Lions sign former Jets cornerback Darrin Walls

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Lions General Manager Bob Quinn might be onto something, free agents will come to Detroit.

Or something.

The Lions announced they had signed free agent cornerback Darrin Walls, who is leaving behind the bright lights of New York after four years with the Jets.

Walls originally entered the league as an undrafted rookie with the Falcons, but found a niche with the Jets. He started 16 games over the course of his four seasons there, including 12 in 2014.

But he’s shown the ability to help on special teams, and can provide some cover at free safety, as the Jets experimented with him there when injuries hit.

7 responses to “Lions sign former Jets cornerback Darrin Walls

  1. He really a good humble, hardworking, and good solider while at Jets CBs..

    Hopefully he would have a chance of starting job because he is really good, but infamous for having stone hands because he drops alot of intercepted ball..

    Oh well, beside having stone hands, he is very good cornerback that do excellent in man to man defense.

    Too bad that Jets couldn’t keep him but I don’t blame him because I would want a starting job too.

    Good luck Darrin Walls.

    Dets got their good CB if they play man to man defense.

  2. Stone hands for days but a very solid cover guy. Hence the only reason he has a reputation for stone hands, because he’s always in position with his eyes on the ball but like the saying goes, DBs are just WRs who can’t catch. That’s Darrin Walls.

    He also can contribute on special teams.

  3. Detroit signed some solid young guys with potential from the Jets. I would just advise them to stay away from Ridley, he is just looking for a paycheck and whenever we gave him a shot last season he gave the laziest effort of any running back that I have ever seen.

  4. If we are so bad… Why create an account dedicated to us? I don’t have an account dedicated to the Browns… Because they are the Browns. Sounds like fear to me.

  5. The bad news is the Lion’s will have junk starters next year. The good new is they will have the best special teams in the NFL. lol

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