Steelers corner Brandon Boykin visiting the Panthers Monday

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Regardless how much money the Panthers do or do not spend on Josh Norman, they need more cornerbacks.

They’re going to start looking for some this week.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, Steelers free agent Brandon Boykin is visiting the Panthers Monday.

The Panthers need a slot corner if they’re planning on using Bene Benwikere outside, and Boykin has shown¬†signs of being able to help there.

He played well once the Steelers started playing him more the last month of the season. It’s unclear whether they were holding him back earlier to cut into what they owed the Eagles in conditional trade compensation, or they didn’t think he was better than what they had.

16 responses to “Steelers corner Brandon Boykin visiting the Panthers Monday

  1. I think the Steelers dropped the ball on this one… i think they didnt play him because they had to give up a higher draft pick if he played more and the back fire of a trade for Scobee just didnt sit well with them… Its a damn shame that this kid is gonna walk and Cortez Allen AT ANY PRICE is still on the roster… crazy

  2. This guy should get a contract similar to Captain Munnerlyn’s-3 years 14 million. Slot corners are still very valuable in this league and he can play special teams as well.

  3. with all due respect bettis3636, that just doesn’t sound like the steelers way of doing business. They put the best 22 on the field, regardless of salary, draft status, compensatory picks, etc. I don’t think Boykins amount of playing time had anything to do with draft picks and saving face on the scobee deal.

  4. He needed to play 60% of all snaps for the trade escalator to kick in. They could have started him every defensive snap after about week 7 and still only paid the 5th.

    He was beat out by Ross C. and actually didn’t play all that well when he got the starts. I think it was just a bad trade from the start.

  5. Bears need to talk to Boykin.
    He would be an upgrade at the Nickel position and he is only 26.

  6. Sign him @ 5 mill a yr and Norman @ 16 mill a yr and see how that goes over in the locker room.

  7. Heck I’d sign Brandon Boykin and and Brandon Carr from the Dallas Cowboys and pay them both 5 million a year and save almost 4 million by letting Norman go.

    Norman only has one good year and part of another. If injury strikes your out a ton against the cap and Short on emergency money.

    Now Norman is becoming a distraction.

  8. They need to find a way to keep this kid, he showed flashes of real talent the few times he was on the field last season. And it’s not like they’re deep with the secondary squad!

  9. Steelers fans have been pretty pissed about the complete and utter misuse of Boykin, while lesser players and “try hard” dumpster fire Blake started.

    The conclusion appears to be that the idiots felt he could only play Willie Gay’s position, so he rotted, well past the point the trade escalator was satisfied.

    Either that or he did something that pissed off the coaches. Its pretty unknown, pretty pathetic, pretty obvious the secondary played better at the end of the year when he saw time, and pretty stupid overall.

  10. Well for whatever reason, it seems like this guy has been stereotyped as a slot corner. The Eagles thought so, dumping him for taller players, and the Steelers thought so too. I think this is why he hasn’t had many teams interested so far, the opinion seems unanimous at the moment. He thinks he’s an outside corner and wants to be paid that way, but no one wants to give him a shot at either of those things.

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