Cowboys not planning training-camp practices with Rams due to 2015 brawl


Last year, the Cowboys helped reintroduce the Rams to California by inviting them to Oxnard for training camp practices. This year, with the Rams officially back in California (making the travel costs for joint practices a lot cheaper), the two teams won’t be getting together.

Apparently because last year’s get-together got altogether out of hand.

“We have done those practices for a long time and we have had a lot of success with them where things haven’t escalated into fights,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett recently said, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s just been a really good competitive environment that has been beneficial for both teams,” Garrett said of joint practices. “We haven’t made any commitments with them. We will look at the training camp schedule and see if that works for them or another team.”

The last part may seem like Garrett leaving the door open to practice with the Rams. But Garrett apparently isn’t interested in doing so until the Rams adopt a different attitude toward practicing with another team.

“[Y]ou have to have a similar approach as an organization,” Garrett said. “We want to get the same thing out of this. We are not interested in fighting. We are interested in making these couple of days we are together productive. If we can find a team that we have shared valued with, it can be a productive time for your team.”

That appears to be a delicate way of Garrett saying he has a problem with the way Jeff Fisher runs his team.

Meanwhile, the return of the Rams to L.A. makes the ongoing presence of the Cowboys in Southern California during training camp more than a little delicate. As the Rams try to retake L.A., they surely don’t want any other teams hanging around the region — even if that team is owned by a guy who was instrumental in helping Stan Kroenke grease the skids back in the direction of Skid Row.

19 responses to “Cowboys not planning training-camp practices with Rams due to 2015 brawl

  1. From what I remember about this the Rams did not instigate the fights.
    The Cowboys also fought with the Raiders the previous year…maybe it’s just them.

  2. Jeff Fisher’s teams are dirty and maybe he should re-think that approach given his lack of success. Most overrated coach in NFL history.

  3. Explaining how Jeff Fisher continues to be employed as a head coach for all these years with his record is like trying to decipher the Voynich manuscript. It just can’t be done.

  4. America’s team is all about outstanding class. Ned Flanders looking (Jeff fisher) needs to learn a little more of. We set the standard on pure class and not scared to give a player a second chance to correct his life and game. I do applaud L.A for getting a team this year and already having more superbowls then the Eagles before the season starts.


  5. Cowboys could train anywhere and bring in more fans than the closest franchise in that area. Dallas should stay out of Cali though so they won’t happen to be there when it slides into the ocean. Hate to lose Americas team while the trash is being taken out.

  6. A team coached by F Fisher and G Williams will always result in late hits, cheap shots and fights. That’s what they coach. That’s what they are.

  7. Fisher & Gregggg are the scum of the coaching world. They’ll say all the right things into the mic but their is no doubt that they coach dirty.

  8. Rams on TO and Cowgirls in Oxnard. They’d be like less than 15 miles apart but oh poor little children just can’t get along. Cowgirls took their balls and stomped off. Bahahaha!

  9. Cowboys fight with Rams in 2015. Cowboys fight with Raiders and Raider fans in 2014.
    What do these two instances have in common? The Cowboys.

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