Dorial Green-Beckham promises an offseason of hard work


Titans receiver Dorial Green-Beckham had first-round talent heading into last year’s draft, but Tennessee got him in the second round because of off-field concerns. Green-Beckham says this offseason, all he’ll be doing away from the field is working hard.

Listed at 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds, Green-Beckham says he’s actually a little lighter than that and has already planned workouts with quarterback Marcus Mariota before the team’s official offseason work begins.

“I want to play at 230 during the season and I’m still in the 230 range right now. So far the off-season has been going good a with me staying in shape and conditioning, so when I come back, I won’t have any problems,” he told “I’ve talked to Marcus. We’ve all talked in a group chat. Marcus is going to come back here in the next couple of days and we’ll all get back together as receivers, get back and throw the ball around.”

Titans coach Mike Mularkey has said that the only limit to Green-Beckham’s ability is any limit he puts on himself, which Green-Beckham took as a call to prove himself.

“I feel like them saying that is them giving a challenge to me and saying to me that working in the off-season and (they’re) using that to get my head into motivation,” Green-Beckham said. “That motivates me that I can become one of the big guys in this offense and on this team. I want to try to do that for myself also. I use that as motivation every time I go and work out. That’s what I’m trying to become is the person they want me to become.”

As a rookie last season, Green-Beckham led all Titans wide receivers with 549 yards and four touchdowns. Tennessee wants more than that from him this year, and Green-Beckham sounds ready to deliver.