Tunsil likely won’t run a pre-draft 40, due to hamstring injury


During Monday’s star-studded University of Mississippi Pro Day workout, receiver Laquon Treadwell finally ran the 40-yard dash. Tackle Laremy Tunsil still hasn’t run it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Tunsil most likely won’t be running the 40-yard dash at all before the draft. According to the source, Tunsil tweaked a hamstring last Thursday.

He participated in other drills, as the photo accompanying this item from Monday’s workout shows.

It’s unclear whether this will affect Tunsil. Long-time NFL scout Gil Brandt points out on Twitter that, in his 29 years with the Cowboys, the team never drafted a player without having confirmed times. But for Tunsil, who plays in a phone booth not on a drag strip, does it really matter if he can’t run?

Pushing it in an effort to check the box could make the injury even worse, making it harder to Tunsil to be a meaningful participant in offseason workouts. Given his circumstances, choosing not to run at all may be the smartest choice he could make.

28 responses to “Tunsil likely won’t run a pre-draft 40, due to hamstring injury

  1. It really doesn’t matter what a LT runs in the 40. It’s all about short range agility and strength.

  2. Titan Fan here, becoming more scared of this pick by the day his injury history and now this. I think we need to go tackle in round 2 and take the best available defender 1st. Jalen ramsey who could be a hometown hero and help our horrendous secondary or myles jack a linebacker we havnt seen like that since keith bulluck. Ramsey would def help against Luck, Bortles, and Osweiler.

  3. I’m sure he would have ran a faster 40 yard than Brady did in the combine.

  4. Tunsil’s skills are enough be a back up on America’s Team’s great wall of Dallas. America’s Team will have an amazing draft and we will return to greatness . Tunsil will be alright especially after he spends productive hours of tape watching Dallas Cowboys Offense.

  5. thesmartest1 says:
    Mar 28, 2016 9:19 PM
    Those man boobs are worse than any 40.
    I’m sure his rookie contract will afford him a breast reduction, if he feels that to be necessary! lol

    If he passes the physical, sign him up!

    It was amazing to see movement like that from a6’5″, 314. man.

    Skip the 40, get to camp healthy.

  6. So Gil Brandt is suggesting Tunsil would be removed from his draft board without a 40 time?

    Come on…

  7. @therealraider,

    If he was going to run a 7.0, even a 6.0, it’d show up on tape. Given he’s the odds-on favorite to be the #1 pick, I’m sure teams are quite alright with him not running a 40. As an Offensive Tackle.

  8. I wouldn’t either he is going 1. Yea ruin a hammy so it lingers all year long and then you don’t get to play.

    Smart move. You put up 225 32 x I think your worthy.

  9. If TN doesn’t draft him it won’t be because of this. It’ll be because they decided to take Ramsey, instead…

  10. harrietknutczak says:
    Mar 28, 2016 7:03 PM
    It really doesn’t matter what a LT runs in the 40. It’s all about short range agility and strength.

    The Mike says:
    Mar 28, 2016 10:44 PM
    As Casey McCall once said, “Any play designed for an offensive lineman to run 40 yards is probably ill-conceived.”


    Tackles do pull on some running plays, and down field blocking is pretty important on screens. However, the part of the 40 time that most teams look at is the 10 yard split. That shows the acceleration and explosion of the player, which is very important for lineman. Most plays won’t see them run more than 30 yards, but Jason Kelce demonstrated time and again how an athletic lineman can help your team.

  11. I’m not concerned about him not running the 40. Couldn’t care less what his time is. What is concerning to me is his injury history & that he’s not running it due to a tweaked hammy. I’m definitely starting to lean toward Ramsey.

  12. Every team drafting below the Titans hopes that they decide not to draft a dominant defensive tackle because he won’t run the 40.

    Not a defensive tackle my man.

  13. Undraftable. As a coach, I’ve got to know what I’m working with in case I decide to call a tackle-eligible 40 yard post route.

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