49ers return for Anquan Boldin would come “later than sooner”

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Wide receiver Anquan Boldin hasn’t generated much buzz since free agency opened earlier this month and the cool reception extends to the team that employed him for the last three seasons.

49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said this week that there have been no conversations with Boldin since the start of the offseason. That’s when Baalke said they agreed to “get back together at some point and talk about his future,” but it doesn’t sound like the time for that chat is anywhere on the 49ers’ horizon.

“I wouldn’t say that door has been shut by any stretch,” Baalke said, via CSNBayArea.com. “But where it is, it’s where it was when we left off. He’s going to explore his options, and we’re going to explore ours. We got a draft to go through. It would be later than sooner, in terms of the final decision that’s made.”

Boldin said near the end of the season that he’d like to return to the 49ers, but it seems the 49ers are going to look in other directions for at least the next month before considering a Boldin return. Given his market thus far, that timeline might not cost them a chance to bring Boldin back to a depth chart that currently has Torrey Smith, Bruce Ellington, Quinton Patton, Jerome Simpson and DeAndrew White returning from last season.

22 responses to “49ers return for Anquan Boldin would come “later than sooner”

  1. Torrey Smith, who, who, who, and whom? Oh yeah, who’s gonna throw them the ball?

  2. A decision made from the same folks who fired a three NFC championship coach and hired Jimmy to fumble around a year. Boldin is NFL man a year and their most productive receiver last year. One year deal for 3 million should have been already signed…

  3. Yes, he has quality hands and a winning attitude to say the least.

    Not only is he still a good receiver but he brings quality, locker room leadership and class to any team he go’s to. Personally I hope he comes back to the Niners, as it was said above, we need him more than he needs us.

  4. Eric Rogers has more upside, is much younger, comes way cheaper, and he will likely push out one of the current roster names as well as prevent Boldin from returning.

  5. Would like to see him in Dallas and bring some brute strength and toughness to the team. Better than Beasley, at least for this year

  6. There is no room for him on the 9ers. Maybe they sign him as a coach. They have several young receivers they want to look at, and will add several more in the draft. It’s a numbers game.

  7. 49we owners Don’t have a clue what they are doing. When Hargrove was cut, the team fell apart. Damn shame! Now lose their best receiver. Hell, the Raiders will take him !
    And I thought Mark Davis and Green Bay Reggie, we’re the only incompetent NFL Administrators in the Bay Area, must be an epidemic.

  8. Anquan made a bigger positive impact on the team than baalke ever has the very first time he stepped onto it. I am so through with this horrible nightmare version of my team. Icky poo!

  9. For those of us who remember Anquan when he was with Arizona, pay your respects.

    Remember the game where two safeties sandwiched him and broke his jaw? Most other players would have taken four weeks off. Anquan not only practiced and played the next week he didn’t whine and complain about his jaw being wired shut.

    Give Anquan his due!

  10. Q must be pricing himself out of the market. Sure, he isn’t particularly fast any longer so he isn’t getting much separation, but he’s never needed separation; he’s physical enough to just go get the ball. A team like Cleveland should be begging him to take a contract, because how much would it help RG3 to have a guy that catches everything, even balls he shouldn’t? New England has a history of knocking the dust off of older receivers and getting one or two more good years out of them. Carolina would certainly improve with a reliable set of hands that can make big catches over the middle in big games. Unless he is looking for big time money, Boldin should have a home in the NFL. Maybe he should have his agent call the Ravens, I’m sure Flacco misses him.

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