Ron Rivera on Cam Newton’s postgame: “What do you expect?”

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Panthers head coach Ron Rivera didn’t get to talk as much about his team going 15-1 and reaching the Super Bowl as he has his quarterback’s reaction to losing it.

But during Wednesday morning’s NFC coaches breakfast at the owners meetings, Rivera stood up for Cam Newton while recognizing — as everyone else has — his quarterback handled the post-game press conference poorly.

At one point, Rivera even suggested that losing players in the Super Bowl should be exempt from such interviews, particularly if they’re going to be held in the kind of open rooms where the winning team is celebrating loudly as is the case. Rivera offered himself up to be the team’s lone spokesman until passions have cooled, though he has to know that’s not realistic as long as his league has a television network that lives for raw, emotional reactions and has a lot of offseason hours to fill.

“Because it’s him and because of the stage,” Rivera said of the reaction to Newton’s surly behavior and curt responses after the loss to the Broncos. “It wasn’t what people wanted, but it should have been what they expected. . . .

“Some of these guys aren’t going to be happy-go-lucky. Some of them are going to be upset and grumpy.”

Rivera wasn’t so much defending Newton’s behavior as his character, referring to the joy he spread through the season by giving touchdown footballs to small children and visiting hospitals and the like. But he also understands the pain of the loss will be turned into motivation for Newton next season, saying that was the topic of their initial meetings after the Super Bowl.

And while other high-profile quarterbacks have handled the losing more gracefully in recent years, Rivera also pointed to Archie Manning’s acknowledging his son didn’t as evidence that the emotion can burn so hot when a player falls short of the ultimate goal.

There’s also a part of Rivera that understands that a Cam Newton who gave canned, polite, bland answers after a loss might not be the same kind of player on the field, since the emotional exuberance is part of his game.

“Knowing Cam, probably not,” Rivera said. “The emotion drives him.”

And while that emotion might have flowed from him in a manner many didn’t approve of after the Super Bowl, it was also undoubtedly real.

121 responses to “Ron Rivera on Cam Newton’s postgame: “What do you expect?”

  1. The answer to the question posed in the headline, to me, is “I expect a professional performance at any news conference. One that is on par with the established norms from other losing quarterbacks whom have lost the SB. Not a juvenile performance expected from high school players.”

  2. “Rivera wasn’t so much defending Newton’s behavior as his character”

    That’s just it….Character isn’t what a great guy you are when you’re winning, it’s how you handle yourself when you lose. Cam failed that test.

  3. Cam showed his character, more accurately the “lack of” during that interview.
    Spoiled Brat.

  4. They were beaten fair and square it is not unreasonable to expect a grown man to act like one. Understand showing disappointment but his crybaby crap went far beyond that.

  5. i would rather see a real reaction then a fake persona up there giving geez-oh-golly answers. I never understood all the flak he got for this.

  6. I call that being a sore loser. Watch Luke Kuechly’s post-game interview in the same room with loud Broncos players audible in the background.

  7. Cam was a petulant child after the super bowl – exactly how he was as the QB of a losing team as a rookie.

    Cam has the emotional range of a teaspoon and the maturity of a toddler. That will never change. And it will also be why the Panthers won’t win a super bowl despite the gaudy rushing stats.

  8. Ron Ron Ron…’s not to much to expect your players to act like grown ups when they lose. Stop making excuses.

  9. That’s all people can do is be themselves. He wasn’t gonna go up there and be Russel Wilson. He wore his emotions on his sleeve. No apologies necessary Cam. Not to mention Peyton and Russel already won titles when they gave their loser speeches with class.

  10. Spoiled brats act childish when they don’t get their way.
    Mature adults don’t.
    It’s as simple as that.

  11. Hey Ron, too bad they don’t make band aids for hurt feelings.
    Do the Can Cam
    Two steps forward, pull in arms, and jump back.

  12. Ron’s right, we all should’ve expected Cam to act like a child. That’s why he always gives footballs to children. They have the same mindset and reactions as he does when things don’t go his way.

  13. Cam Newton only acts like an adult when he is winning….everyone knows you’re not happy after losing the Superbowl but for crying out loud grow up and act like a man for 15 minutes and do the interview…instead he acts like a spoiled child that didn’t get his way…and now come the excuses for his actions and people wonder why he acts like that…..I do like the fact that they hand touchdown footballs to kids though!!

  14. What a joke. A guy loses the super bowl and everyone expects him to smile and act like it was no big deal. I think Cam knew he didn’t play like himself in the super bowl and was thinking he might never get back there again.

    People should be asking why these guys have to meet with the media right after the game.

    I don;t blame Cam for acting the way he did. This PC world is making everyone soft.

  15. He’s human. This concept where all QBs need to act the same in all situations is ridiculous. This is a nonsensical gripe, just like his TD celebrations. There’s no story here. Not a Panthers fan.

  16. Once again they are not robots. And you would think fans of all people would understand… least the ones that didnt get participation trophy’s growing up like most of you.

    Get real. It doesnt upset you guys that much that he didnt want to finish his interview. I’d like a poll of how many people actually watch post game interviews….and im not talking about the post game interview highlights on bspn either.

  17. Would love to see how much of the holier-than-thou crowd here would have handled the situation. My guess is that many of them are the type that would cry after they made a blunder that got them fired. Much more pathetic than Cam’s behavior. You’re not who you think you are. You’re just a guy throwing stones from the mob.

  18. Rivera is a good coach but he definitely is wrong here. Newton is still immature in a lot of ways. If he wants all the attention when things are going good — which he obviously does — then he should stand up like a man and grant the media access when things aren’t going good.
    It’s called being a man, Cam.

  19. I love how much all of these posters hate Cam! You are the most jealous bunch of losers I’ve ever seen and it makes me smile. Panthers fans can’t wait until next year when he dances all over your teams again and you get to complain more. I mean really, do any of you care about how he acted after losing the Super Bowl except for the fact that you just hate Cam because what he does to your defenses. Keep pounding Panthers and wear these boys out.

  20. What did we expect?

    Something along the lines of good sportsmanship and maturity.

    When he was winning, Cam went out of his way to show us what a great guy he is.

    But the best people (in life, not just football) always manage to man up during the worst times, too. When the going got tough for Cam, he fell short.

    It’s easy to be magnanimous and give footballs to sick kids when you’re winning. It makes you look like a hero. It’s harder to be that guy when you’ve lost.

  21. Ron needs to understand that even aside from the basic ‘lose with class’ type narrative…people are rolling their eyes at Cam because he’s insufferable when they win. If you’re going to do the over the top persona, it better go both ways or people will turn on you quick.

  22. The entire week he acted like arrogant jerk who already won the game. He already planned his trip to Disney World and forgot there was a football game to play.
    Karma, Cam…..Karma.

  23. Newton should be lauded for his charity work and how he gives touchdown balls to kids and his accomplishments on the field.

    And when he acts the showboating fool after a TD and becomes a churlish brat after a loss, he stands to be criticized.

    That’s just the way it is here in the world of adults.

  24. The Panthers weren’t beaten, the Broncos played unfairly.
    That bad man Von Miller kept taking Cam football out of turn. It was Cams turn to have the ball, no Von Millers.
    Of course I’d expect Cam to be mad. At least give him a Snickers bar or some milk and cookies before interviewing him.

    And I still haven’t forgotten Cams decision to not try and recover the fumble. I can still picture it.

  25. Actually, most every other SB-losing QB has been able to handle it with grace and dignity. So, no Ron, it’s not what we should have expected.

    Now if you tell me your starting QB is a 3-year-old, I might revise my expectations.

  26. If you are happy when you lose, you are a loser.

    If you cant be a professional and a sportsman when you lose, you are a loser.

    This isnt hard. A loss like that should only make you sharpen the spear like it is your life, but we forget he is a coddled baby and never has to answer to anything.

  27. “It should have been what they expected”…??? No, sorry – I DON’T expect sour grapes, petulant behavior. I DO expect him to act professionally.

  28. Cam acts like a child and that is why people call him out. Over celebrates when things are going good. Pouts when things aren’t going his way. This is Nothing new.

  29. Should have been what they expected? Far superior players in significantly more difficult situations have managed a touch of class and grace. Then again, Rivera, Newton, owner Richardson, and every single other member of the organization is entirely devoid of those characteristics.

  30. For God’s sake. He’s supposed to be a professional. He makes millions a year because he is a professional. A real professional does not act the way he did after the game. He should have sat there and took his medicine just as he would have sat there and gloated if they had won. And any thumbs down on this comment will prove my point.

  31. Let’s say I give him a pass for the press conference right after the game. But what about all his comments in the days following that where he defended his behavior and acknowledged he was too scared of getting hurt to dive for his fumble? Much harder to explain those away.

  32. Cam was tested and failed a test. He is still the great quarterback that we saw last year. Hopefully he learns from the experience and figures out a different way to handle similar situations in the future.
    What’s done is done. Give him a break now and let’s all move forward.

  33. I also expect the head coach to publicly support his MVP QB. I would also bet the house that Ron had a different, private conversation with his QB. Ron is a good coach who recognizes his job is to get the most out his athletes. IMO, he will never publicly be critical of Cam. Too mush risk. He can, and probably did, privately offer advice to Cam. Good spin job, Coach.

  34. Having seen him after losses before I expected some of the childish attitude we saw but not to that degree. I also expected that somewhere in there we would also see some sincere flashes of owning the loss. You know, something that would pass for his version of leadership

  35. Couldn’t have written a better script… The QB that sticks his tongue out when beating a player to the endzone and flashes the Superman pose when down multiple scores cowardly backs off of the most important fumble in his career and then cries in the postgame interview afterward lol

  36. kitmandew says:
    Mar 23, 2016 9:23 AM
    I love how much all of these posters hate Cam! You are the most jealous bunch of losers I’ve ever seen and it makes me smile. Panthers fans can’t wait until next year when he dances all over your teams again and you get to complain more. I mean really, do any of you care about how he acted after losing the Super Bowl except for the fact that you just hate Cam because what he does to your defenses. Keep pounding Panthers and wear these boys out.


    Why would anybody be jealous of a guy who was afraid to try and recover his own fumble in the 4th quarter of the SB when his team still had a shot to win? Cam showed his true colors and it will be the defining moment in his career.

  37. The only reason this is even an issue is because Cam has acted immaturely in the past and his leadership and ability to act like a leader in the tough times as much as the good times has always been suspect.

    This was an opportunity to show everyone he was past all that. Instead he only proved he only appeared to be past it because they were winning. The moment they lose he’s back to pouting with a towel over his head.

  38. The post game press conference isn’t had big a deal as the fact that he said he didn’t attempt to recover that fumble because he thought he could get hurt. That’s going to be a major problem in the locker room next year.

  39. They say that 98% of success is Showing Up — and Cam(eron) Newton did just that. Did he smile “that fake smile” as some critics have lamented over — did he bad-mouth the opposing team while up at the podium — no. Cam(eron) sat in that chair and took his lumps (for however long… 2 minutes… 3 minutes) and then realizing that he was within earshot of a player for the opposing team, hammering on how Cam(eron) and his teammates may have simply given up, “Superman” was not going to stand for any further injustice against him or his teammates: and so Cam/Superman walked out. And yes, Cam/Superman didn’t fall on the ball during “that Series” because he knew that touching that ball would be his Kryptonite and would get him injured and/or taken out of the game — and Cam/Superman did not want Derek Anderson to come in and finish the mission that Cam/Superman himself and his teammates started. Was that selfish thinking on Cam/Superman’s part: of course it was, but that is how Superstars get to be Superstars: just ask LeBron aka LeKing.

  40. All season, the guy engages in over the top celebrations in the faces of the his opposition week after week. And thats ok. But if he’s gonna do that, especially because he does that, then he has to a grip and hold himself together like a professional when he’s on the other side of it.

    It was pathetic. But it was entertaining, so there ya go.

  41. No excuses. Cam didnt play well because Denver had his number that day. It took me all season to start to like Cam. His interview just changed my mind again. So if he does win a Super Bowl I hope the media walks out on him.

  42. People don’t hate Cam, what they don’t understand is why coaches are enabling an adult grown man who acts like a two year old when he isn’t successful. Is that the behavior we want at Little League games when kids lose? How about Pop Warner football where kids sit on the bench with an attitude because they lost and refuse to shake the hands of the opponents. This guy is a multi millionaire who has a whole life and he is throwing a temper tantrum? Whether or not he wants to be a role model or not, he got it when he decided to put his face all over TV with endorsements. He volunteered by going around and giving footballs to kids after touchdowns which I think is absolutely fantastic and I love Cam and his play. I hate the same little spoiled brat that drew the ire of Steve Smith Sr because he wouldn’t tolerate and enable him where his coaches and his owner is. How do I expect him to act? Like the other 49 qb who lost the super bowl and acted like adults, that is how I expect him to act.

  43. I’m not a Newton fan or a Panthers fan but i actually respect the way he acted.

    Granted he talks the talk when the goings good so you have to accept things when its bad. But its the biggest game of the year, he couldnt handle hearing that Bronco player laugh about it and be happy as hell.

    But as fans when your team loses the superbowl you’re devastated for ages. As a Raiders fan i was down, seeing Gannon a week later at the Pro Bowl all smiles i hated. I was still depressed about the thrashing from Tampa Bay.

    In this instance i dont blame Newton for the way he acted. BUT he has to stop talking the talk when things are good as otherwise just like this example people will jump on him the second it turns bad.

  44. “The emotion drives him.”

    Which is why Cam will always be an erratic player. He’s not mentally wired to handle adversity. I don’t think he’ll ever overcome this mental deficiency no matter how talented he is physically.

    He’s the perfect example of the perpetual ManChild.

  45. Cam acted better than I thought he would. I expected a towel completely covering his face, some of that dabbing and a superman pose where he crashes and burns.

  46. I’m starting to think this (emotional immaturity) could be Cam Newton’s Achilles heel for the long term–his defining weakness. Let’s be frank, when it comes to his athletic ability (arm, size, body strength, mobility), grasp of the game and on-field confidence, he’s the most complete package we’ve ever seen at the QB position.

    Before the Super Bowl fiasco (defined perhaps even more by the dodged fumble than his childish behavior afterward), he was on pace to become the Michael Jordan of football … the quarterback who would change the game more than any dual threat before him, including Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, and Michael Vick. Bottom line? Cam Newton’s overt arrogance and fragile ego could be what keeps the Panthers from an NFL title and keeps him from being the greatest QB of all time–possibly far from it.

    – Titans Fan (who continues to hope for the best for Cam)

  47. I’ve never been a Cam Newton fan, but the guy worked his ass off all season. If he wants to be grumpy about losing the Super Bowl that’s his prerogative. If you’re the kind of person that cares more about interviews than football then go watch the Oscars.

    I do… however… expect him to dive for a fumble with the Super Bowl on the line.

  48. kitmandew says:
    Mar 23, 2016 9:23 AM
    I love how much all of these posters hate Cam! You are the most jealous bunch of losers I’ve ever seen and it makes me smile.


    I don’ think “Hate for Cam” is the point of these posts. The point is he handled the post game interview like a child. It is a childs game and he handles wins with arragance at times…..and he needs to learn how to lose with more grace.

  49. But wait for Camera’s first first down of the new season. Dabbing, dancing, grandiose actions all designed to place attention solely on himself (never his teammates) as well as upstaging his opponent.

    Camera Newton………….the epitome of no class!

  50. If Russell can act like a man after how we lost (our second straight SB), Cam should too. But that’s not the biggest issue, he just doesn’t have a good QB persona in any area, he doesn’t get it and that’s why he’ll never be great.

    BTW, shouldn’t we also be talking about how the team had to “suggest” Cam give the balls to kids, it wasn’t something he came up with because he’s a good guy…..

  51. It’s simple, really. Act like you have been there before. Act like the leader you are supposed to be. I don’t expect players to not show emotion, but I do expect them to own up to their behavior and responsibilities.

    If Cam had cried, I wouldn’t criticizehim. If he had been angry but still made a reasonable attempt to answer questions after the game, I wouldn’t criticize him. And if he acted the way he did, but a few days or a week later had not even necessarily apologized, but at least admitted that he let his emotions get the better of him, I would have at least respected him a little more. But he didn’t. He acted like a spoiled brat.

  52. People on posting their comments slamming Cam might as well take a seat and be quiet. I’m certain everyone of us knows people who are great when their winning and horrible when they lose or are in the process of losing.

    They are what they are. So let him act in a sullen mood if he wants to while the media asks the most ignorant questions…like
    Q: Cam, what happened Von Miller stripped the ball?
    A: He knocked it out of my hand.

    If Cam gave that answer, the press would want more. If that’s all he wants to give, live with it, deal with it.

  53. Around my part of the world we call it “maturity”. These players are adults… not four year olds.

  54. The guy gets millions to play a kids game and when he acts like a kid people get upset. Why so serious everyone? SMH

  55. I have seen each and every Super Bowl.

    All 50 of them.

    Newton is DEAD LAST in his behavior.


  56. Yeah, I’m so jealous of a 2 time super bowl losing franchise with the most overrated quarterback in the game, hahahaha. I’m jealous of that empty trophy case, ppppffffftttttt. At least my quarterback isn’t a coward.

  57. Act like a professional. That’s what this all comes down to. Russell Wilson after throwing the pick at the 1 yard line against the Pats last year, Peyton Manning after being blown out by the Seahawks in 2013 and Tom Brady after losing the chance at a perfect season against the Giants in 2007 all showed how to act as a professional athlete and more specifically a franchise quarterback. You’re not going to win every game and knowing how to act like an adult afterward is a part of being a professional athlete. What Cam displayed after the Super Bowl was an absolute joke. Saying that he was upset because of the media setup that puts both the winning and losing teams so close to one another is ridiculous. All of the losing quarterbacks and teams have had to deal with that same situation and he’s the only one that acted like that. A lot of people keep using the term “petulant child” and honestly I can’t think of a better expression than that. Given how exuberant he was while piling up the 17 wins that preceded the lose in the Super Bowl I don’t think it’s too much to ask for him to handle defeat like a professional. He act as if he’s the only football player to have ever suffered a crushing defeat. Every year there is a losing quarterback in the Super Bowl and after 50 years of the big game he’s the only QB that acted like that. I was on the fence when it came to how I felt about him but that disgraceful showing at the podium along with his total opposite reactions during their wins sealed it for me and I’m not sure I will ever see him any differently than I do now. An unprofessional, sore loser and sore winner, little baby is how I’m going to perceive him for the foreseeable future. He has time to change that perception but it’s going to take a lot of effort and growing up on his part to remedy that.

  58. Well Riverboat, what I expect is for him to show humility, professionalism and poise that a responsible professional athlete earning the kind of money he does should act. But then again, we’re talking about Cam Newton so none of that is a realistic expectation.

  59. What I expect, Ron, is for Newton to act like every other QB who lost the Super Bowl over the last 50 years.

    I don’t understand this strange narrative that this happens all of the time, and that we should expect this behavior from players who lose big games. It doesn’t happen all of the time and it shouldn’t.

    I’m not saying it’s a big deal or that it makes him a terrible person. But please stop making excuses for him.

  60. He is never going to win, because of who he is. I think he has accepted that and it basically is what it is. I really think he is taking the right stance in basically not caring if people are bashing him.

    Is there anything he could do to make everyone happy? Had he just done a normal interview after the game, people would have been saying that he does not care that they lost, etc.

    Everyone has reactions like this when something doesn’t go their way. It just happens that ours is not broadcast to the entire world…

  61. What exactly did you expect from a grown man who tears down opposing teams banners ? He’s immature! He still hasn’t matured yet!
    Sore loser in other words!

  62. When Brady lost a second SB to Eli Manning his wife went out and blamed Brady’s receivers. Why didn’t Brady man up and take responsibility for the loss? That was not very classy.

  63. What do you expect? He behaves like a child whether he’s winning or losing. I get it. He’s a good guy off the field. Someone teach him to be a man on the gridiron.

  64. No wonder Cam acts the way he does, unprofessional and classless, when his coach allows him to be a petulant child with zero guidance on how to act in society.

    Riverboat is one of those parents you despise because their child is running and screaming around restaurants or movie theaters and they just sit back smile and think the world revolves around them. Then they got angry and upset when people tell them their child is disrupting other patrons.

  65. What happened is now in the past, Ron did not do Cam any favors trying to explain it now. He would be far better off saying nothing and if forced to address the subject, tell the truth, we expected better and our goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen again, if they should get so lucky to get to another Superbowl, which I don’t see in the near future.

  66. I love how no one is talking about Brock Osweiler trying to fight a female which is actually recorded. But Cam Newton gets killed for a stupid press conference. The double standard is sickening

  67. He seems like a nice guy who lends his times to the community and that is terrific.

    My problem is that he hides behind the Oh I’m just having fun, when he shows up other teams every week with his excessive celebrations. If its something he feels he must continue to do, than he should expect to be a man and show a little class when he loses. No I don’t mean like he doesn’t care, but fulfill your professional obligations and answer the media’s questions to the best of your ability. Anyone who defends him just enables the behavior that has gotten him to this point.

  68. The contention that being close to the winners and hearing them laugh just doesn’t resonate. Given his behavior when winning, essentially rubbing the opponents nose in it with his bravado and antics during games, is far more offensive than having the opponent laugh in the background, and that wasn’t even directed at him. If you are going to dish it out, you had best be prepared to take it when the situation is reversed.

  69. Uh oh, you know what’s coming next now? More slander against Peyton Manning from that horses’ south end Howard Bryant about how Peyton is getting a free pass for allegedly defiling a female athletic trainer. Never mind that this trainer has been exposed as a liar who’s going bankrupt. Forget that. Seriously, Rivera, SCREW YOU. I had respect for the Panthers leading up to the Super Bowl but I’m increasingly losing it. When the Broncos lose the Super Bowl, or when anyone else does, they need to talk to the media. You need to teach the rising generation that plays sports that when you lose, you need to be a good sport. No one can be on top all the time. This is disgusting. Grow a pair Cam, you too Ron.

  70. If he (or his team) won with some dignity, nobody would care care how he reacts to losing. But since rubbing an opponents nose in every little success he has is “just who Cam is”, people are naturally going to be interested in how he responds to his own antics.

  71. kitmandew says:
    Mar 23, 2016 9:23 AM

    I love how much all of these posters hate Cam! You are the most jealous bunch of losers I’ve ever seen and it makes me smile. Panthers fans can’t wait until next year when he dances all over your teams again and you get to complain more. I mean really, do any of you care about how he acted after losing the Super Bowl except for the fact that you just hate Cam because what he does to your defenses. Keep pounding Panthers and wear these boys out.

    Not really jealous because my team kicked the snot out of yours in the SB; and that made ME smile. That and watching your boy cry like a girl in the post-game presser. If anyone deserved that treatment, it’s Cam.

    BTW, we would have sacked him another 5 times if the refs didn’t let him get away with grounding time and again.

  72. #1 QB in the NFL moving forward, beginning to understand how Brady fans have felt all of these years….. You hate because you your team can’t compete. 15-1 creates a lot of sore losers and this year the Panthers WILL win the Superbowl and you clowns are going to hate him even more. When he wins Superbowl MVP you are going to hate him even more, when he is being enshrined in the Hall of Fame you will hate him even more…but imagine if he was wearing your team’s jersey… you would LOVE him…. He’s not perfect, just a man..but we here in the Carolinas are glad he’s our QB and you can continue to hate while sitting in your closet wishing he was your QB….LOL KEEP POUNDING

  73. Posters: Please read the entire article and not just the headline before posting. I know, I know…reading is hard for a lot of you guys. It’ll be OK.

    The league was plagued with bad apples this year. Cheating allegations, arrests, etc. Yet the top story every week was Cam’s dancing and how the Panthers were a disgrace to the game. Get your priorities straight, people.

    Or don’t.

    Your opinions don’t matter now, and they won’t matter when Cam is dabbing in your end zone next season.

  74. the only things Cam will be dabbing are the tears coming down his face next year after a terrible team year. He may do well, but the team will not be back to the SB…even the second round.

  75. Here is how I view this. Cam got pissed and walked out because he heard the Broncos celebrating. Fine, I’ll buy that. BUT, and this is the major issue, he has no problem rubbing it in your face when he is on the winning side. When his team is up by 20 and rips off a 25 yard TD run, he is gonna dance, and dab, and gloat, and all of that stuff (and I’m ok with that, emotion is good). But don’t whine, and cry, and pout, and walk out when someone turns the tables and returns the favor. I despise all of that BS.

    I makes me think of LeBron James early in his career. And I don’t know if he still acts this way. But LeBron refused (maybe still does) to shake the hands of the team that just beat him. But he would always get in line to shake hands when his team won. If he simply refused to shake hands regardless of whether he won or lost, I’d be ok with it. But I cant be ok with it, when you expect me to shake your hand when I lose, but you wont man up and shake my hand when I win. I don’t know where people are learning this stuff.

    I’ll add, to use the arguments of the “Cam can do whatever he wants” crowd, if you don’t want them to celebrate, stop them. So there you go Cam, if you didn’t want them to celebrate their SB win, you should have stopped them. Maybe jumping on that fumble would have helped

  76. I wasn’t that bothered by his actions, but understand why some were. But one thing that is getting tiresome is the “but he’s a good guy because he gives footballs to kids”. It is admirable, but things like this are routinely done by many players. It doesn’t give you a free pass to act however you want to for the rest of your life.

    Great player. Just needs to grow up.

  77. All I know is Ron needs to come with a few new wrinkles if he ever makes it back to a super bowl. His team was woefully under-prepared with respect to unpredictability. They had two weeks to come up with ‘something new’ and failed miserably.

    Panther coaching staff = unimpressive.

  78. I wasn’t really upset about the press conference.. It was the collapsing on the floor in disgust when his D gave up a big play towards the end.. That was so horrible on so many levels.. And what he said about “losers” the next day!?.. If he thought that through he would have realized he was calling his teammates losers for being respectful in defeat! Disgusting!

  79. kitmandew says:
    Mar 23, 2016 12:21 PM
    #1 QB in the NFL moving forward, beginning to understand how Brady fans have felt all of these years….. You hate because you your team can’t compete. 15-1 creates a lot of sore losers and this year the Panthers WILL win the Superbowl and you clowns are going to hate him even more. When he wins Superbowl MVP you are going to hate him even more, when he is being enshrined in the Hall of Fame you will hate him even more…but imagine if he was wearing your team’s jersey… you would LOVE him…. He’s not perfect, just a man..but we here in the Carolinas are glad he’s our QB and you can continue to hate while sitting in your closet wishing he was your QB….LOL KEEP POUNDING

    Please don’t ever compare Cam Newton to Tom Brady. First off Brady is not afraid to try and recover his own fumble. Second, Brady does not showboat when his team is beating a lesser opponent and thirdly Brady is the 1st to sing the praises of the other team when the Patriots get beat.

  80. I would NOT love or defend it if I had an MVP caliber quarterback that acted this poorly.. I’d love and root for him, but could never defend the childish act like such a spoiled rotten sore loser. I would be ashamed if my son acted in that way, and am trying to teach better values than that.. This guy’s dad is a preacher too.. Shameful. Smh

  81. I guarantee that all of Cam’s biggest critics (especially the hot-heads who comment on this site) have stormed away from at least one situation in their own lives that made them angry. Again, that’s a guarantee.

    I only wish that all the haters had the same type of media coverage and exposure to their greatest failures that Cam has had. It would laughable to see them react by lashing out and digging themselves deeper and deeper, while Cam will react to this by dominating the league for years to come and by inevitably winning a well deserved ring. Then we’ll see who’s grown up and who’s left pouting.

  82. Look at his peers… They don’t like it either.. His teammates and coach are the only ones sticking up for him about his poor behavior.. Could have taken over as the most popular player in the league if he just showed some class.. Have you seen many examples of grown men acting the way he did? There isn’t many, that’s why it’s a big deal

  83. Look at his peers… They don’t like it either.. His teammates and coach are the only ones sticking up for him about his poor behavior.. Could have taken over as the most popular player in the league if he just showed some class.. Have you seen many examples of grown men acting the way he did? There isn’t many, that’s why it’s a big deal

  84. He’s got it too good to be such a poor sport.. Even Dion said it was ridiculous.. C’mon man

  85. I would expect a 25 year old with a $100 million dollar contract to be a little more mature than a 6 year old kid
    on the playground.

  86. It’s obvious the reigning NFL MVP is a coward. Post-game interview & not jumping on HIS fumble proves his “character”… ITS THE SUPER BOWL, MORON!

  87. I was wrong about Newton being a starting NFL QB coming out of college. I was right, however, about him being a self obsessed classless turd, which has been confirmed several times during his brief tenure in the league. WHAT DID I EXPECT RON? A losing Super Bowl qb who doesn’t wear a hood on his head during an interview.

    It’s a shame. I never had a horse in the Carolina race, but I liked Ron Rivera.

    Now I don’t. I hope Cam Newton and Ron Rivera drown on a sinking ship together and last year is their last year in the spotlight.

  88. Rivera and Cam Cheating are in this together – you can’t expect the head coach to speak honestly about a player who got here by cheating and who has yet to earn his man card.

    Cheating is a disgusting player and person.

    Hopefully he’ll show the rest of the NFL that last season was a fluke and he’s really just a product of hype and beating 13 teams with losing records last year.

  89. I appreciate Ron trying to spin Cam’s poor behavior as him being a competitor. But Cam should take his coach’s lead and act like Ron himself did after that big loss. As it is now to answer Ron’s question of what do you expect? I agree we kind of did expect Cam’s reaction to be what it was. This story will get Shaun King writing about Peyton to change the news cycle again off Cam.

  90. dukeblue12 says:
    Mar 23, 2016 9:10 AM
    Here comes the faux outrage

    no faux or real outrage, it’s what was expected.

    He danced the night away when the glass was filling up then pouted when someone else showed up, grabbed his girl and showed him who the better dancer was.

  91. You can’t be showboat Cam when your winning AND poor sport Cam when you lose. Part of the package Cam is the public’s desire to see you act like a man, winning and losing. You failed at both this year. If you need to figure it out, go watch Manning after SB48.

  92. Now his coach is rewriting how post loss Super Bowl news conferences are conducted. The guy had one year where he was able to celebrate winning on his terms…all the while pissing people off, when he loses…he claims America is out to get him. One hit wonder

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