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In February, Mississippi receiver Laquon Treadwell chose not to run the 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine. On Thursday, he chose to talk to PFT.

The full interview, which aired during Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, appears below.

Treadwell addresses, among other things, his thoughts on the importance of running 40 yards in a straight line without pads, his best skill, the areas where he needs to improve, the teams that have shown interest in him, and more.

He’ll run the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day on Monday. Treadwell has no specific target for the event, other than to run as fast as he can. (It probably will be a good idea to resist the chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday.)

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18 responses to “Get to know Laquon Treadwell

  1. Scouts in attendance at Treadwell’s pro day recorded 40 times that ranged from “as fast as I can” to “an off day at the track”. One even had a “should have stayed in bed” time, but that was discounted.

  2. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t a speed demon. He has the same kind of ability to catch the ball and he runs great routes and uses his body to shield off db’s… He will be fine…

  3. jerry rice wasn’t a speed demon, troy Williamson was. the most important aspect of playing wr is the ability to catch the football, IMO. I believe this kid will be fine.

  4. Quinn is a special talent and was a model citizen in Oxford. I liken his play to Michael Irvin. He’s going to make some team very, very, VERY happy.

  5. The Vikings selected Troy “Stone Hands” Williamson at #7 overall (with Aaron Rodgers waiting in the Green Room) and in another year, traded away 3 draft picks to move back into the first round to select Flush Patterson, allegedly a WR masquerading as a kick off returner. Point being, speed isn’t the end all to be all when selecting a WR.

  6. Straight-line speed is not the end-all be-all for an NFL WR but the quick burst ability to get of the line in a hurry and separate from coverage is, absolutely. That’s where scouts have concerns about this guy more than how fast he’ll cover 40 yards in shorts.

  7. I like the guy, but he’s not what the Giants need first. Eli makes receivers better. He’s done so his entire career. Look at Steve smith, Amani toomer, Mario manningham, plaxico, Kevin boss, etc. He can’t do that with the right side of his line in shambles.

  8. He is a possession receiver and can’t be press. I wouldn’t draft him high. Watch the game tape. He was man handled for his size a ton against smaller press cb in the SEC last year. If you are looking for a possession receiver fine but don’t think this guy is the next Julio jones. He is another Keyshawn Johnson. Hooks, curls, and digs, maybe an out but you won’t see him run 9s or deep posts. If he is top 50 the. He is #50.

  9. “Larry Fitzgerald isn’t a speed demon. He has the same kind of ability to catch the ball and he runs great routes”

    Fitz ran an unofficial 4.38, and an official 4.48. If Treadwell runs an unofficial 4.4 or less, I`ll eat my hat.

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