Report: Upshaw to sign with Falcons

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The Falcons plan to sign free agent outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Friday.

The Falcons probably see Upshaw, 26, as a key piece of a rebuilt defense. He made a free-agent visit to Atlanta earlier this week.

The Ravens drafted Upshaw in the second round in 2012. He has five sacks, seven pass breakups, four forced fumbles and 111 tackles in 51 career starts.

He also visited the Jets last week.

24 responses to “Report: Upshaw to sign with Falcons

  1. Here’s another guy we missed out on. And we need LBs. I wish Ted would wake up. We are so in decline and he just sits there, “We gotta draft and develop, draft and develop.” Stupid parrot.

  2. By “everything,” do you mean five sacks, seven pass breakups, four forced fumbles and 111 tackles in 51 career starts?

    If so…yikes. Big miss of a 2nd round pick

  3. Not really, Stiller43.. Upshaw never developed into a major pass rushing force, but he shuts down the run game and is a team player. I’ll never forget (and I’m sure you haven’t) the hit he laid on Rothlisburger. Dude couldn’t get up and was almost as jarring as the one Bart Scott laid on him years earlier.

  4. Glad he went to an NFC team. He is definitely great on the edge. The Ravens will miss him for that reason primarily. But make no mistake, he’s no Terrell Suggs.

    BTW, the last LB the Dirty Birds signed off the Ravens was Edgerton Hartwell. He was great with Baltimore, but in Atlanta not so much. Historically, a lot of these LBs that leave Baltimore for other teams just don’t pan out.

  5. He was a disappointment. Always overweight and has zero moves. He has learned to set the edge, but a 2nd round pick should be able to do more after 4 years.

  6. Alabama is such a wrecking crew in college FB under Saban, it’s just hard to know who’s a player, and who isn’t. RB busts behind an OLine that all play in the NFL perfect example. DBs are a mixed bag. I’m a Pats fan, but I think Hightower is a stud, and Upshaw, while not a bust, will never be a great player.

  7. Not a star, but solid especially if used the eight way (not asked to cover RBs on pass rputes. Teams need this kind of player. Big Ben won’t be sad to see him out of the AFCN.

  8. Go back and watch Super Bowl 47. Upshaw’s forced fumble on Lamichael James as the 9ers were driving in the second quarter – a drive in which the Ravens were unable to mount any kind of defense. This was a huge momentum killer for Sam Francisco and allowed the Ravens to pull out to what became, ultimately, and insurmountable lead. I will never forget that play and many others like it throughout his tenure here in bmore. That’s stats are underwhelming yes, but his contributions were many. Thanks Courtney and good luck from this Ravens fan!

  9. There’s a reason Oz is letting him walk. Good guy but won’t be missed on the field. As an earlier poster said LB’s that leave the Ravens never seem to pan out on other teams. If he was just average with the Ravens he will be a major disappointment in Atlanta.

    Go Oz!!

  10. What an absolute bust.

    What’s next? The Jets sign Arthur Brown, Mt Coldy and Sergio Kindle?

    How’s Brett Perriman looking?

    Will Ozzie brainwash the media from the competition committee chair thinking he’s a great GM still?


    Good thing he had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed all that time.

  11. @dmju84

    Umm, if he’s so good, why didn’t Ozzie budget for him and resign him?

    How’s Herman Munster’s greedy contract looking at this point?

    Good thing Ozzie budgeted for Flacco back in 2012, huh?


    It’s 2016.

    Enjoy that continued cap hell. Miss the playoffs for years to come.

  12. @tylawspick6

    What?? You DO understand that ALL teams are forced to let talented players walk from time to time right? Further, Baltimore does it more than most. We’ve let guys more talented at their position than upshaw walk before (Boldin). Obviously Ozzie had a number in mind in terms of attempting to re sign upshaw. If he wanted more, they were ok with losing him. You’re looking at his departure and calling it a net loss before you know what we will have as far as a replacement or what we can add at other positions. That is to say, you’ve taken a very simplistic view. Go back and read my post again. I said he was solid, never implied he was “so great”.

  13. Ouch! Looks like that 5-11 season last year might actually be the high water mark for this dreadful team. Aging losers, pathetic defense, a cry baby coach and a clueless GM!! LOL!!!

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