Goodell won’t rule out Las Vegas as a future Raiders home

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The NFL has long tried to distance itself from gambling, and from Las Vegas, America’s gambling mecca. And just this week, Giants co-owner John Mara declared that a team moving to Las Vegas would be a “non-starter” in the eyes of most owners.

But as Raiders owner Mark Davis flirts with Las Vegas as a potential future home, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t ready to rule it out.

Mark Davis is appropriately looking at all his alternatives,” Goodell said, via ESPN. “They need to evaluate those alternatives. I think their ultimate decision is a long ways off. There are several cities that have a tremendous interest in the Raiders. I’m hopeful also that Oakland will be one of those and that we can avoid any relocation to start with. Those are ultimately decisions about where they go and the impact that the potential gambling that we’d have to deal with.”

So legal gambling in Las Vegas wouldn’t necessarily keep the NFL from having a team there?

“We’d have to understand it, we’d have to understand what the impact is on us and ultimately each owner would have a vote on that,” Goodell said.

If Mara is to be believed, the owners have already decided and would vote against the Raiders (or any other team) moving to Las Vegas. Davis, however, could decide to move his team without the permission of his fellow owners and hope that he’d win the litigation that would surely follow.

But that fight doesn’t appear imminent. More likely, Davis is simply talking to Las Vegas for negotiating leverage, knowing that the more potential suitors he has, the better deal he’s going to get.

76 responses to “Goodell won’t rule out Las Vegas as a future Raiders home

  1. He can move his team wherever he wants, but the NFL doesn’t have to let him belong to their league. It works both ways. Similar with a Starbucks franchise: you can move your coffee operation anywhere you want, but Starbucks doesn’t have to give you rights to their brand.

  2. If one of the favored owners wanted to move to Vegas, it would get done, and the all of the NFL would benefit from legal sports wagering because suddenly the rest of the league would want in on the sport’s gambling money pie, and the NFL’s resistance to it spreading across the country would end. So would the hypocritical stance that DFS isn’t gambling.

  3. Most of the forward looking owners would probably welcome a move to Vegas. Only the ones stuck in the past would not want to move a team to Vegas because of “gambling there”.

    Not sure that Mara has a good sense of his fellow owners. Can anyone really see Jerry Jones being against this? And he has the ear of many of the other owners. Jerry may not have the greatest football sense but he does have business sense.

  4. I want them to move to vegas just so he could give the middle finger to the other owners after they essentially said “anyone but the raiders to LA”

  5. The NFL is heavily invested in DraftKings and FanDuel. Doesn’t sound like they distance themselves from gambling at all.

  6. Oh come on… Of course he’s not gonna slam the door on it. The NFL has a team in LA now, and probably will have the Chargers eventually, too.

    The NFL needs new cities to use in order to leverage other municipalities into the corporate welfare that is new stadium deals. If the threat of Las Vegas at least seems real, it’s better for the NFL and its teams that want new stadiums.

  7. With the Rams back in L.A., new boogeymen are needed. Vegas and San Antonio should play the role better than London ever could.

  8. Goodell wouldn’t rule out Damascus or Pyongyang if they could be used to leverage a nickel of taxpayer money. That said, I think Vegas would be a great place for a team

  9. I know they are publicly keeping that option open just for leverage, but Vegas would be a perfect place for the Raiders.

    Raider fans from all over California would flock to Vegas every game weekend and have an awesome time.

    Fans from every team on their schedule would fly into Vegas ever week for fun game weekends.

    Vegas people love sports and the would support the team big time.

    This would be one of the biggest good moves from the NFL in a long time.

  10. Why did Al move them back to Oakland in the first place? They’ve had years to do a stadium deal and it just isn’t going to happen.

  11. Yes, because 53 men between 21 and 30 with tons of money in their pockets, living in Sin City, is exactly what the Shield needs to quell the rise of off field incidents.

  12. I see all of these comments about gambling, how is Draft Kings or Fan Duel any different? The league has stakes in both companies and already are fighting in court to keep it legal. Why would having a team in Vegas be any different?

  13. What’s really ironic is that BOTH Austin and San Antonio are larger markets than Las Vegas, the Austin/San Antonio area has two more Fortune 500 companies than all of Nevada (all of Nevada’s Fortune 500 companies are in Las Vegas and all 4 are casino’s.)

    Austin has an average household income that’s much larger than Las Vegas’s, San Antonio trails by a couple thousand, San Antonio already has a temporary venue (Alamodome) for the Raiders to use until a new stadium can be built.

    Las Vegas has a population that has only 31.5% hispanics and only 11% black.

    San Antonio is 64% hispanic and 9% black, which is more inline with what the Raiders have always marketed themselves to be.

    The NFL is REALLY going to try to put 22 year old millionaires in a city with legal gambling and legal prostitution? Just to keep a city that’s over 5 hours away from Dallas from stepping on Jerry Jones’s toes?

    Give me a break!

  14. Everyone loves the buffets and some of the players love the scrip clubs.

    So Vegas has something for everyone.

  15. Mara is ok with all the gambling shops all over London and a team moving there ?

    Funny it never corrupted the soccer players just the governing body

  16. The Raiders already have legal precedent in moving where ever they want. The other Owners talk tough, but they dread losing an anti-trust lawsuit.

  17. The NFL can’t keep players from breaking the law without the added distractions of Las Vegas. If they are stupid enough to put a team in Sin City, they deserve what will happen.

  18. paulnoga says:
    Mar 25, 2016 7:13 PM
    The Raiders already have legal precedent in moving where ever they want. The other Owners talk tough, but they dread losing an anti-trust lawsuit

    This. Folks are forgetting the league voted against the LA Raiders, yet the LA Raiders happened anyway.

  19. If the raiders packed up the trucks and moved to Vegas without league approval they would play the games in Vegas …. The leagues not going to exclude the franchise as the owners are far too greedy to do that.

    There’s really nothing the league could do about it

  20. Oakland has God (Mara) on their side. Honestly, he speaks for a large percentage of owners so it’s a good sign. As a Steelers fan I can relate to being in a small market and I wish to preserve the history our two cities have. Keep the raiders in Oakland!

  21. Goodell’s message is just to provide more leverage for the Raiders to get a new stadium in Oakland. If Davis wants to move the team to Vegas, there’s nothing to stop him. Precedent has been set with Al moving to L.A., Browns going to Baltimore, Colts etc. and while the other owners can talk tough, there’s no way they want the government involved as it relates to anti-trust laws etc.

  22. Man, I’m looking forward to all the AMAZING things we’ll all get to experience next year!

    President Trump!!
    Batman v Superman winning BEST PICTURE!!
    The Raiders being allowed to move to Las Vegas!!
    Peace on Earth!!
    Pigs flying!!
    Hell freezing Over!!!

    I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. The Raiders should move to Las Vegas posthaste. The Las Vegas metropolitan area population now approaches 2 million residents. Las Vegas also entertains 43 million visitors annually, approximately 3.5 million a month from September through December, many of whom would like to see an NFL football game, especially if their home team was playing. A move by the Raiders to Las Vegas would be bold and forward thinking. Not to mention extremely profitable.

  24. The lease for the Coliseum next year is being raised from $950k to $3.5 million.
    I’m one of the Raider fans that says, “screw Oakland.”

  25. Sheldon Adelson is worth 29 billion dollars. He could build a stadium using the money laying on his dresser, and keep the league tied up in court while he just goes and does whatever he wants.

  26. The NFL and the good ol’ boy owners (namely Mara, Kraft and Rooney) have never done Al Davis or the Raiders any favors.

    The owners have always held grudges against the Raiders since Al Davis snatched ownership of the Silver and Black and started beating them on the field AND in the courtroom.

    The schedule consistently has them flying the farthest and changing time zones the most. The “schedule makers” have never done the Raiders any favors.

    The Raiders always will have the toughest road to the championship.

    And that’s why I Love THE RAIDERS.

    Go Raiders.

  27. Weren’t the two reasons the NFL got pissy with Romo were because his venue was connected with casinos in Vegas, and his fantasy football convention encouraged gambling?? But it’s ok to put a franchise there – LMAO!

  28. Does Davis have the money to build an NFL class stadium aside from the NFL partial finance. I don’t think he does. And has Las Vegas said they will help with finances. Roger sounding so agreeable now is just leverage against the city to build the team a stadium. If I were Oakland, I call their bluff.

  29. Ita hilarious the people that try to say what people can and cannot do, and shouldnor should not do.

    Lets not kid ourselves, the reason the NFL controls the replay the last 2 mins of the half and game is all gambling related. The league is in part successful due to gambling. If people want to gamble and are of legal age, who r u to tell people what they can do. If you dont like to gamble thats your choice.

    Gambling is inherent in certain NFL rules, such as the down by contact and the whostle blew the play drad. Anyone that cant see that isnt very bright

  30. “all of the NFL would benefit from legal sports wagering because suddenly the rest of the league would want in on the sport’s gambling money pie, ”

    NFL has shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites. They are already making even more billions through that yet they still want cities to give billionaires free stadiums.


    Screw these walking bags of greed.

  31. Raiders move to Sin City, Marky Mark sells his ownership for a bag of peanuts and hair cut coupons, and the Mafia owns a third of the NFL. Perfect!

  32. Preseason in the desert will be worst than a concussion. Would be a very bad move even if it wasn’t a sauna. Heat stroke will be prevalent It also would require air scientists to keep the balls air pressure from topping off at 16 to 20 PSI. A 30 yard pass might go 50 yards with little effort. For a change they would have to keep the balls in a cooler case. Life will never be the same in football again. How about Portland Oregon? Now that’s football country!

  33. Mara must think it’s 1959 and Vito the Squid along with his two goods, Lefty and Bruno would be “influencing” NFL Players in the alley near the stadium….no.

    The Sports Gambling industry is run by very smart and very successful businessmen who would have just as much to lose as the NFL if there were any gambling related “funny business” (they’d lose a ton on all sports betting if people thought events were fixed or “manipulated”).

    From what I understand Sheldon Adelson will be building a domed stadium on his own dime with or without an NFL franchise so I don’t see how anyone loses here.

    Las Vegas Raiders just feels and sounds right.

  34. doggeatdogg says:
    Mar 25, 2016 8:39 PM
    Does Davis have the money to build an NFL class stadium aside from the NFL partial finance. I don’t think he does.

    Sheldon Adelson is building the Vegas stadium. He has NFL stadium money between his couch cushions.

  35. Once again, as puppet to a small group of out-for-themselves owners in Dallas, Charlotte and Meadowlands, Goodell being steered into yet another disastrous error for the League. The Get Kraft owners sub-group has cost the league credibility and legitimacy with many fans- and not just those in NE- and cost tens of millions in wasted legal costs. Now just to keep the Raiders away from San Antonio where they would excel (‘cuz Puppet Master Jerry doesn’t the competition), league is now talking about a Las Vegas future, raising the chances of Congressional action and/or loss of antitrust status. Goodell’s regime except for beginning a complete meltdown, taking league back to 20s when a couple of influential owners (mis)steered the others.

  36. @bobbyhanks63

    The initial permit process has already begun for a 65k seat dome , UNLV is going to play there, Davis would possibly not have to put any cash up for the construction.

  37. Can you imagine, what kind of an increase the Bunny Ranch would do in business. Hookers there would be making as much as 3rd and 4th round draft picks.

    This is awesome. It must be done. There willl NEVER be a slow news cycle. Can you imagine how easy it would be for the Raiders to recruit free agents?

  38. Dear Roger…California has legally adopted the “Right to Die” laws, please take advantage of this once in lifetime opportunity.


    we will hate you in new orleans forever.

  39. Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin All have casinos, and drumroll please….. NFL teams

  40. Whenever I see an article headline that begins with “Goodell”, I no longer even read them. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. But I do continue to look and hope for the headline “Goodell Fired!”

  41. It makes so much sense it hurts. Plenty of people there, huge convention destination, massive airport, tourists by the millions, gambling, hookers, shows. If there was a stadium there would be a team there tomorrow.

  42. Please do the research:
    1. London does allow sports betting, but all sports betting windows are closed at the venue and the surrounding areas days before and during any NFL event.

    2. Yes there are casinos in all of those states listed, but only on Indian reservations, where these areas have tribal sovereignty, states have limited ability to forbid gambling there, as codified by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. For instance, Hard Rock Casino’s are run by the Seminole Tribe. Connecticut has the Mohegan Sun…

    3. It’s not as easy as just building a stadium, as climate has to be considered. A domed, climate controlled stadium would be ideal, as would a complete domed practice facility. Artificial field surface temperatures have been documented as high as 199°F on a sunny day with an air temperature of 98°F (7). Researchers at Brigham Young University reported that the surface temperature of a synthetic football field on campus averaged 117°F, with a daily high of 157°F.

    Las Vegas has an average temperature way above 98° all the way into October and sometimes going up to 113° air temperature.

    4. It may be physically impossible to close down casinos and sports betting in Las Vegas on, or before game day. The overwhelming ramifications of having a franchise in Las Vegas has effects on the ongoing legal battle Governor Christie is facing as well as legal battles that the NBA, MLB and more may be opening a proverbial Pandora’s Box.

    I work in Vegas, and I would love nothing better to have an NFL franchise here, but I don’t see that happening without affecting sports as we know it across the board.

  43. Perfect name thegreatgabbert


    Perfect you honor Al
    Reestablish the team with a new name
    New home
    A new logo, perhaps A pudgy faced toddler with a eye patch in a helmet


  44. djscottyb says:
    Mar 26, 2016 10:58 AM
    Please do the research:
    – – – – – – – — – – – — – – – — – –
    I did:

    1)Never knew they wanted to build a casino or even takes bet at the proposed UNLV venue. I never saw where I could place a bet anywhere on the UNLV campus (Thomas and Mack) or UNR campus. Also the approx 30 parlors located nearby Wimbley stadium do takes bet, and Wimbley only shuts down its window for the NFL…the real question is why…whats the point of this?

    2) ever heard of a thing called the internet?

    3) did you not see what Sheldon wants to build. It is a domed stadium…no talks of another Sam Boyd stadium.
    Also fact is the avg temp in Oct. is a beautiful 81 degrees

    4) no need to shut them down…those who want to bet on a game will anyway…the real concern is should owners of a team be involved in owning gambling businesses?

    5) I also live in Nevada, and the only time i saw it affect sports is when the Maloofs (then owners of the Palms) owned the kings, and would not take bets on the kings game. If Sheldon hooks up with Mark Davis as an owner, I am sure the Venetian could do the same, but I don’t think Sheldon wants that, I think he wants them as a tenant. Where he will own all of the 50 yard line luxury boxes, and will have a package hotel / game travel package etc…as will all the casinos…with hopes of hosting the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NFL combine, NFL draft, etc….

    Viva Las Vegas…i have no problem with it if the City of Oakland cant get it done…..Vegas will!

    Go Raiders!

  45. “If Mara is to be believed, the owners have already decided and would vote against the Raiders (or any other team) moving to Las Vegas.”

    This exact thing was said about the Rams moving. A ton of owners were totally against it publicly but then it ended up 31-1 supporting the move in the secret ballot.

  46. What has me baffled is the NFL & the Chargers? The Chargers have no serious fan base… If the Chargers move to LA? They’re in serious trouble as a business entity, because the Raiders moving to Vegas or the north part of San Diego county vastly affects the Chargers fan base and business… Whatever the case, a Vegas move wouldn’t be bad, but I see “Los Angeles Raiders” all over again… Mark Davis has a family owned business and he sees another sports family owned business in LA thriving as in the Buss family and he wants piece of that pie!

  47. That’s all the NFL needs is a team and of all the teams the Raiders in Vegas. You think there are discipline problems now in the game wait till this happens. This will be a haven for hookers and pimps flocking from oak town even more to the highest VD per person city in America and suspensions left and right. What time is bed check? 5 pm. This will never fly. Send them to Portland or San Antonio. Those cities can support an NFL team but please- not lost wages.

  48. Davis does not want to share a stadium with Kroenke, or anybody else. Sharing a stadium isn’t a Raider thing. Mark Davis has too much pride to be Kroenke’s tennant.

    If he moved to San Antonio or Las Vegas, he would’t have to share a stadium with another NFL team. Plus, he would only have one other professional sports team to compete with. In Legas, it would be the NHL expansion team. In San Antonio, it would be the Spurs. In L.A. there is too many other teams and entertainment options.

    If they move to San Antonio, the old Western swing song “San Antonio Rose” should be the team’s theme song.

  49. So much ignorance in some of these comments. You have somebody lamenting the heat aspect. Apparently that someone doesn’t realize that we already have an NFL team just outside of Phoenix…

    Someone else in Texas talking about Las Vegas being a city with legal prostitution, which I’m not sure would be much of a factor even if it were true.

    Someone else mentioning the mafia, except the mob doesn’t control Las Vegas anymore, the corporations do (fwiw most old timers preferred it when the mob ran things since they at least had some sense of loyalty).

    Yet another person mentioning the Bunny Ranch, obviously not cognizant of the fact that the Moonlite Bunny Ranch is actually closer to Oakland than it is to Las Vegas.

    Some hapless Chargers fan falsely claims that Las Vegas has the highest incidence of VD in America. Again, even if it were true I’m not sure how that would be a factor. Funny that Chargers fan also mentioned San Antonio as a better option since it’s actually the city with the third highest rate of STDs reported in the country, exceeded only by Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. Las Vegas doesn’t even crack the top 10 on that list.

    Gotta love the internet…

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