Trent Richardson: “It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL”

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At Alabama, running back Trent Richardson was such a hard worker that the team’s strength coaches had to tell him to stop bench pressing 465 pounds for fear that he could strain something. In the NFL, Richardson didn’t work as hard.

Richardson, a free agent who is expected to sign with the Ravens, admits that he struggled to keep up his workout routines once he got to the NFL. In college his coaches always told him when to work out, and he thrived on that structure. But in the NFL, he was allowed to work out when he chose — and often he chose not to work out at all.

“It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL — not having everything scheduled and not having everything like at Alabama where it was so structured,” Richardson told “We had study hall or we had to get a workout in in between classes and had five classes a day. It was just so structured. In the NFL, everything’s on your own.”

When the Ravens first talked to Richardson, he weighed 238 pounds, and they told him they want him lighter than that before they’re going to sign him. Richardson said he’s been working hard and is now down to 218, even lighter than when he was at Alabama. If he can get into top shape, there’s a chance that he may be able to get back on the field this year, and change his reputation as a college star who could never make it in the NFL.

125 responses to “Trent Richardson: “It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL”

  1. If you cannot get yourself motivated to play in the NFL, then you don’t belong in the NFL.

  2. I guess for the Ravens this is a no lose situation, Im sure there would be no bonus money and no commitment. But why sign him when you have the same type of back in Talliafero and Terrence West? Then you also have Forsett and Allen.

  3. It would be a nice bonus to the Ravens backfield ,if he gets it all together.
    Sounds like he needs to have 1 personal assistant to set his entire day and no friends from home around at all to distract him.

  4. Not saying this isn’t lazy (he even admits it), but I it interesting that more agents don’t provide services to high profile guys like Richardson to ensure they succeed in the NFL. Or at least don’t slack off because the structure is gone.

  5. It’s called a job, a craft. At Alabama you were a kid having mommy tell you what to do. In the NFL (like any other job/craft in America) your a grown man. As an adult you don’t have mommy telling you what to do, man up and quit making excuses.

  6. It didn’t help that he played for the softest team in the league….the Colts. Just look at a guy like Reggie Wayne who couldn’t handle the hard work he was expected to put in with NE.

  7. Not defending the guy, just want to say that all of you passing judgement with a mouth full of potato chips from your office chair cubicle are pretty funny.

  8. Yes Trent. It’s called “adulting.”

    Once you get the “working out” part down spend some time on “picking up blitzes” and “running more than 2 yards.”

  9. Give the man credit for having the courage to admit it’s all on his shoulders. I’m sure becoming a fairly rich man and being famous made it even easier to not put in the work since he could pretty much go anywhere and do whatever he wanted with that kind of money. Hope the kid gets it together.

  10. Man I hope I never make it to the NFL. I’m already plenty lazy and don’t want to get any worse.

  11. This from someone who had the whole world placed before him on a table. Then he ate everything on the table. Grow up and stand on your own 2 feet (with some assistance of course).

  12. the man’s just being honest- it’s refreshing. Not sure if some of these commenters think they are funny or if they seriously think he’s “a piece of trash”, etc. -either way it’s obnoxious.

  13. I guess for the Ravens this is a no lose situation, Im sure there would be no bonus money and no commitment. But why sign him when you have the same type of back in Talliafero and Terrence West? Then you also have Forsett and Allen.


    Camp body. If he works out the Ravens have an even better stable of RBs. If he doesn’t, he helped those RBs compete a little bit harder in camp.

  14. I don’t get this at all. The Ravens are stocked at RB. They don’t need to take a flier on a draft bust and potentially lose one of their good young backs to make room for a headache.

  15. I’m going to guess most of us have been there in one form or another. I did pretty well in high school when I had parents and teachers making sure I got things done. I’m sometimes shocked I made it out of college with a decent GPA.

    Some people need a dose of harsh reality before they get it. I imagine Richardson has had that at this point. By all accounts he ought to have the talent necessary. Hopefully now he has the work ethic, too.

  16. Get your arse back in the weight room and earn your way back. Is it really worth giving up making millions in a span of a few years to be lazy? Don’t get it.

  17. I’ll eat my shoes if this guy actually went to five classes a day. I went to UMass when it was still 1-AA, a lot of my friends and housemates were football players. I never saw these guys go to class, crack a book, sweat a final. Their day consisted of waking up, going to workout, lunch, practice, then they were home by like 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and they spent the rest of the day playing Madden, smoking weed if it was the off season, chasing girls, maybe a party or hit the club on a weekend night, and the rest of the time, groupies would just come over, maybe clean our apartment, make us food, they’d get…well, you know…, and then sent along on their merry way. Don’t tell me it was any more difficult at a school that’s a known football factory.

  18. This is because he had the misfortune of walking into the Cleveland locker room as his first professional stop. Had he joined a team with a corps of veterans that behaved with discipline, he would have had no trouble adopting their routines.

  19. The fact that he holds himself accountable for his lack of success instead of blaming an organization, says a lot about his character. Got to give him credit for that part, now the rest is up to him.

  20. Its not spoken very much in the NFL, but I suspect there are a few players coming out of college that really don’t want to play football.
    The money is there. The talent is there. But they are 20 year old men that have played football since there were kids that just aren’t into sports like they were as children.
    I played soccer from 5 years old til I was 16.
    In college, I did not have the same passion for it as when I was a kid.

  21. You’re a joke Trent. You need someone to hold your hand as an adult? Good god just go back and coach in college or something

  22. in life there is:

    childhood where everything is structured for you


    adult / professional where you are responsible for providing your own structure as part of your character and work effort

    welcome to being an adult Trent…. bout time you started acting it instead of making excuses that it’s not being spoon fed to you well enough

  23. Obviously the talent is there. If he can get his sh!t together this could be a huge find for the Ravens.

    Go Oz!!

  24. It’s only easy to get lazy if you have the propensity for laziness. Plenty of motivated NFL players seem to have no problem maintaining a work out regimen that keeps them in shape.

    This is a you problem, Trent, not an NFL problem.

  25. He’s Done stick a fork in him. If he doesn’t get it by now he never will. Hard to believe any team being interested in him. League is getting weaker every year. Even bringing QB’s out of retirement.

  26. More proof kids need there fathers. Growing up my father never sat idle he was always on the move fixing things around the house,his truck his boat , the yard and that was after work (stone mason) and on the weekend. My brother and I ALWAYS helped him out even when we didn’t want to. I’m now the same way with my 2 boys and I have my father to thank for that.

  27. Although the players coming out college are legally adults, many are effectively 20 to 22 year old children who have been catered to their entire academic lives, worshipped as local sports gods. Furthermore, a significant number of these players grow up without positive male adult role models. It’s no wonder so many of them fail at the professional level. I think the teams and agents are as much to blame as the players.

  28. It’s pretty easy to get lazy when your coach and GM are feuding and your owner is passed out in a puddle of his own puke and piss.

  29. Ryan Grigson traded a 1st rd pick for this guy as he was scheming to create a scheme to attack the Pats, working with Goodell/Troy Vincent in doing so.


    To think someone like Grigson is employed in the NFL as a GM?

    Arrest, try and convict Goodell.

  30. If anyone would know, it would be him. LOL!!!!

    Keep trusting in Ozzy!

  31. He’s done what in the NFL to make you think he’s going to return into something worthwhile? He couldn’t see holes in front of him and lacks speed. Last I checked those skills don’t get better with age and sitting year after year out of the league. I would let him be the water boy and forget the idea of playing on my team.

  32. In terms of that being acceptable it says as much about the cultures of the (dis)organizations he was part of as it does about where his head was.

  33. The NFL is the pinnacle of your field, the top level of everything you’ve worked for. You have more people watching you, rooting for you, rooting against you, then you’ve ever had in your life. If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing ever will.

  34. No Trent you have always been lazy. Your god-given talent made up for it in High School where you were always the most talented person on the field. So you continued to be lazy. Your talent even covered it up in college when you were almost always the most talented person on the field. So you continued to be lazy.
    But this is the NFL where everyone has as much talent as you and only those that have a good work ethic excel.
    Those that are lazy end up like…you.

  35. His problem wasn’t his weight, it was that he had no vision or “feel” for where & when the hole was going to open. You can’t coach that instinct into a RB. At Bama, the holes are so huge you can drive a truck thru them. It’s a lot different in the NFL.

  36. ““It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL…”

    “We concur” – JaMarcus Russell and Eddy Lacy

  37. The greatest front office job the Cleveland Browns can be credited with since their return was getting a First Round draft choice for him. Of course they wasted it in true Brown’s fashion, but at least we got something for Trent. He sounds like so many people these days that are in that age range. No initiative, no drive. Have to be told to do every little step of their job. I am really afraid of this upcoming generation.

  38. I’ve been lifting weights regularly for the last 25 years without anyone paying me jack to do so. If I got paid millions to work out, methinks I’d find the motivation and time.

  39. When he does not make it this time around he will now be known as a lazy bust…instead of just a bust.

  40. If the Ravens are looking for a running back that likes to run with his head down and right into the backs of his offensive linemen, then they’ve found their guy! Good luck!

  41. So instead of being a 233 lb rb with bad vision, bad knees and no burst he’s a lazy 218 lb rb with bad vision, bad knees and no burst. Got it.

  42. Unfortunately, Trents being honest has lit the fuse for all these blogging haters…can’t give these folks fuel for all their negative energy. Whether or not he makes it with the Ravens is on him, and I’m sure he knows his situation is on him.

  43. Alabama is like FSU was through the 90’s. A NFL pipeline that created over hyped talents that looked great in their sceme. Didn’t always translate on the next level. I think this is another example of a player that wasn’t as good as advertised, folded under the pressure of it and made excuses. No matter what he says about work ethic, I dont think he had the superstar talent.

  44. I am a Ravens fan and don’t like this signing but I have to say the following.

    In life, there are people that can find their own motivation and those who do better with others hounding them. Guys like Richardson exist in every walk of life. You’d think the millions per year would change that, and so would I to an extent. But you have to mix in the lack of maturity some of these guys have and none of us, know anything about his life experiences and what he was taught.

    You and I can hate TR all we want. But I will say, like any other problem or problems a human has, admitting them is half the battle. Now he has to work his A$$ off and prove himself. I get being pissed when so many of us would die for an opportunity like his. But what’s wrong with applauding a guy who is finally getting it? Saying these things out loud weren’t necessary. You don’t think he knew the comments that would follow. I hope he does well, or at least proves to himself what hard work and being rewarded is really about. Success is measured differently by everyone. At this point for TR, maybe getting his head right on commitment and motivation should be his measure of success. Not whether he is a RB in the NFL.

  45. So he admits he was being lazy but the fact that he was lazy in the first place is ridiculous. He’s only admitting it because he didn’t have another team dumb enough to throw money at him. Now that he has a contract it’ll be the same thing all over again unless he’s getting the bare minimum with loads of incentives. Pretty pathetic when you are an adult and can’t behave like an adult. He could learn a lot about being a professional football player from Jerry Rice. Trent Richardson, aka, Albert Haynesworth 2.0.

  46. Wow, this guy is being honest and you guys bash him. I’m sure this goes for a lot of players and many of you in your everyday work lives. He’s human, not a robot.

  47. Not defending the guy, just want to say that all of you passing judgement with a mouth full of potato chips from your office chair cubicle are pretty funny.

    I have cereal and a banana for breakfast; either fish or chicken with vegetables for lunch; and chicken and a yogurt at dinner. I work out 3 days a week.

    I’m not being paid millions of dollars. Guess some people just take a little pride in themselves.

    Enjoy your Twinkie.

  48. I can see how it would be easy to get lazy when you can choose between working out or driving a Lamborghini around town. But you have to grow up.

  49. minnesoulja says:
    Mar 25, 2016 10:08 AM
    Not defending the guy, just want to say that all of you passing judgement with a mouth full of potato chips from your office chair cubicle are pretty funny.

    If they’re in a cubicle than it’s my guess that they’re not being paid to stay in shape. They’re being paid to be at work… which they are… with their mouth full of potato chips. Trent Richardson was being paid millions to keep himself in top shape to be the best athlete he could for his team. He failed to do so. Maybe compare apples to apples next time.

  50. Ravens already reclaimed one “lazy” RB in Terrance West and got decent results out of him last season.
    Once Trent gets in The Castle, in a well-run program, he’ll do well too.
    Trent has much more upside than West.

  51. I hope he does well and redeems himself. Who wouldn’t want that? It seems malicious and stupid to want someone to fail.

    I hope he does great. Different people respond differently to different environments. They can also learn and grow if given the chance.

  52. …… I now should EXPECT to see him hit the hole quickly…drive through a LB, bust open long runs in the secondary NOW that he’s NOT lazy?……I ‘believe it when I see it. He’s still a HUGE bust in football fans eyes.

  53. If the problem was a lack of structure, then I don’t understand why his position coach or agent didn’t just give him a schedule to follow. Everyone can have their moment of superiority telling him to grow up and all, but if you have millions of dollars and a first round draft pick tied up in him, why would you not try to protect your investment? Both Cleveland and Indy were dying for a running game, and if all it took was someone to hook him up with the strength and conditioning coach on a regulated schedule does, “Just grow up,” even matter?

  54. You can create your own “structure”.

    You can also work with world class athletic trainers and hire personal nutritionists/chefs with all that $.

    There is really no reason why any pro athlete shouldn’t be in peak physical condition.

  55. Someone needs to hire a PR person for this goon. I think I’ll just make myself look like a complete turd today and tell everyone what a lazy bum I am.

    We already knew it, dude. Now you just look worse. Good job.

  56. So… hire someone w/your millions of dollars whose sole job IS TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK! After all, you can afford it & this is your career. Idiot!

  57. When you can only practice 15 minutes a day, because of the new cba, I’m sure it is easy to get lazy. The hardest a player works is before the draft.

  58. The guy isn’t lazy he was just immature. You don’t get built like that being lazy. The problem is The lack of his instincts to run, not his weight. He just isn’t good enough to react to NFL defenses and hit the right lanes.

  59. dtroxallday says:
    Mar 25, 2016 11:32 AM
    What does being legally blind have to do with anything?
    It means he couldn’t see an open hole if it hit him in the face.

  60. Maybe he needs to call his old teammate Eddy Lacy and schedule workouts with him.

  61. Patriot fans in here at 8 am making irsay jokes when their pathetic lives consist of hitting the refresh button 400 times a day in hopes of finding a Colts article to comment on are a real laugh seriously. Too bad Irsay can’t laugh in your pathetic faces in real life

  62. Yes, afterall, everyone respects such a classy, hardworking honest guy like Jim Irsay.

    Somewhere in California, Jerry Garcia rolls over in his grave.

  63. Not knowing how to hit the hole isn’t a matter of how much you can bench press.
    He’s just not a natural runner.

  64. Norseman says:
    Mar 25, 2016 2:21 PM
    Just ask Eddie Lacy
    Ask Eddie Lacy?
    You mean the Eddie Lacy that runs roughshod over your defense almost every game?

  65. ” but I it interesting that more agents don’t provide services to high profile guys like Richardson to ensure they succeed in the NFL. Or at least don’t slack off because the structure is gone.”

    Most NFL players don’t need that kind of helicopter parenting.

  66. That’s right, especially when teams such as the Rams annoint a wet-behind-the-ears QB like Sam Bradford as their Savior, flushing his pockets with $50M “guaranteed” before he even got the jersey on for a photo-op with Goodell at the draft. So how’d that turn out? (rolling eyes)

  67. Not saying he would have been Adrian Peterson, but I would think that maybe if he hadn’t spent the majority of his career with two dumpster fire franchises, maybe he would have adopted better work habits and turned into a halfway decent back. Maybe

  68. Teams have to understand their players and what’s necessary to get the results they are paying for. Not everyone has the dedication, some need structure, which is also why some people like the military life. Sounds like the Browns (go figure) and Colts never understood.

    Maybe he flops again, but at least this time he will have an organization that knows what it has to do for him to have a chance to succeed.

  69. Forsett is one at finding holes if he can teach Trent Anything it will be a plus ain’t like he doesn’t have the talent he just gotta hit the holes and stop trying run everything over.

  70. minnesoulja says:
    Mar 25, 2016 10:08 AM

    Not defending the guy, just want to say that all of you passing judgement with a mouth full of potato chips from your office chair cubicle are pretty funny.

    Note to self:

    Look into getting one those potato chip dispensing, office chair cubicles.

  71. I wonder what Walter Peyton would say to that as he was running up and down those hills on his own time? Too many punks in today’s society.

  72. If it doesn’t work out with the Ravens, come over to the Pack..T-Rich and Eddie Lacy can keep each other accountable and do some P90X.

  73. minnesoulja says:
    Mar 25, 2016 10:08 AM
    Not defending the guy, just want to say that all of you passing judgement with a mouth full of potato chips from your office chair cubicle are pretty funny.

    I can sit in my cubicle (actually an office) and eat potato chips all day and still be extremely successful at my job (which I am).

    He can’t. He chose a profession where that’s not possible.

    That’s the difference. Get it?

  74. Apparently this clown found enough energy to write the Dummies Guide to “It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL.” He did only finish half the book. Over 100 pages of nothing on it.

  75. It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL about says it all for me. And then watching games where he seems lost and can’t follow his blockers. I don’t want him on the Ravens and think they don’t even need a RB except to take one in the draft in the middle rounds. But it can’t hurt to bring him on. Who knows. Even though when it’s said and done he won’t be on the roster when the season starts.

  76. I am an Indianapolis Colts fan. Speaking on behalf of Colts fans everywhere, we want our money back.

  77. Remember when HOF’r Jim Brown called him out and how many of us got so upset (me included)? He totally nailed it on this guy though. A first draft pick in the draft that got paid and checked out. He says these things like he’s trying to be educational, but he really sounds like Albert Haynesworth. The problem with that analogy is that Haynesworth has actually accomplished something in this league to get a 2nd contract before he checked out. Richardson has not even done that.

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