Gettleman still hasn’t watched Super Bowl


Seven weeks and one day ago, the Panthers capped a 17-1 season with a loss to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Carolina G.M. Dave Gettleman, who told PFT Live in late February that he had yet to watch the tape of the game, still hasn’t seen it.

“I will eventually. But not yet. It’s hard,” Gettleman said last week, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “You’re devastated. You’ve got 125 people, 150 people working their asses off and you’re this close. And then, wham! It’s hard. It sucks.”

To prove his point, Gettleman compared the situation to the final moments of a beauty pageant, with the last two contestants standing between an emcee who is poised to read the results from the card. (A process that isn’t as foolproof as previously believed.)

“There’s two gals there,” Gettleman said. “Then they announce who the first runner-up is. Just imagine you come in second. Coming in second sucks.”

He’s right, especially as it relates to the NFL. The 20 teams that don’t make it to the postseason for the most part die a slow death, with many of them knowing well before Week 17 that it’s over. For the four who exit in the wild-card round, that hurts. For the four who lose in the divisional round, it hurts even more. For the half of the Final Four that falls in the conference title round, it’s worse still.

For the Super Bowl loser, who along with the winner become the two teams who are remembered the most when a given season is recalled, the pain is permanent. Regular-season records come and go, but a team’s record in the Super Bowl has tattoo permanence, and Carolina is now halfway to Minnesota and Buffalo’s record of 0-4 futility in the game that matters the most.

The 0-2 mark could become 1-2 (or 0-3) before too long, especially since coach Ron Rivera has become an expert at pressing buttons to get the most out of his players. And Rivera already has found his mantra for 2016: Becoming the first team since the 1993 Bills to return to the Super Bowl after losing it.

“It’s a challenge,” Rivera said, via Person. “And I think you may have just given me my next challenge as we go forward – something people say we’re not going to be able to do and we can’t do because it hasn’t been done. Why don’t we try? Seriously, that’s the way I look at it.”

That’s the best way to get the attention of a team that climbed to the top of the mountain, saw another team plant the flag there first, and then tumbled all the way back to 0-0 with the task of getting up, dusting off, and starting the climb all over again.

Who better to pull it off than a team no one dreamed would lose only once before the most recent Super Bowl? Especially since, unlike the Broncos, the Panthers remain relatively intact after their run to the championship game.

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  1. umm Dave. Not saying but just sayin it’s kinda your job to keep tabs on your team and know its strenghts and weaknesses. Here we are almost done with free agency and you havent watched the last game of the season for your team????? Man, that is so Reggie !8-46 McKenzie.

  2. To be fair, there was a Mystery Diners marathon on that day. Incredible television.

  3. As GM, Gettleman oversees resigning Panther free agents, signing free agents from other teams, and the Panthers’s draft decisions. It’s hard to understand how he can justify not having watched film of the Super Bowl more than 7 weeks later, several weeks after the free agent season has started. The Panthers franchise tagged one of their own key free agents (Josh Norman) and are now trying to negotiate a long-term contract with him. It’s hard to understand why a GM wouldn’t have want every important data point on his own team (including Josh Norman) before free agency and the NFL draft.

    When other teams lose Super Bowls, the GMs generally watch the film within a few days. Getting to the Super Bowl usually indicates a franchise is well run, so I’m surprised that Gettleman wouldn’t have already watched the Panthers Super Bowl loss.

  4. So the guy can’t review tape because it’s ‘too hard’? The guy whose job it is to know exactly where every guy on his team stands at any given moment? Hmm. That organization seems to be run purely on emotion.

  5. bigbroncomama says:
    Mar 28, 2016 6:52 AM

    umm Dave. Not saying but just sayin it’s kinda your job to keep tabs on your team and know its strenghts and weaknesses. Here we are almost done with free agency and you havent watched the last game of the season for your team????? Man, that is so Reggie !8-46 McKenzie.

    Reggie McKenzie’s team won in Denver last season. He must be doing something right.

  6. Not to give any spoilers to your movie watching but the MVP, CAN’T Newton, doesn’t try to jump on the final loose ball….he gave a good reason though. .he could of gotten hurt…..playing football, who knew?

  7. I don’t believe him. As he said, you have between 125 and 150 people on the team working their @sses off to get to the Superbowl, and at the top of the list is Jerry Richardson, you better know what went wrong and what it’s going to take to fix it.
    Besides, it just doesn’t make a good story. Who wants a GM that can’t man up after a loss, even a SB loss, and figure out what to fix.
    I’d bet that even Cam would be all over him saying, “don’t you ever put me in a position like that again. You better figure out what broke down and why we didn’t know it was about to break down and Fix It.”

  8. let me help you out Gettleman… you need at least one OT (your ROT got killed that game), upgrades at WR and you can never have enough depth at cb. you can send me a check in the mail- i’m old school so no pay pal.

  9. Belichick was watching the game tape after losing to the Broncos on the flight back from Denver. Based on the duration of the flight, he probably watched it at least twice by the time they landed. And had probably made 75% of the 2016 trade decisions by the time they got back to Foxborough Stadium.

    I can’t believe Richardson would keep Gettleman around if he wasn’t able to answer the question, “What went wrong?” on the Monday morning after SB50. Especially if his answer was, “I don’t know Jerry. I’m still feeling like the runner up at a Miss Universe Pagent.”

  10. I’m still shocked that the quarterback came out and admitted that he shied away from attempting to recover his own fumble in the 4th quarter of the freaking Super Bowl because he was scared of getting hurt.

    He’ll never live that down, ever.

  11. yooperman says:
    Mar 28, 2016 9:14 AM
    Don’t feel bad Gettleman, it could be worse. Think how Bud Grant feels.


    What do you mean? They have all those DIVISION championships…

  12. Lol you guys are so delusional.

    Look at the turn around Carolina has made since Gettlemen/Rivera has came to Carolina. They consistently hit on draft picks. Newton, Kuechly, Star, Short, Norman, Benewikere, Ealy, Turner, Norwell, Shaq etc.

    Too much talent and will only continue to get better. Carolina will be contenders for quite a few seasons, get use to seeing them around.

  13. Wait till you see the part where Superman runs away from the fumble.
    You’ll love it !

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