Too early to tell if NFL’s interest in expanded replay is genuine


The Competition Committee made no proposals to ownership regarding potential changes to the replay rules. The Ravens did, and it apparently still has a chance of passing.

The idea — replacing the universe of reviewable plays with a small list of non-reviewable plays — is a very good one, especially since on too many occasions officials have made a clear error about which nothing can be done because the circumstance doesn’t fall within the current range of reviewable plays. But since it was the idea not of the Competition Committee but of the Ravens, the Competition Committee (as a matter of basic human nature) needs an opportunity to make the idea its own before acting on the idea.

On Wednesday, NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino told PFT Live that there’s a good chance the Baltimore proposal will be adopted as a rule as of May, when the owners meet again. As one source with knowledge of the proposal and the process told PFT, however, the failure of the Competition Committee to embrace this proposal in the month or so that they had access to it before the annual meeting suggests that they may not be enthused about it. The momentum occurred when the proposal resonated in the meeting room with the teams (and with the Commissioner) on Tuesday.

So it’s too early to know whether the powers-that-be truly want to enhance and improve replay review or whether they simply hope to create the appearance that they do.

What we do know for now, based on Wednesday’s visit with Bears chairman George McCaskey, that Chicago is opposed to any changes to the replay function. If at least eight other players feel that way, nothing will be changing.

5 responses to “Too early to tell if NFL’s interest in expanded replay is genuine

  1. Come on George, what the heck are the Bears afraid of now?

    This makes perfect sense, I guess that’s the reason you don’t like it, or your dumb brother Michael is whispering in your ear.

  2. “If at least eight other players feel that way, nothing will be changing.”

    Don’t you meant eight other owners? The league certainly doesn’t care what the players think. Or was that a Freudian slip?

  3. These replay rule changes are so obviously in the best interest of the NFL and its fans that they cannot possibly pass because the league is full of brain-donors like Goodell and McCaskey.

  4. Last off season, Belichick made the same proposal. Teams still get only 2 challenges, so the game would not be delayed any longer. He claimed getting the calls correct was vital to the over all good of the game. NFL didn’t even consider it.

    This year, the most notorious crybaby and whiner in all of sports, Harbaugh, goes sniffling to the league about how this change would have helped HIS team. Now the NFL considered it.

    Don’t forget, Harbaugh started the whole made up charade of Deflategate because he was embarrassed for not knowing the rules.

    NE cuts murderers, but Baltimore builds statues in their honor.

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