Baylor coach expects to see greatness from RG3 and Josh Gordon

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Robert Griffin III and Josh Gordon were teammates at Baylor, and they both burst onto the scene as professionals. Now Griffin is trying to bounce back from the disastrous end to his tenure in Washington, while Gordon is hoping to be reinstated from his substance-abuse suspension. They’ve both fallen a long way.

But their college coach, Art Briles, believes they both have plenty left. Now that Griffin has been signed by the Browns and is poised to become a teammate of Gordon’s, Briles thinks they have a great future ahead of them.

“There is a natural connection between RG3 and JG,” Briles told “When you’re talking about a quarterback-receiver relationship at the highest level of the game you need a really strong bond and those guys have it. I think it’s going to be great for them.”

We don’t know yet whether Gordon will be reinstated, and if he is reinstated we don’t know if the Browns will keep him around. So we’re a ways off from seeing the two of them on the field together.

But a Griffin-Gordon pairing would at least provide for the possibility of some offensive fireworks, something that has been sorely lacking in Cleveland.

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  1. The last thing Griffin needs is someone pumping him up about how great he is. He finally started getting some humility riding the pine behind Cousins and McCoy.

  2. I guess Briles is talking about what the two of them are going to accomplish playing flag football against some kids in Waco??? Last I checked the NFL’s to-do list was filled with things that didn’t read “reinstate Josh Gordon”

  3. “natural connection” – Kind of like the one Danny Wuerffel and Taylor Jacobs had while playing for the Redskins?

  4. Ummm…Gordon has to be reinstated by the Führer though before any of this can be possible. Otherwise it’s all just a pipe dream.

    Here’s hoping that he does though and has learned his lesson. It’d be exciting to watch some Gordon, Barnidge and Duke Johnson

  5. Time will tell. I just hope Robert learned a well-needed lesson. No player, no matter how great, is greater than the team or the game itself. It’s utterly shocking how much money these guys make, even as a potential has-been. I do wish him well. His rookie season was something to see, that’s for sure. I’m much more upset to know Alfred will be wearing that horrible blue star on his helmet in September. A terrible mistake to let him go……..

  6. Are they re enrolling in post double graduate school back at Baylor???? ala Rodney Dangerfields Back to School? Because thats not happening in the NFL

  7. How do you turn “I think it’s going to be great for them [to be on the same team]” into “I see greatness!”?


    I agree with the above statement based on the accompanying pft article. If you click the link the click-bait headline makes a little more sense with this gem being in there:

    “If they are healthy and on top of their games, you would have a hard time naming (a better quarterback-receiver tandem) in the league.”

  8. Well, Gordon could possibly reach his potential, if only he weren’t suspended for smoking pot.

    Manziel… not so much.

  9. Come on Rodger, get off your lazy ass and reinstate Josh. I’m sure you gave him multiple wiz quizzes over the last year. I never heard anything about him failing any and he has kept his nose clean and hasn’t been in any trouble with the law. We both know if he played for the Giants or the Steelers this matter would be resolved already!

  10. Josh should have been reinstated by now considering how many times he’s been tested this past year, but this is Roger Goodell we are talking about. Is anyone going to be surprised if Roger the Dodger doesn’t reinstate him??

    But if it was a player like Wes Welker failing a test for amphetimines, we all know he would retroactively changes the rule to help him just like he did for Welker in 2014 (but didn’t apply the new drug testing policy to either Josh or Orlando Scanbrick that offseason).

  11. Don’t know why we didn’t see the super ego of RGIII ahead of time…..with Briles telling him how great he was in Waco and then the school erecting a statue of him in front of the new stadium…..then to communicate directly with the Owner…….no wonder he imploded when faced with adversity. Bet if the Baylor fans had a do over they would prefer a statue of Chip and Joanna…….

  12. Josh didn’t deserve this suspension. it was complete BS. I’m not even a Browns fan, but they’ve had it bad enough without Goodell unfairly punishing one of their best players. The guy went the whole season without a drink and had a couple on the plane ride home from the final game and the team was tested as soon as they got off the plane. He was supposed to wait until the season ended and did but got penalized on a technicality. The regular season, and the Browns’ season, was over. But the post season wasn’t over so they counted it against him. They pull those technicality moves all the time in the criminal justice system whenever they have it out for someone. No different in the NFL over the past few years.

  13. summitmech says:

    Josh didn’t deserve this suspension. it was complete BS. I’m not even a Browns fan, but they’ve had it bad enough without Goodell unfairly punishing one of their best players.

    Goodell went by the rules that the players union agreed to. But don’t let facts get in the way of a nice Goodell hissyfit rant.

  14. Cranespry – The only thing worse than the Redskins’ racist name is the discrimination the organization continues against black quarterbacks. You guys were relevant back when segregation was acceptable. There really is no hope for your franchise.

  15. Maybe a great connection poisoning the locker room after an 0-5 start where it couldn’t possibly be the fault of the awesome quarterback.

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