Browns put Robert Griffin through passing drills, liked what they saw


The Cleveland Browns have signed quarterback Robert Griffin III, amid plenty of questions about his ability to become an effective starting quarterback once again.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Browns addressed some of those questions by putting Griffin through a workout that included passing drills during his recent visit to the team. The Browns clearly liked what they saw.

However, Griffin did not run and cut (beyond executing rollout passes), leaving unresolved the question of whether he can run like he did before tearing his ACL a second time during the 2012 season. Some think Griffin can’t run like he used to; the reality is that he hasn’t been called upon to do it very much in the three seasons since he tore the ligament.

Since then, Griffin played most extensively in 2013, starting 13 games after missing all of the offseason, training camp, and the preseason. Those performances came less than a year after surgery to repair the torn ACL.

Come 2014, Griffin suffered an ankle injury in Week Two, missed six weeks, and then found himself on and off the bench over the balance of the season. By 2015, with a contract for 2016 fully guaranteed for injury at $16.1 million and after a ragged preseason that prompted coach Jay Gruden to go with Kirk Cousins, Griffin landed in bubble wrap and disappeared from view.

Now, with plenty of time to get healthy and a head coach who seems to fully support and believe in Griffin, he’ll have a chance to thrive. Of course, he may have thrived even more if he had center Alex Mack, tackle Mitchell Schwartz, and receiver Travis Benjamin available to help the offense. Even with those players gone, Griffin believed that Cleveland provided his best option for resurrecting a career that pushed him to the NFL offensive rookie of the year award, over the likes of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson.

If Griffin can get back into that same conversation, it will be the best move the Browns have made since the original Browns moved to Baltimore 20 years ago and became the Ravens.

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  1. It seems that the intelligent people in the sport come away with the same opinion. Robert Griffin is blessed with every tool. This is it. His home where he will win Superbowl after Superbowl. Hurts to say as a Redskin fan. He will take Washington to the cleaners if we play in a Superbowl.

    Top 5 QBs in Pro Football – Griffin III, Rodgers, Dalton, Winston and Newton. In that order.

  2. What sort of drills were they, though? He proved in college he could be great there. So, unless these were NFL first-teamers running NFL schemes in game situations, what was really proved?

  3. I like this signing for the Browns. The guy has talent and has proven he can handle a lot of adversity without becoming an issue for the team. I wish him well and think he may surprise some people with a lot of success with this second chance.

  4. AFC North worst possible landing spot. In RGIII’s rookie year, Skins ayrd that whole division.

    I attended the game at Heinz Field and ybe Steelers crushed him on every play….whether he still had the ball or not.

    By fourth quarter he was a rag doll struggling to get back in the huddle.

    He won’t finish his first season. There are linebackers faster than him.

  5. Can’t believe no one has pointed out that the Redskins and Browns play this coming season, I’m DC. Hahaha I hope Griffin is the starter whenever that game may be. Cousins dominates the 1st rounder who’s job he took. Plus I’m sure the defense wants to get a few good hits on him too.

  6. Griffin’s problem has never been throwing the ball or physical tools. It’s been diagnosing defenses and getting the ball out quickly and efficiently.

    You’re a man who throws a football as a profession. You should look good throwing a football

  7. He can’t be worse than McCown. And the o line in Cleveland won’t be against him at the start like the Washington line was.

    I still remember that preseason game last year. Man that was tough to watch.

  8. The Browns liked what they saw in RGIII. Hmm, considering this sorry franchise has had at least 22 starting QB’s since 1999, I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything the Browns have to say about that position.

  9. Can’t believe no one has pointed out that the Redskins and Browns play


    Cousins isn’t a good QB. What you better pray is that he’s not Nick Foles 2.0

    27-2 is better than 29-11

  10. I still have the feeling that Terrelle Pryor will see sometime under center. If RGIII is still a mobile threat Hue Jackson could be spinning some heads with his Double Slash Offensive Formation.

  11. Not a fan of Griffin and certainly one of those who disliked the way he handled things during his tenure with the skins, but I definitely wish him well in Cleveland. Hope he’s learned his lessons and he’s had some time to think and mature.

  12. He didn’t have any other options…and why does everybody insist that Cleveland deserves a championship?

  13. Of course they like what they see who the hell else is throwing the ball mc-clown oh I am sorry they do have Austin whatever his last name is.

    RG thieve is just that, wait till they draft Wentz and he 3 pouts and then Hue Jackson puts his foot down. He will pout and this team would be stupid to not draft Wentz. I think he will be better then Luck. He has something inside him that small school players always bring to the game. The Chrebets, Woodheads, Jared Allens, John Randall’s, these guys all small school guys had the hunger they brought to the game just makes me want to watch them play. Just like the safety from William and Mary in this years draft he will be a steal whoever gets him. Watch the tape. Angles, speed, passes defenses this guy will be a great safety.

  14. I love this move! All it will cost is money and as you know the Browns have buttloads of cap space that will not be spent. They still need to draft a QB in round 1 but this also gives them the option to possibly trade down and get Lynch. The rookie (whomever it is) can learn for a year or maybe two. If RG3 plays well, he gets a new lucrative contract and the Browns may actually have TWO QB’s. Of course considering the Browns haven’t had one QB the past 20 yrs, that scenario is most unlikely…..

  15. Looks like an all star in shorts wow what an endorsement. Most fragile qb this side of Bradford. Can’t be depended on to play all the games.

  16. I am offended by the use of the term Browns. A slur as it pertains to the color everyone’s bowel movement. It is not always brown. It could be red, yellow, greenish ect….

  17. I cannot find fault with the Browns signing him.He certainly was the best QB available and he can still develop into one of the best in the game.

  18. Nothing but RealGarbage3 articles everyday until the season begins just like 2012 and 2013, this is ridiculous

  19. He signed with the first team with real interest. It kinda tells me there wasn’t much.
    Interest, that is. And it’s the Browns. Where careers go to die.
    Hope he does well. The NFL can always use real icons.
    I said REAL icons, as opposed to the packaged, over-hyped, wanna be icon that he was…

  20. If he was white and his name was Sam Bradford he would be signed to a 20-million dollar deal. Too bad he hasn’t had the misfortunes of Bradford. Oh….what’s that….he did have a better season than Bradford ever did. Suffered injuries. But I guess he doesn’t have it “between the ears”….whatever. Maybe he should try to beat up a girl like Brock Osweiler……and nobody would report on it. Oh what’s that….if RG3 did that, it would be on the front page and every sports show for the next month. I’m sure race has nothing to do with it

  21. I don’t get the media’s constant reference to “a coach that believes in him”. Any coach will believe in you if you win or produce. Gruden didn’t “believe” in you because you gave no reason to do so. You would have poor games and critique everyone else but yourself. The coach had to remind you that you were part of the problem as well, if not the main cause. RG3 is a track athlete posing as a pro QB. Will not work. Too bad Redskins fans had to experience the unveiling up close. He’s a fraud.

  22. Bit of an aside, but I can’t think of anything at this particular moment that would please me more than if RGIII started speaking out against the Redskins name.

    Nothing to do with my personal opinion on the matter – something I want to see for purely comedic, rather than political, reasons.

  23. I wish the Browns could’ve signed him for longer… but I LOVE it!!! Go BROWNS!!!!!!

    Let the RG3 songs in Cleveland commence!!!

  24. Probably will be some of the best QB’ing we have seen in Cleveland for some time. I’m excited about this!!!!

  25. Kspl1- take your triggered reverse racism elsewhere. This has nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin. RG3 didn’t handle himself like a leader in Washington. He has much to prove before he sheds the criticism.
    I wish him well and hope he does prove people wrong – but don’t bring racism to a die hard NFL fan’s site. We root for teams, not races.

  26. I don’t get this move from Cleveland’s perspective.

    So it’s a one year deal while they groom a 1st round QB? RGIII the mentor?

    Really odd move.

  27. Put him through passing drills and liked what they saw? Obviously nobody was chasing him in these drills, or he would’ve left with no contract and probably be hurt again.

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