhile there are a lot more players playing that did way worse things than Josh. Lord I wish the federal government would just end the war on marijuana!

  13. Browns management already addressed that with the “We’re proceeding as if he’s not on the team” comment.

    IE they’re drafting receivers (multiple ones) whether he’s there or not. The “all the receivers in Cleveland will be under 6 feet tall” era is over. He’s going to have to earn his spot on the team back which is a good call. Part of the reason the Browns went on that skid that killed their playoff chances a couple of years ago was the fact that Pettine and Shannahan threw him right back onto the field as soon as he was reinstated last time despite never playing in their offense before that. Manziel wasn’t the only one on the field those games that didn’t know the playbook.

  14. It is difficult to believe that the NFL can legally ignore their own protocol regarding 60 days and remain free of judicial guidance in this day and age. His comments regarding the delay do not seem to pass as truth.

  15. if he’s not violated any further substance rules (or at least been popped in a test) then its completely bush-league for the NFL to wait longer than this to allow for re-reinstatement.

    The Browns need to know what direction they can go with the WR position at least before the draft.

  16. The stuff is illegal. The rule is in place. He did his time. Now let him play.
    And as for Goodell, fire him now. He provides as much useful benefit as a faded bumper sticker.

  17. Goodell & his GOD complex turns my stomach….the court system has continually B-slapped him down & now the OWNERS need to do the same thing….. This guys ego is so out of touch with reality & integrity that when he talks his double talk responses to direct question I feel like throwing up!!!
    345 Park aver needs to be cleansed like infected/damaged collan does

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