Jeff Fisher: Stedman Bailey in “evaluation process” of possible comeback

Getty Images

The Rams held a meeting with players in California recently to share information about the move to Los Angeles and wide receiver Stedman Bailey was in attendance.

That illustrates Bailey’s desire to be on the field in L.A. with the Rams, although the chances of that happening remain very much up in the air four months after Bailey was shot in the head. Bailey has done well in his recovery and is working out in hope that he will be able to resume his football career, although Rams coach Jeff Fisher said this week that it is too early to know if that’s possible.

“Sted is currently in the evaluation process, seeking numerous opinions from neurologists and the like,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Just to see if he can not only play, but continue with a rigorous physical rehab program that will put him in position to play.”

Fisher said the Rams “don’t think there’s any history out there” of a player recovering from head wounds like the ones Bailey suffered and then returning to the football field. Bailey may not make that history, but the fact that there’s a discussion of it is a great step given where Bailey was in November.