New Saints linebacker James Laurinaitis has “a lot left in the tank”


If former Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis played a different sport, or a different position, he’d have probably needed Tommy John surgery.

But now with the Saints, the veteran linebacker says he’s ready to go in 2016, with what he hopes is a Super Bowl contender.

Look, I have a lot left in the tank and can go out there and play great football,” Laurinaitis said, via Joel Erickson of the New Orleans Advocate. “Can’t really prove it until the fall when the games start and they matter.”

Laurinaitis said he suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament last year, but played through the injury with a brace. He couldn’t lift weights or extend his arm fully, but stayed on the field for the Rams. That’s the kind of injury that can derail the careers of pitchers, but Laurinaitis has rarely missed a snap in his career, starting all 112 games.

He thought he was going to continue with the Rams to Los Angeles, but was cut before they left, sending him on a free agent tour that included the Falcons.

“Only a couple had a quarterback, an offense and a roster that I felt could be in the playoffs,” Laurinaitis said of his suitors, saying the Saints were the first to call.

The 29-year-old linebacker has been a consistent producer in his seven seasons, and is second in the league in tackles during that span. With the Saints, they’re hoping his presence in the middle will benefit second-year linebacker Stephone Anthony, who was one of the few reasons for optimism on that defense last year.

8 responses to “New Saints linebacker James Laurinaitis has “a lot left in the tank”

  1. As a Rams fan I can tell the Saints fans the negative and the positives. The negative: he gets out of position many times when setting up for a tackle thus letting the ball carrier gain an extra 2-3 yards. The positives: He is a GREAT team leader and is very instinctive on where the ball is going to end up. He will improve that defense no doubt.

  2. Wait so has he had surgery to fix the torn ulnar collateral ligament?

    We’ve been through this before, signing an injured player (Jarius Byrd)

  3. Remember when Gronk dragged this dude into the end zone from 3yrds out. Larunitus was hanging on to his ankle like a toddler.

    It was Gronks first preseason game I think.

  4. The Rams are dumb. You gotta guy who is obviously committed (played every single game in 7 years) and was #2 overall during that span in tackles and you dump him? Shows how professional that organization is. It’s no wonder they at the bottom all the time. No commitment, no loyalty whatsoever. The guys obviously got around three really good years left so sign him for crying out loud! Good pickup for the saints

  5. Full tank on bad team gate!


    A bad team who lacked a defensive leader and has Drew Brees? A bad team who also signed his teammate DT? Do people use any logic when saying the saints are a bad team?

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