Cowboys bring Jason Jones, Joe Looney in for visits

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The Cowboys have taken a decidedly low-key approach to free agency this offseason, and even when they bring guys in, it’s still that way.

Via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys brought in offensive lineman Joe Looney and defensive end Jason Jones for visits today.

Looney would ostensibly replace backup center-guard Mackenzy Bernadeau, who left for Jacksonville.

Looney started six games last year for the Titans, after starting four games during his first three years with the 49ers.

Jones has been more productive, with 65 starts. He has the kind of flexibility to play inside and outside, which has kept him in demand. He had 9.5 sacks the last two years with the Lions.

The Cowboys signed Raiders restricted free agent Benson Mayowa, but still need to reload their line. They signed former Eagles starter Cedric Thornton with plans to play him inside, but have shown no indication of making a move on free agents Jeremy Mincey or Greg Hardy.

And with Randy Gregory suspended the first four games and DeMarcus Lawrence coming off back surgery, the Cowboys need numbers there.

14 responses to “Cowboys bring Jason Jones, Joe Looney in for visits

  1. Why would the Cowboys need free agents? They are already the best team in the league, just ask Jerry.

  2. Cowboys are the only 3 win team that I continually hear about being SB contenders. They haven’t contended since Troy hung them up in the 90’s.

  3. Dallas will likely surprise many in 2016 the way they did in 2014. The xFactor, as always, is Romo’s health.

    If Morris and McFadden can get them production behind that line (and they should), that will keep this defence off the field. And put more W’s in the standings.

    The defence continues to be the weak link, but in spite of this, the Cowboys are competitive with a healthy Romo on the field.

  4. Never heard of Looney but no one can be worse than Bernadeau. Read somewhere that the cowboys aren’t sold on Bosa. I wonder if that’s the reason they’re going after jones? Looks like it’s going to be Ramsey, jack, or wentz now.

  5. Would have like to see the lions retain Jones, excellent rotational player…must be looking for more $$$

  6. While not a sack machine Jones is a solid player who can be moved around the line. Fully expected the Lions to resign him, but if he wants to explore good luck!

  7. Jason Jones … a rotational player on the Lions, a starter on the Cowboys.

  8. America’s Team doesn’t need to sign big superstars all the time because most of the time, we create them here. Continue with modest signings on potential players. No wonder we are the league’s most valuable franchise. Winning or not, we still set the standards and the rest are just copy cats.

  9. Actually very good pickup with Jones, mostly since the Lions had a decent DL a couple years ago. If Ramsey avail then get him, if not trade with the Niners at 7, Dallas picks Elliott, Niners pick Goff

  10. They need more then that. I see them drafting Wentz if he is there. Jerry did this in 2012 when he kept saying he was drafting Bebe Thomas and snuck in and moved up to get Claiborne. Nice move, he really turned out. He was though of the next great one and he has been horrrrrible.

    He is telling everyone he will not get a QB and I bet if Wentz is there he takes him or tries to get the farm to trade out. But I think it’s time to get rid of romo. he has never done anything and I mean anything but collect overpaid checks. Time to Get your QB then you can have your backup you have been looking for in Romo and then take Hunter Henry in the 2rd so that witten can leave with his best friend Romo or back up Henry as well. Escobar is in his last year. With that line and then next year he can get Chubb or the LSU RB and have his offense set with $ to spend on his “d” since he will have these 3 wrapped up for 5 years for little $. I also think they should trade for Brandon Marshall if fitz doesn’t come back to finally give them the other WR they need underneath.cmon jerah roll the dice I mean it has been 2O years since you have done anything relevant.

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