RG3 on playing again: “This is my calling”


New Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III said he worked “an hour after every practice” last season to stay ready and that he’s “just appreciative and ready to compete” in a conference call with Cleveland-area reporters Thursday, a few hours after the Browns officially announced that they’d signed to a Griffin to a two-year deal.

At least for now, he’s an NFL starting quarterback again.

“This is my calling,” Griffin said.

Griffin signed a two-year deal with the Browns worth $6.75 million guaranteed. Griffin got a $3.75 million signing bonus on the deal, which has a base value of $15 million and incentives that could make it worth as much as $22 million.

Asked during the conference call about his health, Griffin said he might “write a book about it later” but that he feels healthy and blessed to have a chance to play again. He said what happened during his time with the Redskins “would break a lot of people” but said he’s focused on the future and is “excited to grow under a coach who believes in me.”

Asked about the Browns potentially drafting a quarterback at No. 2 overall next month, Griffin said “I’m a vet now” and that he would take a rookie quarterback under his wing.

“If they draft a quarterback, it doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “I’m just ready to compete.”

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  1. Being “humble” is one of the best traits a human can have. Welcome to the real world and good luck, Mr. RGIII.


  2. Humble, intelligent young adult who is only going to get wiser and better with Age. The Redskins are going to regret this and I don’t blame Snyder. He saw it and wanted him and McCloughan sort of did by keeping his option but that backstabbing Gruden. The way he keeps talking classless about Robert even after he is gone says it all. The Browns are coming to FedEx this season. I hope RGIII has 500 yards passing and 100 yards rushing and the final score is Redskins 55 Browns 52. I will be there in my RGIII Redskins jersey and boo the Snake Cousins. See you in Canton at your HOF speech buddy.

  3. Browns fans – I love you guys. Cleveland is not my team but I root for you to be successful. You just took 100 steps backwards by bringing in RGme. You will soon see why he was treated the way he was in Washington.

    I hope you draft well and get your QB of the future because ole Bobby “it ain’t my fault” Griffin is a nightmare.

  4. Lol a wretchedly bad QB going to a wretchedly bad team.

    Poor Browns fans get the shaft again.

  5. Griffin got his panties in a bind when a 4th round pick was looking over his shoulder, but now he will be ok with taking a rookie under his wing?

    Bull ****.

  6. Here’s hoping RG is serious about learning from his past mistakes. While he’s not without his flaws, he’s nowhere near the train wreck known as Manziel.
    He will be a more complete QB if he learns a pocket presence and I’m assuming Jackson feels he can help with that.
    Still think they should draft a QB with their #2 pick.

  7. This dude just doesn’t learn. He has no PR savvy and too much ego. All these backhanded insults and wannabe slogans he’s always throwing out there. Just shut your mouth and play! You think the things he went thru on the skins would humble him…but naaaah.

    I’m a skins fan and had high hopes for this guy, I just don’t think it’s going to happen for him. You think it was rough in D.C., buddy? Welcome to the factory of sadness…

  8. logicalvoicepft = Bobby “my team sucks, it’s not me” Griffin’s wife.

    You unfortunately get this donkey along for the ride when you sign this guy.

    For that I even feel more sorry for you.

  9. I hope the Browns well and RGIII seemed like he got it. I like this story until the part where RGIII said how long he stayed after practice working on his craft. This is something that sounds much different if someone else notices and says he did it. Kind of seems like something a me type guy would say.

  10. He should consult with Marcus Allen, the consummate professional that was benched by Al Davis. He patiently waited until he got another chance with KC.

  11. “Write a book about it” and “would break alot of people” dude just doesn’t get it. I was hoping he would. I am a skins fan and I do root for the guy. But he makes it hard for me to do so.

  12. “At least for now, he’s an NFL starting quarterback again.”

    Whoa, slow the roll. He isn’t an NFL starter again quite yet.

  13. The major reason the Brown’s signed RGIII is Hugh Jackson’s ego. It got him in trouble in Oakland, and it will undermine him in Cleveland. Jackson apparently convinced his boss that he can resurrect the career of RGIII in spite of all the bad rumors coming out of Washington about his bad relationships with other players and coaches. He had a bad relationship with Cousins, so why does Jackson believe that RGIII will support any new rookie QB who is drafted to take his job?

  14. Nothing about that sounds humble. He’s assuming he’ll be the starter even if they draft a first rounder. My advice is to first learn to run out of bounds untouched without losing a foot.

  15. So Cousins and Gruden get the Skins to the playoffs yet a “Logical” poster favors the backup QB over the team? Perhaps you should become a Browns fan Sir!!


  16. When Bob the Third speaks of competing it’s not about the starting QB spot because he’s assuming that’s what he’ll be. Taking a rookie under his wing? HA! Bob a rookie may beat you out.

  17. Man, lot of hate of this guy. Expect a call from the Fritz Pollard Alliance and Warren Moon commentors.

    I kinda think the Browns analytics machine got this one right. Remember folks, it’s a two way street. You have to find someone who wants to play for this screwed up organization. Not like they had their pick of the litter.

  18. I expect a warm reception when he comes back to Washington this year when they host Cleve. yeahh riiiight.

  19. “If they draft a quarterback, it doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “I’m just ready to compete.”

    –Remember those words, Cleveland.

  20. I honestly see nothing wrong with his statements.

    He came into Washington as the expected savior of the team, tore his ACL, got hurt again, and had management fighting over him. He knows he got a second chance in the league and is aware that since his new team is likely drafting a qb, he is still replaceable so he will compete for his roster spot.

  21. keys2heat says:
    Mar 24, 2016 3:35 PM

    Hail to the Redskins forever you liberal brain dead lemmings…..

    Conservative translation: Waaah. I can’t be racist, hold racist views, or say racist things!

  22. Funny. You’d think someone would put a little more effort in towards achieving their “calling.”


  23. He is sounding mature and seemingly did the right thing in Washington when benched……..Maybe its real…..or maybe it isn’t…..

    Either way, he has the ball and now has the chance to become the player he has the potential to be……..Back on that fence, which way will he go?

    Hoping he does well.

  24. granadafan = eternal picked last for kickball guy.

    Sorry your panties are in a twist over the name REDSKINS but it is what it is and nothing limp-wristed d-bags like you will change it.

  25. It’s Shanahan’s fault, it’s Gruden’t fault, it’s never Robert’s fault.

  26. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck thinks it’s cute you practice for a whole extra hour after practice. If you want to be elite you’ll need more than that. Funny that this is his “calling”. I would have thought Washington giving up the farm to draft you may have been it? The only thing calling you from Cleveland is 3-13!

  27. Good luck RGIII. Second chances at a do-over don’t always come along. Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you and make the most of it.

  28. RgMe thinks he is some sort of victim apparently by saying what he went through would break others. I can’t even with this guy but he needs some perspective if he thinks he’s had it bad by getting paid millions to do absolutely nothing.

  29. Not sure comparing Griffin to Marcus Allen is fair. To either gentleman since Mr Allen was a pretty good NFL caliber player.

  30. bradygirl12 says:
    Mar 24, 2016 3:54 PM

    Wow…a whole hour after practice? Now that’s some dedication right there.

    Lets think this through..

    practice 4-5 times a week

    redskins played 17 weeks last season

    ill let you do the rest of the math bradygirl12, or maybe stick to the dishes

  31. So Bob couldn’t run the offense that Gruden had in DC, what makes anyone think he can run Jacksons offense considering its fairly similar? Wont surprise me if McCown beats him out in camp

  32. Gruden kept same crap as Kyle and bobs glory days. Problem, defenses figured out to keep bob in pocket where he has no clue. But of course, it wasn’t bobs fault, it was grudens and shanahans.

  33. I sincerely hope that RG III can prove the Washington Dan Snyders wrong. Yes, he need(ed) to grow up. No argument there. But I think Washington handled him very poorly, especially when the entire world except Mike Shanahan could see he was 3 steps away from 100% shredding his leg but left him in the game anyway.

    If Cleveland can get even 50% of 2012-era RG III, they’ll still have the best QB they’ve had in a long time.

    I’m tired of the constant hemorrhaging of praise for certain QB’s, and all the ink spilled about others.

    An RG III career revival, in Cleveland, would be a great sports story. Fans of the game should hope for that, for that narrative alone.

  34. I wish you best the Robert. I remember seeing the local media posting video of you and the your then teammates putting in extra work after practice. The national media didn’t report it. Of course they also didn’t report when Cooley got taken to task by current and former Redskins for his comments about Robert. Of course, you can’t post stories about teammates hating RG3 when they are helping him get reps in, after practice, on their own time.

  35. When Washington hired Gruden, I said they hired the wrong Bengals assistant because Jackson actually would do whatever it took to make him successful while Gruden seems married to a system. Let’s put it this way, if you can get something out of Jason Campbell, you’re pretty good at your job. I’ve never thought the Browns would take a QB at 2 or even in the 2nd round, and I’m even more convinced of that now. The only reservation I would have is the injury history. If Gordon is back, that’s a potent combination along with another reciever that they can add from this draft. Interstingly, the defense is the problem for them mroe than anything. It will be interesting to see if it was the players or Pettine’s coaching.

  36. I see Robert has lost none of his legendary self-focus. Good luck Browns fans.

  37. “This is my calling”
    Watch him not even win the starting job lol

  38. Nice calling 3. Cleveland, talk about reaching for the bottom. If they are your calling then I guess the heisman was your ceiling. Keep going backwards and maybe your pop Warner days were your hall of fame days. Your calling, you mean they were the only ones that called and you had to sign to start making t- shirts again or insignias with letters. Get ready fans time for him to market how ready he is since he has had so much time off. Clipboard Jesus 2.0

  39. the return of bob 3 sticks, or rg3&13 whichever you like best!
    It wouldn’t surprise me ONE BIT if that was in fact the brownies record this coming season too if they counting on this, injury waiting to happen nut job, to be their starter!!

  40. Even when he doesn’t say the wrong things he still doesn’t say the right things. The only words that should be coming out of your mouth are…I NEED TO GET BETTER. YOU are the only reason you failed in Washington. Still blaming others. Still making excuses. What happened in Washington would have broken a lot of people? You mean you starting hot, thinking you’re better than everyone else, and then getting your entire team to hate you by blaming them for your inadequacies? LOL. This guy is still clueless.

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