Koetter wants wins from Winston


As a rookie, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston managed six wins. In his second season, Winston’s head coach wants even more of the same.

Via JoeBucsFan.com, Dirk Koetter was asked at the league meetings what he’s looking for in growth from a quarterback elevating from his first year. Said Koetter, “In our case, it’s got to be wins.”

To help Winston win more games, Koetter wants to eliminate the “unknowns,” some of which come from taking unnecessary hits — and putting his ability to play at risk.

“There’s not a three-year plan or a five-year plan. We’re trying to win games.” Koetter said.

And Koetter is right, in large part because he’s working for an ownership group that, while not nearly among the most flamboyant or loquacious in the league, ranks close to the top when it comes to impatience, routinely firing coaches sooner than they should. There’s only one way to keep that from happening, and Koetter knows it.

While it won’t be easy in a very competitive division that features some of the best quarterbacks in football, the Buccaneers aren’t nearly as far away as many think. The offense will be better, the defense can’t be much worse, and the Bucs could be climbing the ladder in the NFC South this season.

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  1. We want wins in Green Bay from our QB, too. But we didn’t get enough of them. Instead, we only got enough for second place. Aaron lives in the ‘unknowns’. He throws it up and doesn’t know who will catch it. He’ll never change that. Ever. As he declines. Into oblivion. And obscurity.

    Maybe we could trade for Winston. I’d take him in a Green Bay minute.

  2. Koetter wants wins from Winston

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 27, 2016, 1:09 PM EDT

    Really?! I thought he wanted losses from him!

  3. The Glazers did fire Gruden too early but they fired Lovie a month and a half too late.

    Bucs were in playoff contention before Lovie lost the team.

  4. Wonder how long it’s going to take before that sinking feeling comes over everyone in the building and the fickle Tampa fan base that this guy isn’t HC material.

  5. Koetter wants wins from Winston…


    Darn it, you’ve gotta put a ‘Spoiler Alert’ up before dropping bombshells like that!

  6. Wisconsin Jeffrey guy:

    I think I speak for most people in here when I say that I completely skip over every comment you post. Whatever you’re doing, your schtick, per se, is overplayed. Not that you’ll stop. But, just know that all that effort you put into whatever it is that you’re trying to do is for naught.

  7. But diving for your own fumble in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl when you’re behind does not count as an “unnecessary” risk. That would be a necessary one.

  8. Of course he wants wins from the crab king of Florida. Can you ask him anymore rhetorical questions. Don’t coaches all want wins. Stop asking stuff a four year old knows..

    Reporting is so bad these days and no one ever ever asks what they should.. Like if you start off 1-4 would you put in Glennon? So that Famous can learn or are you afraid you will lose your job too?

    Tell me something a blind mute pig knows already. I would watch out for this guy- I thought Tampa stopped hiring coaches that say one thing and have two or three answers depending on who they are speaking to. Gruden did it with his players and the media and could never be straight with any of them.

    Now this guy comes in after what he happened to Lovie. That looked really Bad Tampa. Of course this guy needs wins cause it almost seems like you were the golden boy that kept the team from not winning as an OC now you are the man so you have to win. I hope you can win cause it seems like if you don’t win and make the playoffs in your first year or two you are gone and that is a pretty rough division. Good luck “cutter.” You are going to need it when your QB eventually has his “falling down,” moment. That college thing will come back if he regresses and it is all on you to stay the course with that pirate ship.

  9. Tired of hearing how Tampa management gets rid of coaches too soon. Are you saying they should have kept Schiano longer? Because that’s not what you said back then. As far as Lovie is concerned, Tampa fans agree he needed to go. You can’t just look at wins. Buc’s success was due to the offense: top 5 total offense, greatly improved O-line, Doug Martin 2nd in rushing, solid performance by Jameis. Meanwhile, defensive geniuses Smith and Frazier’s crew gave up 70% completions, 102.3 passer rating, blew leads of 24-0, 17-0, 28-6. Koetter deserved to be given his shot. He didn’t backstab anyone; people down here all hoped he would get the job; the obvious and correct choice.

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