Giants won’t raise ticket prices

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The Giants made only one significant change after a failed 2015 season. They won’t be changing the price for the privilege of watching them play in 2016.

Via James Kratch of, the Giants have informed season-ticket holders that ticket costs won’t increase in 2016. The Giants raised regular-season ticket prices in 2015, the first bump since 2010. (Coupled with reductions in preseasons prices, the net effect actually was a drop in season-ticket prices from 2014.)

Despite the failure of the Giants to make it to the postseason since 2011, there’s been no indication that the Giants should be worried about failing to sell out the stadium they share with the Jets. Still, if the inability to get to the postseason continues, at some point there will be fans who decide that they’d rather watch the games from home — or even not at all.

8 responses to “Giants won’t raise ticket prices

  1. But their beers are 13.50 for a coors light. Real subtle New Jersey errr New Yorkers.

  2. ..and for good reason. The picture says it all, only one fan and he can’t even look at what’s happening on the field. Self-important blow hards.

  3. Fools Gold…next year it will go up double or the hikes will be hidden in concessions and parking. Hey, when you sign 3 players for half the entire payroll the economics will follow. By the way, Free Agency spending sprees never work out!

  4. BTW if you could read last year the raised the price of regular games and lowered the price of preseason.
    So the prices were lower then the year before.

    As I do not go to the games to get drunk or eat I do not care what they charge those who do.

    Also parking has stayed the same since the place opened

  5. It wasn’t a net drop; it was exactly the same, at least for me. They cut the exhibition games in half and raised the regular seats by about $10 where I sit, so it was a net wash. It actually makes it easier to sell the regular season tickets on Stub hub because the face value is more and we really haven’t paid any more net.

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