Patriots sign Nate Washington

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The Patriots are signing veteran wide receiver Nate Washington, ESPN’s Field Yates reported Thursday.

Washington, 32, has been a consistent producer with at least 40 receptions every year since 2008. He caught 47 passes for 658 yards and four touchdowns last year in his only season with the Texans.

Washington visited the Patriots last week. The Texans and Patriots run similar offensive systems, so he should catch on quickly and again play an active role.

Washington broke into the league with the Steelers in 2005. He had his biggest season in 2011 with the Titans, setting career highs with 74 catches, 1,023 yards and seven touchdowns. He played for the Titans from 2009-14.

He has 458 career receptions for 6,954 yards and 44 touchdowns.

31 responses to “Patriots sign Nate Washington

  1. Great career that he has carved out for himself, going undrafted out of Tiffin, I believe. Patriots got a quality player and an even better person.

  2. With this signing, Hogan, and TE Bennett the Pats have some nice depth at wideout and TE. Amendola may be on the way out, but I hope they keep him. If the injury bug stays away in 2016 this team will be VERY hard to beat.

  3. steamingpilerex says:
    Mar 24, 2016 4:47 PM

    Nate is past his expiration date as far as receivers go, but in Tammy’s Dink & Dunk style offense he might just do alright
    I just love all the “dink and dunk” references. Are you old enough to remember the same reactions to Joe Montanna and the west coast offense of the time?

    Its called winning football dudes…

  4. …, the Patriots just plug N play with veteran WR’s …….Washington will get 800 yards and 7 or 8 TD’s…….NE just keeps getting the final drops of production out of veteran WR’s….

  5. Good pick up. Steady and productive complimentary type guy that hasn’t had a decent QB throwing him the ball in the past 7 years. He signed for short money with the Texans last year when I was hoping the Giants would bring him in as a 2/3 opposite Beckham.

  6. However, I do like the pick up of Nate Washington…. Good safe depth at minimal price…..real good route runner & excellent hands…. A great target for Brady

  7. Are you old enough to remember the same reactions to Joe Montanna and the west coast offense of the time?


    Not old enough to remember this, but… Walsh’s WCO turned Ken Anderson into a good QB.

    Some people just don’t get it. The air raid of the 60s and 70s is dead in the NFL.

  8. He had a decent year considering who he had throwing the ball his way. Who knows how many yards he lost with Mallett’s spew for his four starts!

  9. .
    After Edelman and Gronk went down the Patriots offense went with them. For his entire career Belichick has been mule like in his belief that the WR position is like the guard position. That is, he can find any dude off the street to play those positions.

    Finally, after 15 years of Reche Caldwells someone has gotten through Belichick’s thick skull

  10. The signings of the last 2 weeks including this one, have put the Pats in very good position entering the draft without a 1st rd pick.

    They can take the BPA(without positional pressure), trade up or down, etc.

  11. RIP to Patriot great Julius (Big Daddy) Adams, condolences to the Adams family

    beachsidejames says:
    Mar 24, 2016 5:39 PM
    Just added another nothing.

    Has to be tough being a Fins fan and year after year watch the team that owns your division once again reload enroute to another playoff run while your own team once again has a new coach and is desperately striving to be relevant.

  12. I think this is a great signing for New England. Was hoping the Giants got him a couple years back. Very underrated quality football player.

  13. I’ve always liked Nate Washington. He’s a solid route runner, has great hands, and isn’t afraid to stick his nose in and block. He’s not a burner, but he’s a reliable possession receiver that can get open and won’t drop clutch catches. He should be very productive with the Patriots considering they will have Gronk and Black Unicorn working the deep center and Edelman working underneath. That should leave Washington plenty of one-on-one opportunities outside the hashes about 10-15 yards deep.

  14. Queue all the Patriot band wagonners saying that THIS IS A GREAT SIGNING!!! HE WILL EASILY ATTAIN 1,400 YARDS AND 12 TOUCHDOWNS WITH BRADY!!! BELICHICK HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!

  15. I’m a Jets fan and it always frustrates me when it finally looks like we can challenge the Pats with our new coach, finally functional front office, our defense, and wide receivers and New England widens the gap between us!

    I can’t wait for this years NYJ vs NE games it’s going to be must see TV.

    (I admire the Pats organization, they do it right.)

  16. Ever notice all the negative remarks on how many thumbs down votes they receive . Just shows how stupid and ignorant some people can be , but all the true PATS fans know it is just jealousy . It is better to be silent and thought of being a fool than to speak and remove all doubt .

  17. Consummate pro… great hands… always gets open… Oh,
    and Tom ALWAYS gets it to you if you are open!

    Good signing.

  18. Pft sux… Post this, since y’all didn’t have the balls to post my first comment…

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