Kaepernick’s status will be more clear in a week


April 1 arrives next Friday, and with it the 2016 base salary owed by the 49ers to quarterback Colin Kaepernick ($11.9 million) becomes fully guaranteed. The 49ers will avoid that obligation only by trading or cutting him by 4:00 p.m. ET on March 31.

If the 49ers truly want to move on — and the truth is always elusive in situations like this — they need to make a move by April 1. Otherwise, Kaepernick will have plenty of leverage when it comes to dictating the terms of any post-April 1 trade.

With the Browns signing Robert Griffin III, they’re undoubtedly out of the Kaepernick sweepstakes, even though the Browns reportedly were willing to give up a third-round pick to get him as of a week or so ago. The Jets reportedly are out of the Kaepernick chase, too (if they were ever even in it), which narrows the field to the 49ers, the Broncos, and anyone else who may be lurking in the weeds in need of a quarterback or otherwise intrigued by the possibility of getting Kaepernick back to where he was in 2012.

Despite the lack of sufficient competent starting quarterbacks, most seats at the top of the various NFL depth charts are full. The Rams still have question marks at the position, although intra-division trades can always be a little tricky. Beyond L.A. and Denver, there are few obvious potential landing spots, if the Browns and Jets are indeed out of the picture.

The picture will have more clarity a week from now, when the key date in Kaepernick’s contract arrives. Even after April 1, a trade isn’t out of the question, if the 49ers keep Kaepernick despite seeing his earnings for 2016 become fully guaranteed.

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  1. Kaepernick’s status will be more clear in a week

    Kaepernick’s status will be more clear in a week

    Is that when he’s scheduled to sign with the Podunk Peonies?

  2. Haha. No one ever wanted to trade anything real for him. He will be cut before 4/1 unless the 49ers are more stupid than we think.

  3. One thing seems pretty certain no matter what the outcome. Inexperienced Jed and Trent will screw it up along the way – they probably already have.

  4. Your earlier article stated the Browns never made it to negotiations and never made any kind of offer or mentioned compensation. Your opinion shouldn’t be stated as fact. The Browns never offered a third rounder as reported by every writer except Florio.

  5. Not a fan of niners but would like to see Kapernick stay and do well in Chips offense which I think he would. The other side wants to see him go with another team that doesn’t have a coach that works well with qbs and let him find out how bad he really is.

  6. I hear the Ravens need a backup that should be ready to start next year when the small percentage of society remaining realize that he isn’t worth his cap hit.

  7. I don’t think April 1 is any sort of a deadline. Kaepernick’s contract is quite team friendly as it sits. 12 million/season is below average for starting QBs in the league, and there is no up front bonus to pay. Plus it’s a year to year deal with no big payout to swallow. A top 5 draft pick will pocket more money next season than Kaepernick, and the team is on the hook for nearly that much again over the balance of a rookie deal. Kap’s deal can be renegotiated at any time, unlike rookie contracts. Stork Osweiler with his 7 career starts in four seasons is guaranteed $37 million on the deal he signed, and his numbers were barely better than Kap’s last season, despite playing in the same system his entire career for one of the top teams in the league.

  8. We either keep Kap or pick Wentz or Goff at 7, or both. Either way I think we’re good. Let’s have a strong draft and get back in contention status. Go Frisco

  9. He’s really bulked up. Look at his arms in that pic, then at a recent pic. That’ll mess with your mechanics. He’s only going to get better. 11.9M is a STEAL.

  10. For some reason the very sight of him enrages me. That he’s a talentless, narcissistic Jeebus-slurper doesn’t help.

    When the Browns of all teams pass on a player, that should tell you something…

  11. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.
    Denver won’t make a trade that San Francisco likes, and Denver doesn’t want to pay him what he wants. The Denver trade is dead.
    I like Kap in San Francisco, new coach, new system, new chances. He didn’t just suddenly forget how to play football. Chip will resurrect his career.
    As for Denver, I see Elway moving way up in the draft. It will be his defining move. If he blows a bunch of draft picks and Clady on a bust he’ll tarnish his reputation forever. If he gets a solid player it’ll cement him as an elite GM.
    Stay tuned.

  12. Another idiot reporter who did not do his homework. Kaepernick is on Injured Reserve and can only be cut if he is medically cleared or the 49ers and Kaepernick agree to an injury settlement. So he is in control right now..

  13. Kaepernick sweepstakes
    noun: sweepstake; plural noun: sweepstakes

    1) a form of gambling, especially on horse races, in which all the stakes are divided among the winners.
    2) a race on which money is bet and divided among the winners.
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  14. JSpicoli says:
    Mar 25, 2016 7:20 PM

    Haha. No one ever wanted to trade anything real for him. He will be cut before 4/1 unless the 49ers are more stupid than we think.

    It’s not possible for them to be more stupid that I think they are. YMMV.

  15. JSpicoli says:
    Mar 25, 2016 7:20 PM
    Haha. No one ever wanted to trade anything real for him. He will be cut before 4/1 unless the 49ers are more stupid than we think.

    Sigh. This is why the Internet should never, ever, ever, ever, ever run a football team.

    It would be beyond stupid to cut him. The 49ers don’t need the cap room, somebody’s QB might get hurt in OTAs or sometime before the trade deadline and drive the value of Kaepernick way up. And, contrary to any rational expectations, Kelly might make him a real NFL QB. Something that he’s never come close to being.

    And, worse-comes-worse, the 49ers will need a back-up for Gabbert as the QB prospect drafted (unless Baalke goes completely off the rails) sits and learns how to be an NFL QB.

  16. I’m gonna say it again for the millionth time, the 49ers want Kap and hired Chip because he could resurrect Kap’s career. All else is media noise. we keep being asked to believe different things about the situation every day. The fact is, the 49ers want Kap. That is all

  17. Never will be cut Kap 49ers will wait it out all it takes is for one QB to tank or get hurt. Then they will get a second round pick

  18. Elway is owning Baalke in negotiations. Baalke wanted a 2nd rounder for Kaep and Elway won’t give up more than a 5th. Elway knows that they will have to cut or trade him on or before April 1st. The Broncos will get Kaep for a 2017 5th on March 31st.

  19. So there’s pressure on the 49ers? Hmm ….first off the 49ers are rebuilding so we know we’re not going to be that good this year 2nd they have more then 50mil in cap space so whether the 49ers keep him how does that hurt them lol The pressure is on the Broncos because there the defending champs and are they really going to sell there fan base that Mark butt fumble Sanchez will be there opening day starter lol Come on now!

  20. 49ers brass think he has a lot of talent and upside. They would part with him for draft picks because they are rebuilding anyway, but no other team is so sure that he will be good. So I say no trade happening. Elway and Broncos only want him if he’s in the bargain bin and Jed isn’t taking that. 49ers pay him because cap space is the one thing the do have. A trade could happen later though. If he gets beat out in camp by Blaine Gabbert and a contending team loses their starter to injury, trading for Kap may make sense. If the Cowboys for instance had him last year, I think he would have done enough for them to win the NFC East.

  21. Dude has a keen ability to suck at playing QB in The League. Will go far according to visionaries ITT.

  22. Niners are definitely not cutting him. There’s absolutely no reason to. Plenty of cap room, he would do well in Kelly’s offense or at least have a competition with Gabbert and unless someone offers crazy compensation no reason to trade him either. He should be happy he didn’t go to the Browns QB wasteland. I want to see him and Gabbert battle it out and may the best man win. But no way we should draft a QB at 7 overall. Build our D early or O line and draft a QB in the 3rd-4th. So many other needs over QB right now including ILB, Edge rusher, DL, OL and CB. No particular order. But most mocks I’ve seen Hargreaves or Buckner there and I’d gladly take either of them over any QB. I’m hoping Jack falls to us but likely won’t happen. He’d be my #1 choice. Denver proved this year if you have enough pass rushers you can destroy teams. Let’s build the D

  23. CK doesn’t want to be in SF. Thats the key to whether he’s cut or traded. No way SF keeps him. Gabbert is a nice fill in until the next starter comes along.

  24. He got the 49’ers to the Superbowl and almost won it, then to the playoffs. Because he didn’t go to the Superbowl under quarterback guru Tomsula suddenly he’s not an NFL quarterback?

  25. The Philadelphia Eagles, either now or ( as was mentioned ) later, when Bradford goes down. Then again ( as was also mentioned ) maybe not. On the other hand, a glove …….

  26. The Browns were interested IF Kaep would cut his salary in half. He wouldn’t go for it. Things may change after he’s cut and on the street looking for a job.

  27. Are teams allowed to trade a player but keep part of the salary on their cap? If so, that might be a way to make the trade work. Kap gets all his money, new team gets Kap for 5 million a year for example, 49ers get better draft choice in exchange and replace Kap with a cheaper 1st round draft choice.

  28. This is what’s gonna happen 49ers are gonna make one last attempt to trade him for what they want.. before the 1st.. I really don’t see them cutting him if any when the draft starts they will make another attempt to trade him at the draft.. if they take a qb with there pick in the draft.. then without a doubt him or Gabbert are gone but most likely Gabbert because they are paying kapp way to much to just cut him after April 1st..

  29. Perhaps Ted Thompson and his goons should try to make a trade for Kap. I’m sure Ted is tired of watching Kap rape them in the regular season and playoffs.

  30. half the posters here seem to think the NFL isn’t primarily about money and they are so wrong. He will be cut because he’s not worth 12 million right now and after being cut he’ll be lucky to get 7 or 8. the difference helps sign or keep 2 or more players who are needed elsewhere on the 9 ers.

  31. I remember the good old days when articles were not written until there was actually some news. Recently, there have been dozens of articles, hundreds of comments and absolutely no news has been made.

    49ers management are acting like they want Kaepernick and Gabbert to compete for transition QB, while they groom a 2nd or 3rd round pick (maybe Connor Cook) into the QBOTF. Kap’s worth more to them than a pick at the end of the 4th round, so don’t hold your breath for a trade.

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