NFL has nothing to add on Michael Sam report

Getty Images

The Rams, through coach Jeff Fisher, had plenty to say about the report that his team used a late-round pick on Michael Sam in order to avoid a Hard Knocks assignment in 2014. The NFL has now addressed the report, without nearly the number of words that were used (twice) to rebut Thursday’s New York Times article regarding concussions.

The NFL has simply referred PFT to Fisher’s comments from ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike, who said that the report is “absolutely not” true and that the report is “really unfair to Michael.” For his part, however, Sam has said that he’s not surprised by the report.

Meanwhile, the NFL hasn’t seen fit to even mention the report (or Fisher’s denial) on the league-owned website. Unless it’s so well buried that it’s virtually impossible to find. In contrast to the prominent and extensive and multiple comments in response to the New York Times concussion report.