Kevin Turner dead at 46 after battling ALS

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Former Eagles and Patriots fullback Kevin Turner died on Thursday at the age of 46.

Turner was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, in 2010 and started a foundation that worked to research the disease and possible links to brain trauma in athletes. A message from his father Raymond is posted on the foundation’s website.

“Myra and I lost a great son today. He will be missed so much. Thanks to everyone so very much for your support and prayers during this journey. He was ready to go to Heaven, excited he said, Love y’all and God Bless.”

Turner spent eight years in the NFL after being selected in the third round of the 1992 draft by the Patriots. He ran 160 times for 635 yards and a touchdown and caught 236 passes for 2,015 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Turner is survived by his wife and three daughters. Our condolences go out to all of Turner’s family and friends on their loss.

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  1. Such a horrible disease. I hope they don’t find a connection to football.

  2. RIP. One of my earliest memories was at a pats game and they were down something like 30-0 at halftime with Drew Bledsoe capping the comeback by throwing the game winner to Turner.

  3. Loved his spirit as a Eagle. Another ex-player gone way too soon. And the NFL continues to turn a blind eye.

    “Tell the Truth!” “Tell the Truth”.

  4. Alot of good memories of K.T. from his time in Foxboro. His game winning catch from Bledsoe in overtime to beat the Vikings was one of my favorite all time memories watching a game in Foxboro……..Gods speed to Kevin and the entire Turner family…RIP

  5. Huge Redskins Fan here and I just wanted to say how sad this makes me. ALS is horrible, horrible thing. My condolences to the whole Turner/Eagles family.

  6. “A blind eye”??? There’s not a shred of evidence that ALS is linked to head trauma. How on God’s green earth is the NFL turning a “blind eye” to ALS?

  7. logicalvoicepft – in this case you’d be wrong.

    Turner has said publicly that he wouldn’t have played had he known the risk.

    “If they would have come to me and said, ‘I’ve seen the future. This is what happens.’ Of course, I would stop playing immediately,” Turner said. “But, as we all know, nobody can see the future. For me, it just falls into a long line of bad decisions.”

    “Playing a kids game for a short time for a King’s ransom” – and then dying at 46 is NOT anyone’s plan (and the ones who say it is are lying to us and themselves).

  8. dmc1542 says:
    Mar 24, 2016 3:20 PM
    RIP. One of my earliest memories was at a pats game and they were down something like 30-0 at halftime with Drew Bledsoe capping the comeback by throwing the game winner to Turner.


    That was the game that signaled that Pats were turning it around back in 1994. The rest is Pro Football History.

    Turner was Beast.

  9. Condolences to the family. Trying to draw a connection to football is a bit much. There are other people who have contracted ALS that didn’t play football.

    I guess Lou Gerig played football too?

  10. Yeah there are not that many nfl players coming down with Als or we’d be hearing about that daily. Accountants and nurses and stay at home fathers get this disease too. To tie this to football is a reckless accusation

  11. matt14gg says:
    Mar 24, 2016 3:30 PM

    “A blind eye”??? There’s not a shred of evidence that ALS is linked to head trauma. How on God’s green earth is the NFL turning a “blind eye” to ALS?

    Don’t worry, that guy’s just a moron confusing ALS with CTE.

    ALS is far too rare to really find much of a connection. However we have seen 4 NFLers off the top of my head get it (Kevin Turner, Tim Shaw, Steve Gleason, and OJ Brigance). But it’s so very rare that I don’t think it affects the NFL population more than the general population. It’s an absolutely horrible disease.

    The ALS ice bucket challenge did raise quite a bit of money and awareness though. And very big strides are being made with the dollars that went into research. However, as with most medical disciplines, more work is to be done.

    RIP Kevin Turner. Gone too soon.

  12. KT, RIP.

    May God bless and conforty your family. 46 is way too young.

    I was at that Vikes OT game mentioned above.

  13. Sad day. Shine on in heaven, Kevin! You fought the brave fight and now eternal peace…….

  14. RIP Kevin Turner…prayers to his family and Pats and Eagles nation..

    guy was a beast…if he was coming your way to block you, good ideal to go the other way..

    such an underrated player…guy was really good…and liked to play guitar..

  15. RIP Kevin Turner. He came to speak at my school when I was in junior high. Seemed like a great team player and even better guy off the field. You will be missed.

  16. One of, if not the best highlight of his pro career was that game winning catch vs. the Vikings back in 1994. He was a very solid player during his career as a pass catching fullback.

    RIP. Sorry to his family, friends, and fans, for their loss.

    I find it sad that a few similar comments are getting thumbs down, surely for mentioning the Patriots and the importance of that game in their team’s history. You could say that was a major turning point from a joke of a franchise to the successful one they are today. His catch, in part, helped with that.

  17. How in the hell can somebody do a thumbs down to rip? What kind of things happened in your childhood that you can’t just let people send condolences even if you don’t agree with it what does it accomplish?

  18. Very sad, horrible disease. 46yrs old is too young to die, especially with kids. For the Pats fans reminiscing, I was at that game. Parcells didn’t draft Turner, who caught the winning TD in OT, but he loved him as a player. I think Bledsoe had the record for pass attempts in a game that may still stand. That was the game that made everybody feel there was finally light at the end of the tunnel, after the RRust, DMacPherson, VKiam, Busch dark days of the late 80’s, early 90’s. RIP

  19. Rest in Peace, brother.

    You will always be near and dear to the hearts of Eagle Nation. You gave it your all on every play. We’ll miss you.

  20. Kevin Turner was my first favorite football player. Loved watching him catch a screen from Bledsoe and bulldozing the defense for extra yards. ALS sucks.

  21. REPORT
    Those that thumbs down RIP condolences for lost lives will have their accounts locked from posting.

    Doesn’t seem so hard PFT, let’s make it happen. Make this a better site. Make this a better world. Rid the scum

  22. “ALS is far too rare to really find much of a connection. ”

    The NFL doesn’t want to find a connection. My dad died of ALS, and it was after a head injury suffered on the job, blunt force to the top of his head. While there may be more than one cause for this horrible disease, head trauma is definitely a contributor.

  23. This saddens me deeply. My father has ALS and i know first hand what that terrible disease can do to someone. My thoughts are with the Turner family. Rest in peace.

  24. One of my most fond memories as a Patriots season ticket holder was the ’93 game against the Vikings. Pats storm back from 20-0 at the half and win on a Bledsoe to Turner TD toss right in front of our section (110). One of the first moments the fans had indicating the five year period of ineptitude was coming to an end.

  25. The most promising cure for ALS and a whole host of other horrible diseases is stem cell research, which a good chunk of our government has effectively shut down.

  26. jonwill57 says:
    Mar 24, 2016 3:40 PM

    I guess Lou Gerig played football too?


    Actually, Gehrig attended Columbia on a football scholarship. Obviously he found another sport he was better at.

  27. So sad. What a horrible disease.

    Our neighbor is in the early stages of it at this time and it’s stunning to see he’s already beginning to be debilitated.

    Condolences to his family.

  28. This guy was a hell of a football player and he seemed like a good guy too. So sad.

  29. ALS is driven by cholesterol deficiencies. IT’s very very simple to reverse. Google this phrase to find out how: Dr Joel wallach ALS dimentia alzheimers

  30. RIP

    Lost my aunt to ALS a few years ago.. Comes on so quick, most patients are dead within 2 years of dx…

  31. I lost a brother to this nasty, merciless, disease. I pray Mr. Turner didn’t suffer as horribly as he did. My heart goes out to his family & friends.

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